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A Brief History of the Marque
Ateliers Mécanique du Centre,
9 Rue Agrippa d'Auvigné,
Clermont-Ferrand, France.

According to the French AMC Moto Club (previously at acqs.free.fr), the following machines were equipped with AMC motors:

AMC Engine Types include:

Mustang 98cc, 50 x 50mm, avail 1955 and earlier
Isard 125cc 54 x 54mm horizontal 3 speed 2T, introduced 1956
Elan 125cc 4 speed 2T
Type 99
Type 108
Type 118
125 3 speed
125 Series A
125 Series B
125 Series C
125 Series G
150 Series A
150 Series B
150 Series C
150 Series G
175 Series C
175 Series G
250cc. 1350 engines built between 1953 and 1960, of which some 800 went Gima1.

1. lesmotosgima

Sources: Cycle Memory, acqs.free.fr, moto-collection.org, lesmotosgima et al

Mon Jan 04 2016
bill at earlyamericanautorepair.com
rocker lubrication
AMC 1949 170cc
How do the rocker arms get lubricated?
Reply here.

Thu Dec 31 2015
bill at earlyamericanautorepair.com
Atlas Babycar
1949 170cc? 175cc?
Engine burns a lot of oil. Am searching for information and parts to repair piston/cylinder

These machines were fitted with AMC 170cc engines. Ed.

Sat Nov 07 2009
liarces at hotmaildot com
Quiero saber si tienen el cilindro, la empaquetadura de arranque y el piston de la moto amc jefree 125 cc

Thu Apr 28 2005
acqs92 at voila.fr
AMC website
Hi this is to inform you that a new website exits dedicated to AMC french motors, and bikes that used at engines : Alcyon, New-Map, Huin, Radior etc.
acqs.free.fr (404)

NB: The French AMC marque is not related to Associated Motor Cycle (AMC) UK

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