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OEC - The Brief History.

The Osborn Engineering Company. Founded by Frederick Osborn who began building bicycles, then turned to motorcycles in 1901. OEC made motorcycles under contract with Blackburne until 1914. The company gained status when his son John took over around 1920 and started making their own first bikes. Took over the manufacture of Blackburne engines in 1921 as OEC-Blackburne. But used V-twin JAP engines in some of their own machines. Introduced a patented duplex steering system in 1927 and numerous innovations during its time. Company ran into financial trouble in 1930, and production halted, but restarted with fresh capital shortly after.

Best known for its strange Atlanta Duo roadsters using a heavy but very stable duplex steering system designed by Fred Wood. Also offered a 998cc sidecar outfit with a steering wheel. In 1926 Claude Temple rode an OEC-Temple to the world speed record of 121.3 mph, and in 1930 Joe Wright rode a JAP- engined OEC at 150.736 mph. Also made a Whitwood Monocar, a two-wheel car with outrigger wheels and engines from 250 to 1000cc from 1934 to 36. Production ended in WW2 when the factory was bombed, but returned after the war with rear-sprung lightweights. The company's fortunes dimmed and production ceased in 1954.

1928 OEC (Osborne Engine Company) housing the JAP Dog Ear Single Port Engine.

This particular machine has been recognised as being the one owned by Ivor Thomas and kindly pointed out by Bryan Lambert.

The machine was spotted again at the 1999 BMF Rally by Richard Snodin who sent these pictures (Below).

The OEC (1948)

1948 OEC JAP speedway machine built by the Osborne Engine Company
This one is owned and has been lovingly restored by Noel Clark.

The OEC (1953) red/white, LHS

The later 1953 model which has also been restored to its former glory
and Houses a 5 Stud JAP. Also it has the so called "Twin Tube" Frame.
This particular machine is owned by Ian Patterson.

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