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GT Granturismo 200cc (1953 - 1956)

The GT Granturismo was produced in very limited numbers. It was presented in the spring of 1953 with a new engine from Salmaggi in displacements of 175 cc and 200 cc and was graced by very stylish bodywork - the fuel tank and headlight were in unison, replete full instrumentation. It was not disimilar in style to the British Wooler.

The end result was a highly distinctive machine, and this was perhaps one of the factors which limited its commercial success, along with its relatively high price.

The motorcycle certainly did not go unnoticed, as in 1953 it won the grueling Liège - Milan - Liège, a marathon of 2,447 kilometers over 48 hours ridden by Angelo Troisi and Bruno Romano.

The GT took numerous other laurels in hill-climbs and circuit racing, regularly seeing off the DOHC competition.