British Motorcycles

Motorcycles at the 1922 Olympia Show

NOVEMBER 23rd, 1922. Page 758
The Olympia Show.


Stand 102.

There are three main models of the Bown lightweight, fitted respectively with 349 c.c. Blackburne, 548 c.c. J.A.P., and 247 c.c. Villiers engines.

Various forms of transmission (final belt or chain) and gear box (two or three speed) are offered, thus multiplying considerably the actual number of models available.

Also on show will be an ultra light-weight, embodying the 147 c.c. Villiers two-stroke engine, and direct belt drive, or a two-speed gear box and chain and belt transmission.

  • Bown

    Stand 103.

    Norton machines have long held an enviable reputation not only for speed but for reliability. The overhead valve model is very nearly an ideal fast touring or competition mount, but although it has now reached production form, and was shown at the Paris Show, it has not yet become well known, and its exhibition at Olympia will be looked forward to with interest.

    Naturally the 490 c.c. side-by-side valve engined machine will also be shown; it is now fitted with wide, flat mudguards, footrests, and legshields.

    Finally there is the 633 c.c. Big Four, mainly for sidecar haulage, but sometimes Used solo.

  • Norton

    Stand 104.

    For next season there will be three Calthorpe models : a 250 c.c. single-geared machine; a two-speed model with a new engine, the power of which has been considerably improved, fitted with a Burman two-speed gear with clutch and kick-starter; and a 350 c.c. sidecar outfit. It is worth recording that the Calthorpe Motor Cycle Co. has done much towards popularising economical sidecar outfits, for the engine fitted was one of the first 350 c.c. two-strokes to be a practical proposition for passenger work.

  • Calthorpe
  • MELEN.

    Stand 105.

    Tradesmen and others with a lot of light delivery work will be in interested in this exhibit, which consists of a self-propelled carrier tricycle.

    The framework is very strongly carried out, and the vehicle, although retailing at a moderate price, is in no sense a motorised pedal carrier. A 297 c.c. Union engine is used.

  • Melen
  • ARIEL.

    Stand 106.

    From the earliest days the name Ariel has figured in motorcycle history. Though they were pioneers of the light-weight machine in the clays of the surface carburetter, its makers have recently been better known for medium- and heavyweight machines, arid only this year have they reverted to a 249 c.c. machine.

    A chain-driven 498 c.c. mount is also a new model.

    For those who want plenty of power there are 796 c.c. and 993 c.c. engined machines, as well as the familiar 565 c.c. single-cylinder sidecar outfit. Belt drive is retained only on the 498 c.c. sports model.

  • Ariel
  • The Motor Cycle, November 1922