Monet Goyon Motorcycles

1930 Monet Goyon 350cc Type NF Semi-Culbutée

Monet & Goyon 350cc type N (1928) - NF (1929–1933) Tourisme

Semi-Culbutée 350cc MAG Sidevalve Engine

During the First World War, Adrien Goyon financed engineer Joseph Monet to manufacture disability vehicles for war veterans. Their company Monet & Goyon was formed in 1917.

Their first engine, in 1919, was a 117cc Auto-Whheel, which they also used in their Automouche and Vélauto three-wheeled scooters up to 1925. This was sometimes proclaimed as the World's first scooter (1919), though it wasn't: the American 1916 Autoped was actually the first.

Monet Goyon manufactured various motorcycles up to the 2nd World War including, from 1931 onwards, a series of 98cc Villiers-powered BMAs (Bicyclette Moteur Auxiliaire – the equivalent of our pedal-assisted autocycles). They had always been interested in the ‘lower end’ of the market, ie making cheap machines to get poorer folks on the road.

Image and description courtesy BuyVintage.com