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Motorcycles at the 1922 Olympia Show

NOVEMBER 30th, 1922. Page 760
The Olympia Show.


Stand 123.

Extremely moderate prices are characteristics of the Henderson and American X motor cycles for next year that should attract considerable attention to this stand.

Solo, with complete electrical equipment, the 999.5 c.c. American X is only £105; with sidecar it is £131 5s.

Similarly the four-cylinder Henderson, electrically equipped, is £137 solo and £172 with a complete sidecar - in which forms it will be shown.

These sturdy examples of American design are now produced by the same company, and several of their parts are interchangeable, thus facilitating the distribution of spares.


Stand 111.

350 c. c. lightweights are the most important models bearing the name Henley, which makes its first appearance at Olympia, although by no means new to the road.

A Bradshaw-engined chain-driven machine is particularly neat


Stand 121.

Three variations of one type of machine will be shown on the H.B. stand. It is a three-speed (Burman), chain-driven, 349 c.c. Blackburne-engined mount, with mechanical lubrication, internal expanding brakes on both wheels, and several like refinements in equipment and construction.

The different models are side-valve touring, side-valve sports, and o.h.v. sports.

Dunlop cord 650x65 mm. tyres are fitted in every case.


Stand 122.

Although the Harper runabout has been primarily designed as a tender to a car and tor general knock- about purposes, its showing in the Scottish Six Days Trials was such as to cause those who witnessed it to respect it as a workmanlike, mountain-climbing touring vehicle with quite an extraordinary turn of speed.

A 269 c.c. proprietary two-stroke engine is fitted, the cylinder of which has been re-designed by the makers of the three-wheeler. Three separate chains provide three direct speeds. Detachable and interchangeable wheels are used.

Various constructional improvements have been made for 1923.


Stand 124.

Sleeve-valve (Barr and Stroud) or oil-cooled (Bradshaw) 350 c.c. four-stroke engines are fitted to the 1923 Coventry Mascots, well-proportioned solo machines embodying various gear boxes and final belt or chain transmission.

Quite a novelty on the stand will be a machine with a watersplash-proof exhaust pipe, i.e., an exhaust pipe with its final and only exit in the neighbourhood of the pannier tool-bag.

The Motor Cycle, November 1922

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