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Motorcycles at the 1922 Olympia Show

NOVEMBER 30th, 1922. Page 755
The Olympia Show.


Stand 79.

Many successes have been scored by a 250 c.c. o.h.v. O.K.-Blackburne in important races and speed events this year, and the marketed replica of this model will inevitably command much attention.

On this and all other O.K. models the frame has been redesigned, the top tube curving gradually downwards from the steering head. Brampton forks are now fitted, a racing type on the o.h.v. model.

Three of the exhibits will be fitted with the 292 c.c. O.K. two-stroke engine, following the same lines as the machines that wen the 350 c.c. team prize in the Six Days Trials this year. The variations in the various two-stroke models lie in transmission and equipment. 250 c.c. and 350 c.c. side-valve Blackburne light-weights will also be shown.

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  • CEDOS.

    Stand 80.

    Cedos two-stroke motor cycles have always had an excellent reputation for clever design, reliability, and good workmanship, and when their manufacture was temporarily discontinued owing to external reasons it was not long before a new company recognised their possibilities.

    Considerable improvements have been made in the 1923 design. Two models are being concentrated upon - a standard, with 26in. wheels, and a lady's, with 24in. wheels - both employing the same 247 c.c. engine.

    The cylinder, which has. a detachable head, has been evolved with a view to avoiding heat distortions. Again, the moving parts of the unit are so accurately ground to size that if is unnecessary to balance each engine individually.

  • Cedos 1919-1929

    Stand 81.

    Belt drive has been entirely abandoned by the makers of the Francis-Barnett, a J.A.P.-engined lightweight, notable for its finish and detail design.

    The chief model is fitted with a 546 c.c. J.A.P. single, and is obtainable in touring, sporting, and sidecar forms. All three are attractive in appearance, the sports model particularly so, being finished in grey and mauve. Sturmey-Archer three-speed gear boxes and saddle tanks are salient features.

    When a 292 c.c. J.A.P. engine is used a choice of two- or three-speed gear boxes is allowed.

  • Francis-Barnett

    Stand 89.

    In a very short space of time the Brough Superior has earned a name for itself that conjures up the most luxurious form of solo motor cycle. It was the first serious attempt to produce a de luxe British big twin solo machine.

    The "S.S.80," a new type employing the super-sports J.A.P. engine, made its first appearance in the Six Days Trials, when it gained a gold medal and earned more bonus marks in the speed test than any other machine.

    The o.h.v. J.A.P. and smaller M.A.G. models are retained.

  • Brough Superior
  • HACK.

    Stand 117.

    In effect the Hack is a scooter with a seat, but that it is quite a practicable proposition is illustrated by a recent test, officially observed by the A.C.U., in which two machines covered 100 miles at an average speed of 15.3 m.p.h. The two-stroke engine is 110 c.c. and the tyre size 20x1¾in.

  • Hack
  • The Motor Cycle, November 1922

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