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Cyc-Auto were motorcycles produced from 1934 to 1958. They were the first British autocycles to be produced.

The original design came from Wallington Butt in the early 1930s.

  • 1934 The marque first appeared, with the firm based a Park Royal, London. The machine was fitted with a 98cc two-stroke engine with vertical cylinder and the crankshaft running along the axis of the machine. The magneto went on the crankcase front and the drive came back to a worm and wheel built into the bottom bracket of the bicycle frame with chain drive to the rear wheel. Lubrication was by petroil.
  • 1935-1936 Different versions of that model were offered and the main engine components were set in-line.
  • 1937 Further models appeared fitted with a 98cc Villiers engine.
  • 1938 Butt sold the firm to Scott who built the engines at their Yorkshire works, while assembly moved to East Acton in London. The original Cyc-Auto was taken over by Scott. The design continued with a 98cc two-stroke engine with a crankshaft set along the machine axix to drive back to a worm and wheel, with a chain-driven rear wheel.
  • 1940 War time brought production to a close.
  • Post-war. Production continued with little change.
  • 1953 A motorcycle carrying the Scott name and using the same engine, two-speed gearbox and shaft drive was shown at Earls Court. It had a loop frame, telescopic forks and plunger suspension, but nothing came of it.
  • 1958 Having continued for several years, the line then came to a halt.
  • Scott Cyc-Auto was a motorcycle produced from 1938 to 1958. The engines were built in Yorkshire and the machines assembled in London.
  • 1953 Manufacture had passed to Winsmith of Finchley, London. At the Earls Court show they exhibited a prototype motorcycle that used the existing engine with a two-speed gearbox and shaft final drive. The loop frame had telescopic forks and plunger rear-suspension. Nothing further came of this design.
  • 1958 The Scott Cyc-Auto ran on until that year.

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