OEC Motorcycles


Two New Side-valve Sports Models Rated at 4 1/4 h.p. and 8 h.p. respectively, are now Listed.

ALTHOUGH for some time past O.E.C.-Blackburne motor cycles have been available, either as sports or fast touring mounts, fitted with the Blackburne 4 1/4 h.p. single-cylinder or the 8 h.p. twin-cylinder side-valve engine, these have only been produced to special order. Since the last Olympia Show, however, the manufacturers, the Osborne Engineering Co., Ltd., Lees Lane, Gosport, Hants, have received so many enquiries for these machines that they have decided to market them as standard products.

Internal-expanding brakes are fitted to both front and rear wheels. Notable features are accessibility of all parts, low saddle position, medium wheelbase, and efficient mudguards and chain guards.

Two New O.E.C.-Blackburne Models. The 8 h.p. side-valve Sports machine shown as a combination, and (right) the 4 1/4 h.p. side-valve Sports solo mount.

In listing these models the makers have aimed to appeal to the type of user who desires a machine possessing a good turn of speed, combined with ease of control, comfortable riding, and reliability, at a medium price.

The specification in each case follows very closely on the lines of the 2¾ h.p. and 5-7 h.p. o.h.v. models produced by the firm, and includes Best & Lloyd mechanical lubrication, Druid forks, and Burman three-speed gear box. The price of the 4 ¼ h.p. single-cylinder model is £71 while that of the 8 h.p. twin is£99 10s. as a solo mount, or £25 extra with sidecar. If desired, the latter model may be supplied with a 5-7 h.p. engine for £97 10s., or a 10 h.p. twin engine for £101 10s.