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OEC & Whitwood 1935

OEC & Whitwood 1936 Models at the Olympia Show


Outstanding Spring-frame Two-seater Design : Full Protection for Driver and Passenger : Duplex Steering again available

The model shown has an overhead-valve 246 c.c. J.A.P. engine and a four-speed gear box with foot control.

Legshields are fitted and excellent protection is afforded both driver and passenger. The machine represents an interesting development of the motor cycle, and is worthy of serious consideration.

One other O.E.C. model is exhibited, the Model 36/1, which has a 250 c.c. engine, and is shown in a rear-sprung frame with normal steering, though it is also available with the O.E.C. duplex steering.

Whitwood Monocabs, 5 and 7, Highbury Street, Portsmouth.

“Devon” Model.—246 c.c. single-cyl. o.h.v. J.A.P.; dry-sump lubrication; coil ignition; 4-speed gear, with hand control; fuel, 4 gals.; 26x 3,25in. tyres. Price with electric lighting, £61.

Last year something of a sensation was created by the Whitwood Monocar, and at this year's Show it is presented in an improved form. Although it is shown only in the 246 c.c. capacity, 500 c.c. and 750 c.c. models are also available.

Naturally, the design has been modified as experience has dictated, and the transmission, accessibility, control and general comfort have been improved.

The 1935 Olympia Show reported in The Motor Cycle, December 5th, 1935.