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Zenith at the 1908 Stanley Show

The 32nd Stanley Show was held at the Royal Agricultural Hall from November 21st to 28th, 1908.

Zenith Motors, Ltd.

101a Stroud Green Road, N. Stand No. 124.

This firm though noted for its originality is, however, very practical in its production. No better proof of this need be given than the presence of a Zenith Bi-Car on the stand. Besides this is the more recent "scissors" spring frame, which has now stood a season's trial very successfully. The firm have also responded to the demand for a rigid frame, and have produced a very sensible machine in which a low saddle position and good length of head are obtained by adopting a sloping top tube. This machine has a Druid spring fork and also the firm's gradual gear, in which a front pulley expands and contracts simultaneously with a forward and backward movement of the rear wheel so that the belt remains at the proper tension. The device is operated by a small wheel situated conveniently about half-way along the top tube. Its success has already been demonstrated both in climbing hills and negotiating traffic.

This firm pursues the policy of one agent one town, and are prepared to offer terms equal to other firms. They refer all inquiries to their agents, and will send a machine for inspection, in suitable cases.

Stanley Show 1908

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