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OEC Motorcycles for 1923


The 1922 Olympia Show.


Taxi Sidecar Outfit.

10 H.P. Model

85x96 mm. (1,090 c.c); V twin cyl. four-stroke; side-by-side valves; drip feed lubrication : Amac carb.; chain-driven mag.; 3-sp. gear; clutch and kick-starter; chain drive; 28x3in. tyres. Price, with Taxi Sidecar, £252.

OSBORNE Engineering Co., Ltd., Lees Lane, Gosport, Hants.

Finished in a very striking shade of cream, the chief Osborne exhibit - a 1,090 c.c. taxi sidecar - is remarkable for the fact that it has a system of wheel steering instead of handle-bars. This arrangement for side-car taxis was introduced last year to overcome the difficulties caused by handle-bars which foul a high sidecar body when making sharp turns. The price of £252 includes Magdyno lighting, very complete equipment generally - for instance an undershield is fitted - and a limousine two-seater sidecar mounted on a very strong girder chassis. Dual hand and foot clutch control is provided.

Imposing single- and double-seated touring sidecars are inherently the same in specification, but employ the 998 c.c. Blackburne engine. The prices range from £140 14s. upwards.

2¾ H.P. Model.

71x88 mm. (318 c.c) single cyl. four-stroke; overhead valves; mechanical lubrication; Amac carb.; chain-driven mag.; 3-sp. gear; clutch, no kick-starter; chain drive; 26x2½in. tyres. Price £84.

For the soloist the most attractive model is undoubtedly the overhead valve sports type. Although embodying proprietary units, it bears evidence of having been designed by someone who actually rides a solo motor cycle. For example, the Burman gear lever is right forward, and thus allows the rider to grip the tank with his knees. Handle-bar shape, footrest position, and saddle height combine to give a very comfortable riding position.

The display is completed by a side-valve 349 c.c. model (solo at £71 8s., and with a light sidecar at £97 13s.), and a utility 545 c.c. sidecar outfit at £113 8s. None of the last-mentioned machines has a mechanical oil-pump, and the larger sidecar outfit differs in having 28 x 3 in. wheels and internal expanding brakes front and rear.

Olympia Show 1922
The Motor Cycle, November 30th, 1922. Page 839