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Salon des Cycles et Automobiles 1895

Paris Salon

Held on the 12th December 1895 at the Palais de l'Industrie.

Included in the exhibtion:

Panhard-Levassor showed phaetons, a wagonette, a cab, an ambulance wagon, a char-a-banc, and four and two seat cars valued at £200 and £150

Gladiator showed a tricycle, a tandem and a quadricycle like a two-seat pony chaise.

Duncan-Suberbie showed a number of petrol cycles and a charrette.

De Dion Bouton showed a steam racing carriage and petrol motor tricycles

Peugeot showed a large number of cars of various types including racing cars, charrettes etc.

Lepape showed a traction carriage with hood. The drive was by two leather edged wheels acing against each other.

Roger showed carriages having engines with horizontal cylinders like Benz

Delahaye of Tours showed a wagonette

Loyal showed a 4 hp two-cylinder motor carriage

La Compagnie de Voitures sans Chevaux

Sources: Graces Guide

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