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Monet & Goyon

A Brief History of the Marque
Manufactured 1917 to 1959
59 rue du Pavillon (1)
MÂCON (Saône-et-Loire).

Well known in sporting circles, the Mâcon factory - which also produced Koehler Escoffier motorcycles - built numerous Villiers and MAG powered machines up until 1939, and resumed production of smaller motorcycles and scooters after the war, ceasing production in the mid 1950s.

  • More on Monet-Goyon History
  • Monet & Goyon Engines include:

    • 1HP 1/2
    • MG 25
    • L.
    • L.3.
    • A.L.3.
    • L.S.3
    • L.S.3.S
    • A.L.S.3
    • A.L.S.3.S
    • MG 35 no.1
    • MG 35 no.2
    • MG 35 no.3
    • L.5.A.
    • L.5.A.1
    • Motorox M 21

    monet-goyon 1926 logo

    Monet-Goyon Villiers Engines
    Models built under Villiers License include:

  • T 41
  • T 41 G
  • S2G
  • S3G 100cc
  • 10D - T43
  • 10D4 - T43
  • M18
  • T 42
  • 200cc 3 speed
  • 200cc 4 speed
  • 232cc 4 speed
  • Notes
    1. Addresses listed include 16, 59 and 72 rue du Pavillon.

    Sources: JLB Creations, Cycle Memory

    cyril.lesca at
    Money goyon engine 10D 1953
    I would like to know if the parts of Complete engine seal set (9E 10E) are compatible with an engine 10D
    And if you know where can I by it for engine 10D ?
    Best regards
    Lesca cyril

    peterfryer1 at
    Monet Goyon 1957
    Hi I am trying to restore a seat for the above Motor Cycle and I am trying to locate the seat Badge for the rear of the seat I believe it was made by J.Reydel would anyone know where I could get one from.
    Many Thanks
    Peter Fryer
    robstepney at
    Monet goyon
    Hi I am looking for a supplier of parts for this motorcycle. Namely a front brake arm and a set of wheel bearings. I also need the front brake lever which is inverted type.
    Is there someone who can help me with the history and dating of this model as I need to register this in the UK. Many thanks Rob.
    Salut je cherche un fournisseur de pièces pour cette moto. À savoir un bras de frein avant et un ensemble de roulements de roue, j'ai également besoin du levier de frein avant qui est de type inversé.
    Y a-t-il quelqu'un qui peut m'aider avec l'histoire et la datation de ce modèle car j'ai besoin de l'enregistrer au Royaume-Uni. . Merci beaucoup Rob
    Rob Stepney
    Tamworth Uk
    ericblairo84 at
    monet goyon
    I picked up this MG in an old car garage at the foot of Mont Ventoux; According to the owner of the garage, this bike was already stored in this one during his father's time about 40 years ago or more, and was left in that garage after a race at Mt Ventoux by the owner (unknown) and he never came to pick it up.
    The counting this one reinforces his claims. it is in "good condition" because it is always kept dry; it has good compression, ignition and it starts.
    Engine: BZ 9396
    Box No.: BM 8634
    Frame No.: 35522
    I put it up for sale...
    rogerhallam23 at
    monet goyon 50v 1954 I think
    I would like to obtain a service manual or any information on spare parts
    Roger Hallam
    Beeches Dukes Orchard Bradninch Devon EX5 4RA

    smallballs1983 at
    Monet goyon 100cc starlet
    Hi could help me please my father has bought a barn find and needs help with parts and owners manual

    • Monet-Goyon-Starlet-SB83.jpg posted to Comments.

    mischa900 at
    Monet Goyon S3G year ???
    Hi there, I'm trying to find some list where I can find the year of building of the Monet Goyon I have in my garage. To obtain a license plate here in The Netherlands I need as much info as possible for the officials. Hoping to find a list with frame numbers or something like that. Also like to get my hands on some technical info about the engine and carburettor. Anything helps and is appreciated.
    Mischa van Westrienen
    The Netherlands
    • If you find a useful source for this information let us know so it can be added to this page: Serial Numbers. There may also be something useful here: French Resources

    Tue, 27 Mar 2018
    kevin.handley at
    Monet goyen 90cc 1935

    Hello Would you have or know the whereabouts of a workshop manual for the above motor cycle Regards Kevin
    Kevin handley
    Cambridge United Kingdom

    Sat, 24 Mar 2018
    trt61 at
    monet-goyon s6vu 1954

    where would i find the frame number on the bike if there is one,, many thanks roy thompson
    roy thompson
    newtownards United Kingdom

    Thu, 21 Dec 2017
    berryman.jake01 at<
    Monet Goyon S3g 1930?

    Hi, I have just bought a Monet Goyon S3g from Ebay & I trying to identify the engine, so that I can get a few parts. I believe that it is a Villiers & that it may have been built under license, but that is all I have managed to unravel so far. Would you please be able to tell me what type of Villiers engine this is & also where I could look for parts and information? Kind regards, Jake
    Jake Berryman
    London United Kingdom

    • Closest match is an S3GD around 1951. Engine and frame numbers may help to identify it.
      Monet-Goyon-1951c-S3GD-JBe.jpg posted to Comments

    Thu, 20 Jul 2017

    Peter Etherington fedoraman823 at<
    Monet Goyon M10 1930s
    I am the proud owner of a 1930s monet goyon M10 but sadly he front plate on the front riser is missing so I cant date the bike. Any ideas please.
    N.E Lincolnshire United Kingdom
    later... I have found a frame number 2756. Anyone know where I can the date from this.


    Thu May 25 2017
    jgholman66 at

    monet goyon champion de france?
    I have purchased a Monet Goyon with 175 Villiers Super sport TT engine number BZ9332, with hand change 3 speed gearbox and girder forks with 2 slim springs. The headstock is badly rusted and I am unable to find a frame number- I think I can see a G and a 2 but it's hard to tell, would this be right and what would be the model?

    Thu Jun 16 2016
    jstep at
    BMA Villers big end
    Monet Goyon S3g
    I've just restored a Monet Goyon 1959 S3G but on getting it on the road found that the big end bearing is shot. Can any one advise me where I can get a new big end and rod. John
    Newcastle upon Tyne

    There is a page on Villiers engines here: villiers-engine-data
    It may be possible to work out from there which standard Villiers your engine is most likely to be the same. I think there are some Villiers specialists in the Bikelinks directory.

    Tue Dec 29 2015
    stephen at
    see attached pic. what make and model is this?
    VIN is #21M supposedly a 1933.
    Any value thoughts?
    Just found it/just bought it along with 40 other European bikes!!!!! for which I also have many questions!!

      1933 500 KA has MAG engine. Ed.

    Sat Jul 25 2015
    andybird.svsdc at<
    ageing details for registration
    Monet-goyon 175cc
    Hi I have bought a 1932 (apparently) Monet 175cc machine, do you have any ideas please regarding dating the bike for registration here in the uk. Is anyone collating frame Vins with year build dates?
    essex UK

    Sun May 03 2015
    ciwaxyourcar at
    year and model 'id'
    monet goyon s3 ?
    Any help appreciated!
    Can't seem to access forum

    Wed Nov 12 2014
    crispin at<
    Monet Goyon - age verification
    Monet Goyon S3G 100
    Hi, I tried to register for the forum, but I don't understand the registration comment. I am trying to register this bike in the UK. In order to do so I must have three documents to prove the age of the bike. Ideally to the actual year. Would any of you members have literature they could email me that would do that? Very kind regards

    Thu Mar 27 2014
    nino.dambrogio at
    Nino D'Ambrogio
    Ricerca informazioni koelher-escoffier 1940 100 cm3 monet-goyon type s3g
    Cerco informazioni su
    koelher-escoffier 1940 100 cm3 monet-goyon type s3g

    Thu Oct 17 2013
    serial number confirmation
    Monet & Goyon Three Wheeler
    I recently acquired a Monet & Goyon Three wheeled Motorcycle. It was transferred to me under serial number 62623, but I beleive that the first digit is wrong and that it might actually be a "G" or some other digit or letter. Can you verify the typical format for Monet & Goyon serial numbers, and can you identify the year of this motorcycle from this serial number? It was sold to me as a 1921, but it appears to be much earlier, perhaps in the teens, but maybe these bikes were just very primitive designs.
    Boston, MA, USA

    Tue Jun 14 2011
    info at
    Villiers engine
    Monet&Goyon Automouche
    Info on the Villiers engine and the story of can be found on There are also pictures of the Automouche 250cc. The frame number should be on the rear bracket which holds the engine.Best regards, Grietje
    Stadskanaal (NL) 

    Mon May 16 2011
    Monet goyon motor bike
    monet goyon ?
    Could tell me any info on this bike? I want to get it runing and need a carb

    Thu Oct 07 2010
    vanoppenraaij AT

    Monet Goyon R4
    I am looking for the exact year of building for a Monet Goyon type R4 frame nr 1014B

    Also I am looking for adresses to get a new cover for the belt to the dynamo and last but not least I am looking for books about Monet Goyon.

    Mon Sep 06 2010
    villiers automatic lubrication
    Monet & Goyon AS
    I have a question about the villiers automatic lubrication system. My engine is a 1929 Villiers MK XA (247 cc). This system includes a vent hole that permits air to pass into the side feed cup from the oil tank. Does somebody know the size of this vent hole ? According to the litterature, "it is very small and should be cleaned with a single strand of Bowden wire", so it could be about 0,5 mm. I have to drill this hole because it is missing in my Motorcycle (Monet & Goyon). Can sombody help ?
    Many thanks,

    Wed Apr 07 2010
    emuldoank<at>yahoodot com<
    1955 Monet Goyon Starlett 98cc
    Hi,I'm Mulyandi from Indonesia.I'm trying to built up it(monet goyon starlett 1955).I'm really need your help to find many missing part from the engine.
    Where can I buy the spare part?

    Tue Apr 06 2010
    monet s3
    Hi i am restoring this bike i have a number of 103 s3 0r 603 s3 I bought the bike as part of a collection and have no documents at this stage to prove year can you help on history
    Regards Mike

    Tue May 19 2009
    jamesyboy- at
    my monet & goyon
    monet&goyon 150 cc
    i have recently rquired a 1923 monet & goyon motorcycle and it is in need of some tlc. i dont know were to get parts from and i was wondering if anyone had some ideas???

    Sun Nov 02 2008
    werner.hilfiker at
    Monet Goyon 1933 Typ M 11 1933
    Das Einzige in der Schweiz
    Schweiz. CH

    Wed Sep 03 2008
    marc.boursicot at
    Motor 250cm3
    Villiers Manet-Goyon
    I have a Monet-Goyon with a 250cm3 Villiers, and I would like some technical documents for this motors. Please, tell me wher can I find it?

    Wed Sep 19 2007
    MikeRobinsonLBC at MSNdot com<
    Monet Goyon Frame Number Location?
    Monet Goyon S3G
    Hello, I have recently acquired what I believe to be a 3SG. I was wondering if someone can tell me where to look for the frame # to determine exactly what year she is. Thank You!
    California, US Monet & Goyon 3SG

    Wed Feb 21 2007
    bergeerl at
    Chassis number
    Monet Goyon tricycle
    I need to know where on the chassis I can find the frame number.
    The Cycle has a Villiers 250ccm engine.

    Mon Nov 27 2006
    john-hennessy at
    help identify?
    Monet Goyon
    I rescued this unknown from the scrapheap in France. Villiers engine only ID is see is 291 on rear casing, seperate gearbox and cut frame still attached.All info welcome.
    Manchester UK

    Thu Sep 21 2006
    nick at
    Front fork gators
    125cc Monet Goyon
    I need to locate new front fork gators for the above bike

    Wed Aug 16 2006
    a.hollenbach at
    Villiers Mk VI A 250ccm<
    Monet & Goyon
    I am searching clamps to fix the cover over light- sparking - machine (cover over flywheel magneto)
    the Monet & Goyon MG 25 is build on 1933, praps a simple and cheap motorcaycle. The motor will be build in licence. The construction will be from the middle of the 20swith a fixed head. Alfred

    Sat Jun 24 2006
    nick at
    125cc Monet Goyon
    Parts and spares available

    Tue May 16 2006
    iann7 at hotmaildot com<
    Monet-Goyon 250cc 4strokes engine ALS3S

    I have a Monet-Goyon 250cc with ALS3S engine. I wonder you can say to me where find information about this bike. Thanks a lot.

    Bikelinks lists several Monet Goyon sites: Monet-Goyon

    Mon Apr 10 2006
    gpgervat at waitrosedot com<
    What motorbike is this?
    In a shed between Lyons and Grenoble, sits this motorbike. From old insurance papers, we think that it is a Monet Goyon, 4 HP. It was certainly used in 1927 and 1928. Can antone tell us which model it is? What would be the best way of selling it?

    The machine pictured has a rear brake, saddle tank, single pushrod tube and what appears to be a speedometer. These would indicate a date closer to the mid-thirties than the mid-twenties, Phil. It certainly appears to be a later model than an HA of 1932.

    Can you supply engine and frame numbers, and anything stamped or cast into various components including the crankcase?

    The bike is in France and I am in Brighton so getting hold of the numbers will take a while but can be done. There are insurance certificates for my grandfather for 1927 and 1928, one of which describes it as being for a Monet & Goyan bike, 4 HP. We believe that he only owned the one bike but of course, he may have got rid of the Monet & Goyan and bought this one.

    Can one use the registration number to track it down?

    I am attaching another photo but the first two are better.

    Incidentally, there is also a biking cape and soft helmet of the same vintage. The fabric of the cape is a bit stiff but it is basically sound.

    Thanks again for your help

    Best wishes, Phil Gervat

    Fri Feb 10 2006
    gilbrn at
    Monet Goyon S6V
    Excuses my bad english
    For a money goyon 125cc type S6V whith a Villiers engine type 10D,i have no more piston and i must have dimensions of it for find or rebuilt

    Sun Dec 18 2005
    RM2 at
    Site about Monet Goyon & Koehler-Escoffier.

    Mon Dec 05 2005
    martingunnarsson5 at<
    1949 Monet Goyon
    Hi There

    I thought you might be interested in this. I bought it in an antiques shop in London today. I haven't collected the bike yet so have yet to scrutinise it more carefull. It is basically pre-unit as it has a 98cc villiers and detached gearbox with hand change. It seems to be very original.


    May 1st 2006
    Hi there.
    I think I sent you the wrong year for my bike it is actually a 1929 98cc Monet & Goyon not 1949 as stated.

    The bike appears to be an S3GD vintage 1949-1954. See Ed.

    Wed Aug 31 2005
    jorgen.karnevi at
    Auto Monche
    Dear Sirs

    I have the following Monet & Goyon Auto Monche with chassi Nr 13070 wich I think is from 1923 or 1924. I should appriciate if you could help me with some more information about this Tricycles. Please find enclosed one picture of the Tricycle. I can send you more pictures if you need.

    Best regards


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