Stanley Show

Today in Motorcycle History

Accessories at the Stanley Show,


The Abingdon Works Co., Ltd.

The above company will have a full range of lines in motor cycle fittings, including Starley axles; Abingdon new tricycle axle, with free-wheel and back-pedalling brake combined; but the particularly novel features of the exhibit will be a patent motor differential geared tricycle for belt drive; a motor tricycle with patent driving axle and backpedalling brake...


The Bowden Brake Company, Limited.

Here will be exhibited various methods and patterns of the well-known handle-bar control by means of the patent Bowden wire and cable. Our illustrations on this page show the left side of handlebar, showing twist handle for advancing and retarding ignition, and the back brake lever, which also actuates electric cut-out. The illustration below gives a general idea of the way the ignition, throttle, valve-lift, and chain drive are operated. The illustration of the complete machine shows the method of attaching the engine, the arrangement of the tanks and the chain transmission, as well as giving a general idea of the registered design of frame...

Continued: Bowden Motorcycles 1903-04

The Motor Cycle, November 18th, 1903. Page 800