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Rumi Formichino 125cc (1956-1962)

"Moto Rumi's Formichino scooter is perhaps the one motorscooter respected by motorcyclists - probably because it can melt the paint off many 250cc motorcycles of the era with its amazing horizontal two-cylinder two-stroke 125cc engine." ~ Dregni & Dregni, Illustrated Motorscooter Buyer's Guide.

6.5hp @ 6,500rpm. Twin cylinder 2-stroke. 75kph top speed. Most of the body parts are made from cast aluminium.

The Formichino models included Normale, Sport and ST-EC (Economical). The Formichino Lusso had a dual seat, pillion footpegs and chrome trim. Options included 3.50 x 10 in tyres.

Formichino Bol d'Or


The ultimate development of the Formichino was the Bol d'Or, named for the victories achieved in the 24 hour races.

Introduced for the 1959 season, in standard trim the Bol d'Or could do the better part of 120 km/h, and with a bit of tweaking which included fitting an optional pair of 22mm Dell'Orto carburettors in place of the standard 18mm units the teeny scoot could chortle along at over 140 km/h.