European Motorcycles

Mario Sasso Collection

The private collection of Mario Sasso is located in Casalgrande of Reggio Emilia, Italy

30 or more fine examples of Ducati Desmo, and other Ducati products from days of yore.


Ducati Brio 50 cc
Ducati Brio 50 SL1
Ducati 125 Regolarita
Ducati 125 Six Day
Ducati Scrambler 125
Ducati 175 America
Ducati 200 America
Ducati Scrambler 250
Ducati 450 RT
Ducati Cucciolo Racing
Ducati 100 Sport
Ducati 125 Sport
Ducati 175 Super Sport
Ducati 200 Elite
Ducati 250 Mach 1
Ducati 350 Mark 3D
Ducati 350 D (1971)
Ducati 750 GT
Ducati 750 Sport
Ducati 750 SS (1973)
Ducati 750 Imola (1972)
Ducati 750 SS (1976)
Ducati 900 S(1978)
Ducati 900 MHR
750 SS 1973
Egli Ducati 1000
Ducati Pantah 350
Ducati Pantah 500 SL
Ducati 750 F1
Ducati 750 Laguna Seca
Bimota 750cc DB1
Ducati 600 TT
Ducati Pantah 600 TT2
Ducati 750 TT1
Ducati F1 R 780

The collection also entails Ducati office equipment, cameras, projectors...

Via Statale, 11/J
42013 Casalgrande
Reggio Emilia

Website: oldracingspareparts.com

Visits to the museum are available by appointment only.


If you have a query or information about this museum please contact us

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