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Frederick John Osborn of the Osborn Engineering Company built his first motorcycle in 1901 using an MMC engine. After WWI he produced OEC-Blackburne machines, and the name later became OEC.
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Greg Summerton writes: "Love this film. Freddie Barnes with zipper front and pockets on his white overalls. Smoke in the eyes, supercharged JAP engine, no front brake, neat tape fariing on the forks and frame of the OEC... the supercharged JAP engines Zenith that actually clinched the record in the background when you see the car tow start the OEC that was credited with the record, the narrow treacherous road lined with poles.... 130mph was nuts!
There was quite an uproar in the weeks ahead after it was revealed that the out of production Zenith was the actual record holder after a drive key failed on the OEC machine after it's first run. Quite a story."
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OEC Blackburne Motorcycle
Hello !
Is there anyone who know more about this motorcycle.
It was imported from the UK in the 70s together with some Brough Superiors.
Could it be an OEC Blackburne ? ( that build anything to order ).
Mvh Robert Kasby , Sweden The engine is somewhat similar to that of an 8 h.p. Blackburne V-Twin of 1920 (see gallery) and is all-chain drive. The exhaust configuration hints that it is a road machine, not a racer, and it has a saddle tank. I've given it a tentative date of 1929 but it could be much earlier, and I suspect it is an OEC-Blackburne. Ed.
OEC-1929c-Blackburne-V-Twin-RKa images posted to Comments

Hello there,
Attached is a photo of my mum and dad; around 1954 I think; in the South Yorkshire area. My dad died many years ago but my mum turned 90 this year.
I'd never heard of OEC motorcycles before seeing this picture and I'm not a motorcycle owner or enthusiast but I'd love to know a bit more about it if anyone can help.
Many thanks in anticipation
Rob Clark
    The bike is a 250cc Apollo built 1951 to 1954. Ed.
    OEC-1951c-250cc-Apollo-RCl.jpg posted to Comments

silviokaso at gmail.com
Dear Sirs,
I'm writing you from north of Italy. I would like to ask your a counseling of the attached motorbike.
It is a beautiful and rare OEC racing version from the year 1929. This model was ordered and imported directly to the British company by a buyer from Turin (Italy) for the competitions.
This bike, as you can see, adopted some very interesting technical solutions for the time.
The bike has 4 speeds and is equipped with a 500cc JAP engine. The restoration was carried out by a mechanical expert.
Therefore I am writing to ask you, if possible, an updated evaluation for this bike.
I remain available in case you would like more information about this bike.
Thank you for your time
Best regards

Stunning machine! This page may provide the information you seek: Vintage Motorcycle Prices
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scooterbobg a t hotmail.com
O.E.C. duplex frame with J.A. Preswich 980 c.c. side valve engine and Berman 4 speed gearbox.
I am looking for information, bookets, manuals for theses parts, The engine has a flaw with keeping the valves adjusted. I have had this bike since 1972. Thanks,
Robert gravilla
Clermont Florida, U.S.A.
ian.fields at outlook.com
Hi There, i am contemplating buying a project it is an O.E.C and the only thing i know for sure is the engine number which is OEC/G90 3171 the bike is hidden away in a sea container the engine is in a thousand pieces and the tinware is incomplete. The crank, Piston, barrel, cylinder head, Gearbox are all present and possibly more parts that i couldn't access. the tank is there and the frame is complete with wheels etc. The front mudguard is there but may have been shortened at the front. I would like some information on this bike and its spares availability. there is no oil tank rear mudguard battery rack or headlight. the front forks are not the duplex type. I am an English Guy living in Alberta Canada, so this is an exciting find for me.
Ian Fields
Strathmore, Alberta Canada.
nick.tavener2 at btinternet.com
OEC cadet
I have just bought the rear frame for a 1938 or 39 OEC. It is complete but it has some issues that will need sorting. I already have a 38/OEC26 motor, 38 CP gearbox and 39 AMC girder front end, so am hoping to create a "new" Cadet.
I cant find a frame number on the unit. Did it have one?
Having had a look round the net, where is tue best source of info to help me put it together?
Nick Tavener
Pembrokeshire, UK

stevenspers at gmail.com
OEC 200cc (Villiers) 1949
Goodmorning, I have just purchased the above OEC that needs an amount of work to bring it back to original condition, could you recommend any sites or addresses where I could find photographs of original machines.
Many Thanks
Peter Stevens
Surrey U.K.
ian.fields at outlook.com
OEC cadet 350?
Hello, I am an English guy living in Alberta Canada. Recently I was invited to view a gentlemen's collection with a view to buying one or more of his bikes. Tucked away in one of his sea containers is an OEC it is without its engine and sadly I did not get a frame number but intend to on my next visit. The front forks are not the full duplex type but looks more like conventional girder forks. The front brake is the taper cone operated type and the rear suspension almost looks like a plunger set up. I have to apologize here as I couldn't get a fantastic view of the bike due to its position and the lack of lighting in the sea container. Advice on how to identify this bike would be helpful
Ian Fields
Calgary Alberta Canada

There is an advert from 1937 showing plunger style rear suspension in the gallery, and also the system used in 1933 which is "plunger-like". Hope this helps.

Thu, 15 Mar 2018
bartolo.keith at gmail.com
OEC 1949

Hi there, Hope all is well. I came across an OEC motorcycle which I took interest in purchasing, but do not know much about it, and while trying to gain more info about it I found your site. If you could help me out in any way i would greatly appreciate it. This is the info I have according to the bike log book; Manufacturer - OEC engine capacity-197 Year of manufacture-1949 I would like to have some expert advise and more info about it. Is it a 2 stroke? How rare this bike is? Is it a valuable bike? How much is it worth paying for in the condition it is? (Attached pics). What's the value of it after restoration? Are parts available? Thanks for now and looking forward to your reply. Keith.
Keith Bartolo
Mellieha Malta

OEC-1949-197cc-Villiers-KBa.jpg posted to Comments
The engine is a Villiers two-stroke, and the machine appears to be military, ex-WD. See the page on Vintage Motorcycle Prices

Sat Jul 15 2017
billwood509 at gmail.com
Norfolk Motorcycle Museum<
OEC Duplex
There is an OEC with duplex steering at the Norfolk Motorcycle Museum. Well worth a visit.

Fri Dec 11 2015
gp.weinberger at a1.net
Purchase Informations
OEC Atlanta 500
Interrest to buy that bike. Questions: Are there Operating, spare parts manuals available?
Spare parts available ?
Is that bike original and also the denomination ?

16th Dec 2015
Thank's for your effort.
What i find out at this time : OEC fitted with Matchless engines up to 1937, later they use AJS engines.
For both brands spare parts should be available.
One basically question: Did the supplier of the engines at these time ( e.g. AJS ) useing their own gearboxes or is there one manufacturer and supply different bike producer with the gearboxes?
I think the Commander with the duplex steering system is more unique than the Atlanta.
Do you have an idea how many peaces are produced from both models ?

Thanks and have a great day

22nd Dec 2015

I am a little bit confused regarding the OEC bikes.
On the homepage there is a 500 ccm Commodore 1938 looks like the Atlanta.
So they have build the Commander, Atlanta and Commodore with 500 ccm engines around 1938 ?
Do you have any idea how many of them are build?
I think to look for the bike in spring next year.
In the meantime i will do some small work to finish the restoration on my Citroen 11CV.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2016
and a lot of fun with the old bikes.


1938 models are shown on this image:

Numbers produced for 1938 are not available at this time. Ed.

Sat Jan 01 2011
metcalfe-stuart<at>hotmaildot com
Can you identify this OEC for me and do you know if it
OEC Unknown
Hi, this is a photo of my fathers OEC in May 1947. Can you tell me the model and year, and do you know if the bike is still in existence?

Sun Nov 29 2009
oecmartyn at hotmaildot com
frame numbers
oec commander
Hi,does anyone know where the frame number is stamped on a 1938 oec commander, thanks martin

Thu Sep 10 2009
derekwilson33 at hotmaildot com
oec 1921
oec 500cc blackburne
hi there i thaught you would like this photo and would like if it was used in the site

Sun Aug 30 2009
stewart.rawson at gmaildot com
OEC Motorcycles
OEC Duplex
Just some info on duplex/dual for setup. My grandfather worked for OEC and apparently the duplex set up was great for straight line speed but a dog through the corners. When they took duplex OEC to the TT the forks only stayed on for the pictures.

Fri Jun 12 2009
migma at hotmail.it
Research information and parts
OEC Blackburne SV 1000 1924
Excuse my English translated automatically. 
Wanted technical information and parts to complete restoration of a 1000 OEC Blackburne sv 1924. 
thanks very much. 
6694 Prato-Sorrnico - Switzerland

April 28th 2009

Thanks for the email and sorry I've been so silent of late, but am very busy still working on the ex Sidney Kidman Thornycroft car which is progressing apace, as you can see from the attached pic. 

I also spotted and have replied to the message from Paddy Brockerton whose father George rode the works Duplex steering OECs in the 1934 Senior and Lightweight TTs, retiring in both. I am restoring this Senior bike and had tried to track down his team mate Alf Brewin whose story was written up in 1970 in Motorcycle Sport, but who has long since died and no-one seems to know if he had any offspring. Finding George's son is a godsend as he has the all important pics of his father's bikes... 

Sadly the Blackburne engines fitted that year were only loaned by Blackburnes and were returned before the bikes left the Island, so I am struggling to find a suitable motor for my chassis. Should be a nice thing when done though.

More power to your elbow,

All the best


Tue Feb 10 2009
paddybrockerton at hotmail.com2
OEC works team 1934 IOM TT
My father George Brockerton rode for the team that year and I have photoes of the team if anyone is interested

Wed Aug 27 2008
lukerockhold at yahoodot com
Question about OEC
OEC Atlanta Duo
I found an old book in my dad's library that had a drawing and short description of an OEC Atlanta Duo. Something about it absolutely intrigued me. I have spent the last few months searching the net for any clues as to if any of them still exist, or if they even produced any for the public. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks!
Oregon, USA

Fri Jan 25 2008
dianetfinch at yahoo.co.uk
motorbike and sidecar
oec comador
Hi I was wondering if you could help me. I've been searchig on the internet for any info. my dad sold a bike to a museum up in hampshire area a few years ago and i'm trying to trace it could you give me the contact deatails of any museums that display oec models in hampshire area or surounding area i just don't know where to start i would appreciate any help thanks diane

Try the search function in the menu, above, and also try the Bikelinks Museum section:

Thu Dec 06 2007
terama119 at yahoo.co.uk
I once had an OEC Scrambles bike which had a square tube frame and either a Villiers or JAP engine. Can you confirm that this was correct and if it was a genuine factory model. As I am now in my 76th year my recollection may be a little of track, hence the queston I am asking

Mon Dec 03 2007
tiale777 at yahoo.es
oec villers 200cc -1953
I Know with the colours for de chasis and the tank of petrol if you have any or all bike.

Wed Oct 10 2007
k0507830 at kingston.ac.uk
Duplex Steering System<
OEC commander
I'm trying conduct a research project on the duplex steering system that is featured on some OEC bikes (the commander I think). I was curious at whether you have any information on the system, or whether you know of any material containing information about it.


Wed Apr 18 2007
frank.squirrel at ntlworlddot com
OEC Motorcycles

I can't find any information on JAP engined bikes from 1924. I do have some on OEC Blackburne bikes. I have uploaded the articles to MEGAUPLOAD in high res tif format. (!Big files)

(files no longer avail Jan 2011)
1924OECBlackburne.tif (1.96 MB)
OEC1924.tif (15.8 MB)
Duplex.tif (8.53 MB)

N.F.WOOD (Fred Wood) was the designer at OEC and the inventor of the duplex forks. He was a friend of my parents, and when he died (1960?) I was given two books of press cuttings and a book of testimonials that he had from the firm.

Portsmouth UK

Sun Apr 15 2007
zdena.sevcik at post.cz
O.E.C. - JAP 998ccm SV 1924
Dear Gentlemen,
I would like to kindly ask you for the help. So First of all let me introduce. My name is Zdenek Sevcik from Czech republic and I have same motorcycles- INDIAN, ZENITH and some Czech JAWA.

So my problem is: Last month I have found one special type of motorcycle. I hope it is the possibly the O.E.C. with engine JAP 998ccm SV, but I saw only the engine, frame and STURMEY ARCHER. The other parts are missing. According to the engine number this is 1924 year production. But I do not have any type of picture or any document about this motorcycle. 

Please if you will find something for me it will help me very much. So please any type of information about Great Britain motorcycles company O.E.C. and their production from the years 1920-1930 is needed. And the picture of OEC motorcycle with the JAP engines.
Thank you very much for any kind of information.¨
Best regards Zdenek Sevcik

Sat Dec 09 2006
bill.collins1 at btopenworld dot com

I Have a 1928 blackburn engined oec and would like to find out the name of the model and if possible some info on the front brakes. I Say brakes as it has dual control cables.one from the handles bar, also one from a foot lever.

Sun Sep 17 2006
xk120.bguichard at wanadoo.fr

oec jap engine speedway
je recherche des renseignements sur une moto achetée le week end dernier à Beaulieu lors de l'Autojumble,j'ai flashé sur une moto de speedway dans un état d'origine exeptionelle,n° de course 85 le nom du pilote est gravé sur l'arrière du garde boue son nom : Pat Davy,je recherche l'historique de cette moto avant de la faire re-démaré avec du méthanol biensur .
Dand s l'attente de vous lire
BBest regards
Bertrand Guichard

Translation: I seek information on bought motor bike the last week end in Beaulieu at the time of Autojumble, I flashé on a motor bike of speedway in a state of exeptionelle origin, n° of race 85 the name of the pilot is engraved on the back of the guard mud his name: Davy stalemate, I seek the history of this motor bike before making it Re-démaré with methanol biensur. Dand S waiting to read you

Tue Sep 12 2006
roy.asl at xtra.co.nz
OEC Motorcycle
Early Double forks
Have you any exploded diagrams to show how the double forks work?
New Zealand
No big deal on this one, just myself and a friend were looking at the JAP OEC record breaker on your web site and were trying to work out how the front steering/suspension worked. They called it a duplex fork not double as I had said. Thanks

Access Specialties Ltd

Sun Sep 03 2006
frank.squirrel at ntlworld dot com
OEC Motorcycles

I've just come across this site and seen Vic Heasmam's post of Oct 16 2005.
Could these be the machines he remembers?

Two Back Wheels Nearside.
Portsmouth UK


Thu Jul 13 2006
benkaye at tiscali.co.uk
OEC for sale
OEC 1935 500cc matchless engine.
My father-in-law wishes to sell his OEC, which he has owned for 26 years. Can anyone help with a possible buyer or maybe even a valuation. Any help would be most appreciated.
Telford UK

For pricing, try our page on valuations.

Thu Nov 10 2005
gibsondv3 at aol dot com
OEC Frame
I have recently purchased an OEC Frame with Webb Forks as it is all in bits i would appreciate a photo or a drawing or anything that might help me assemble it
I intend to fit a JAP engine i have bought the engine is stamped KOZ/V i understand K to bee 500cc O to be O.H.Valve V to be 1936 but what does Z stand for,
Any help would be appreciated
David B Gibson

Having stripped the engine and offered up the crankcase to the frame there is no way it will fit without butchering the frame, the OEC that was fitted with the 500 JAP must have been different at the bottom of the down tube so it looks like i have a frame to sell or swap i still would like help on the JAP engine type.

David B Gibson.

Sun Oct 16 2005
vheasmam at aol dot com
Pre War Oec Motor cycles
I was employed By OEC Stamshaw Portsmouth UK in 1945. At that time two interesting bikes were stored. One a normal 1930's model 350 or 500cc with a normal size front wheel and two smaller in line rear wheels . Advertised as being able to go where a horse could not, also a 1920's frame with I believe a Blackburn engine which I believe attempted the world speed record.
At the time we manufactured 50 speedway frames for Southampton.
Have they survived?
Vic Heasmam

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Review Text: have you any informations over oec motorcycles i have a interesting motorcycle oec from the year 1923
Date: 10 Apr 2005

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