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Quadrant Motorcycles for 1912-1913


QUADRANT, Stand No. 46.

  • 7 h.p. Model (twin-cylinder, V type): 87x95 mm.; overhead inlet valves, m.o.; B. and B, carburetter; chain; two-speed gear.

Quadrant Co., Lawley Street, Birmingham.

This fine sidecar machine is the attraction on the Quadrant stand. The engine is well up to its work and is an entirely new design with the magneto carried at the rear. The frame is sturdily built, and the chains have neatly designed guards.

The gear is mounted in the counter-shaft, and is of the selective clutch type, whilst handle starting is provided. Underneath the left footboard, a long silencer of big capacity is located. A new form of spring fork makes its first appearance.

Single-cylinder models, on much the same lines as the twin, but with belt drive, are also exhibited. One is pleased to note that the Quadrant retains the excellent characteristic of a smooth crank case, rendering the cleaning operation much more simple, and, generally, the new Quadrants appear very workmanlike designs. They embody up-to-date practice throughout.

1912 Olympia Show
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