Bultaco Trials Concept, 1970

Justyn Norek writes:

In 1970 I was asked by Ingvald Johansson, the editor of Swedish motorcycle monthly "MC—Nytt", how I imagined future trials bikes might look.

I replied with four simple sketches of "futuristic" machines - well, they were at the time - one each of the well-known Spanish BULTACO & OSSA marques, along with impression of Swedish HUSQVARNA & HAGLUND, in the hope that these may join the Spanish Armada.

Justyn Norek

Justyn Norek's work has graced the pages of German, Italian, French and English language motorcycle publications including MC-Nytt (Sweden), The Motor Cycle and Motor Cycling (UK), Motorcyclist Illustrated, Moto Cross (Netherlands) and Pedersons (USA).
Justyn Norek Photography

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