Favor Motorcycles

Favor Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque
Manufactured 1919 to 1959
Guillaume Étienne & Frères
77 Avenue de Royat Chamalières,

Favor was established as a manufacturer of bicycles in 1898 by Guillaume Étienne, with a factory built in Clermont-Ferrand some time later. In 1919 he was joined by his brothers Joseph and René, and their first motorcycle, a 125cc two-stroke, was built in 1921.

The company built midrange twostrokes, and single cylinder fourstroke SV and OHV models with engines from JAP and Blackburne. After the Second World War they built motorcycles using engines from AMC, Aubier-Dunne, Benelli, Alter, Ydral and others.

In 1955 they formed a partnership with Riva of Vichy (RSI), and also absorbed Gima of Chamalières and Alter of Chalette-sur-Loing.

Due to the turmoil experienced throughout the European motorcycle industry in the late 1950s as a result in the boom in small car sales, Favor ceased manufacture of motorcycles. Mopeds and motorised bicycles, along with cycles, remained in production. That same year they became French champion in the 50cc and 100cc classes.

Benelli came into the picture in 1960, with Favor selling their Favor-Benelli range of rebadged Italian 50s. All sales of motorised two-wheelers finally ceased in 1971. The firm was wound up in 1977.

Favor Models include:

1927 175cc 2T 2 Speed

1927 175cc 2T Single Speed

1927 250cc 2T 3 speed

1928 Type B

1928 Type C

1928 Type D

1928-1929 Model DS

1929 Type B.S. 175cc 2 speed belt

1929 Type E 250cc 2T 3 speed ch-ch

1929 Type E.J. 250cc JAP 3 speed ch-ch

1929 Type ES 250cc 2T ch-ch

1929 Type ER 250cc 2T ch-ch

1929 Model F 350cc

Model G 1928

1929 Model GS

1929 Model K

Model AS 1928

Model ES 1928-1940

Model F 1928-1936

1930 Model ERS 250cc

1930 350cc Model G OHV cardan (prototype)

1930-1940 Model FS

1930 Model EJS

Model ERS 1930-1940

Model CS 1930-1940

1932 Velomoteur Electrique

A1 1932-1933 BMA

A1 1934-1938

A1 1939 BMA

A2 1931-1932 BMA 72cc 2T Sachs

A2 1934-1936

A2 1936-1940

CS 1940

Post-war Models

A4 1946-1948

CS 1946-1947

ERS 1946-1947

ES 1946-1947

FS 1946-1947

40S 1956-1957

4R 125cc 1956-1957

4R 175cc 1956-1957

NY2 1956-1957

SAM Sulky 1955-1956 98cc AMC

VAL 1956-1957

VSL 1956-1957

Several 1955/56 models were rebadged Gima machines.

Sources: JLB Creations, Cyclememory.org, period literature

See also Cycles et Motocyclettes Favor - Une Histoire Clermontoise by Jean Malleret, ISBN 978-2-36348-006-4

bevellison at talktalk.net
I have purchased a 1957 Alter Favor motorbike and need a replacement piston and piston rings however I have been unable to find anyone that sells these items. Do you know where I can purchase these from.
Thank you
Lee Hall
Yorkshire, UK
jens.osmers at googlemail.com
Favor F 1929
Hello, I have a Favor 350F from 1929. Unfortunately, I have no technical data. I would be very happy if someone has a "carte grise" or other papers and I can send them by email. I am grateful for any information. I still need parts: a tail light, tool boxes, brake rods, shift linkage, speedometer. Can someone send me pictures of exactly how the driver's footpegs look like? Mine are badly bent or not part of it. Thanks a lot!
Bremen DE

  • Favor-1929-350F-Jens images posted to Comments.

Sun Sep 11 2016
fsphotoss at gmail.com
I have this motorcycle,but i can't find more info for it....
PLEASE help me to learn more for the bike

Thu Jan 08 2015
KRuby at talktalk.net
Favor 1959 Alter Engine
I need a replacement piston for this bike. Can you help?
Kent, England

Wed Feb 26 2014
david-smith1979 at hotmail.com
favor alter
i just purchased one of these from nice, France and had it shipped to sydney, australia,, can any one tell me more about this bike etc

Sat Jun 02 2007
tmt.services at btopenworlddot com
Favor ( model not known)
I have just bought a Favor motorcycle and wonder if you could tell me the model and year of manufacture. A few parts are missing but nothing that can't be fabricated, so worth restoring I feel.

I mail a photo of the bike for your assesment.


Chris Tier
Southampton UK

Fri Dec 29 2006
zeneiva at msndot com
Favor type F 350
Recherge une reservoir entretube, par une Favor Type F 350 de 1929.
Viana do Castelo

Mon Oct 17 2005
eumel-lennep at t-online.de
favor motorcycle
I have a favor motorcycle from ca.1928 and I need the technical dates . It is a 100ccm two-stroke motor and it has an uncomplete 17mm Zenith carburettor ,the nozzle-pin is lost,it were nice if anybody has a drawing of these parts.so long

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