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Quadrant 1906

The 1906 Quadrant motor bicycle is an exceedingly handsome machine. The engine is a vertical one, having a bore and stroke of 81 by 88. This machine, though but recently introduced, has already begun to win distinction for itself. The carburetter which supplies the engine with gas is a large carefully-adjusted Longuemare. On one of the machines shown it was fitted with magneto ignition. The magneto is carried on an aluminium bracket clipped on to the down tube, and is driven by a small sprocket carried on the half-time shaft, by means of a chain, to gear down, of course, in the proportion of 2 to 1. Other of the machines shown are fitted with accumulators and coil. These are carried in a separate compartment underneath the main tank. It is needless to say that the fittings, detail work, and finish are ail that can be desired. The silencer, conical in shape, is made of aluminium. The latest pattern spring forks are also fitted. The Quadrant Carette for next season remains much the same as it was before, with the exception that a ratchet brake is fitted, which is extremely useful when the driver has to stop on a hill. A new model for 1906 is a machine with a 3¼ h.p. vertical engine.

The Stanley Show, November 1905 in The Motor Cycle