French Motorcycles

Olympique Motorcycles and Mopeds

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1922-1954
34 rue St-Ferdinand, PARIS (17)

Part of the Gentil group.

Models include:

1933-34 250 Touriste and Luxe
1936 250 Touriste 1936
1937-38 Type 152 175cc (and other years)
1938-40 Type 153
1938-39 Type 154 175cc
c.1959 Type GD 1, 49.9cc VAP 57/3 two-stroke
1959 Type 592, 49.9cc VAP 57/3 2T


Manufactured by Robert Macé, 1923-1924

Believed to have been displayed at the 1923 Paris Salon, very few were built before the company was sold to Edmond Gentil in April 1924, who began marketing them under the Olympique brand. RM also sold bicycles under the RM brand built by Messrs. Thomann and Caron.

None of the RM motorcycles have survived.

Sources:, JLB Creations, Didier Mahistre.

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