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Douglas 1932 D32 Greyhound 600cc


Douglas D32 Greyhound, 600cc, 1932

The motorcycle was manufactured in Bristol UK by the Douglas factory in 1932. The machine is virtually the same as the 1930 model. The company was declared bankrupt in 1931 as one of the Douglas family members past away and depression hit the world. Prior to that Douglas was one of the major British motorcycle manufacturers with about 5000 employees during the 1920-ies.

Douglas was by that time one of the leading in racing and some of the models are still today regarded to be very competitive in classic racing.

Production of opposed twin cylinder engined motorcycles continued with several different models. In 1935 some basic engine and frame design was changed that turned the engine 90 degrees for better cooling.

The Douglas company started with the Fairy model in 1905 and ceased production of motorcycles in 1957, though remained as agent for Italian Piaggio, Vespa.

The machine shown here was restored in 1982-83 by the owner and has been in the familiy since 1963, when it was bought from a cousins husband. Originally was it purchased as new from a shop window in the city of Malmo in Sweden, by a brother to him.

It has since restoration been participating in the 550km International Rally Skåne Rundt for seven times, finishing as the over all winner 1984.

MODEL D32 "Greyhound"
Shipped as a solo-machine, with or without electric lights. Standard quipped with BTH generator.
Head and tail lighting on order.

600 cc opposed twin engine Side valves 16 BHP Amal carburetor

4 gear with lever on tank

Dry weight: 160 kg

Courtesy Lennart Olsson

Courtesy Lennart Olsson, a keen collector and restorer from Sweden.

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