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Motorcycles at the 1922 Olympia Show

NOVEMBER 30th, 1922. Page 764
The Olympia Show.


Stand. 125.

Seven Wolf motor cycles will be shown, ranging from a single-geared 147 c.c. Villiers-engined miniature to a 550 c.c. Blackburne-engined dual purpose mount in a solo form.

In between are 247 c.c. and 347 c.c. Villiers; 293 c.c, J.A.P., o.h.v. 250 c.c. and side-valve 350 c.c. Blackburne models, all displaying good finish for their moderate prices.

Well-known component gear boxes, etc., are used in every case.

Continued: Wolf Motorcycles for 1923


Stand 126.

The Humber name was originally associated with single-cylinder machines, but flat twins gradually ousted the former type. The latest production once again brings Humber, Ltd., into the single-cylinder field.

The new engine has a bore and stroke of 75x79 mm. (349 cc). Both valves are located at the side of the head, which is not detachable; the ports are well ribbed and have ample air spaces between the walls. Each adjustable valve tappet is operated directly by its cam without the interposition of rockers, and the tappet guides are a press fit in the timing-case, being held in position by a clamp.

The Humber three-speed gear box, with clutch and kick-starter, is attached to the bottom bracket, and a positive adjustment is provided for the front chain. The internal mechanism of the gear box is the same as that employed on the well-known flat-twin Humber. which will also be shown.

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Stand 128.

One of the novelties of the year is the new unit engine and gear box 350 c.c. Triumph, and, although deliveries will not commence until April, it is certain to attract much public attention. To say that it bristles with clever engineering design is not to exaggerate.

One or two small but important modifications have been made to the 499 cc. four-valve fast touring machine, and a particularly attractive sporting sidecar has been designed for it.

Three inch tyres and Triumph-Druid forks are now fitted to the 550 cc, chain-driven machine, and the two-stroke has an increased engine capacity and a clutch and kick-starter.

Triumph for 1923


Stand 129.

Those interested in two-stroke design should make a point of inspecting the latest Velocette engine, which has been re-designed on the lines of the record-breaking and T.T. machines.

Two separate exhaust ports of a shape that allows a gradual escape of the gases are spaced widely apart in the cylinder wall, a cooling draught of air thus impinging on what is normally the hottest point.

Attention has also been given to the matter of silence, and all the silencer joints are particularly carefully made to prevent leakage, Mudguarding has been further improved.

Continued: Velocette for 1923

The Motor Cycle, November 1922

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