Terrot VMS1 1952 Scooter

1952 Terrot VMS1 Scooter 98cc Earliest Known Example
With frame number 600068, this particular Terrot VMS1 scooter is the earliest known surviving example of this iconic marque.

The Terrot is surely the most bulbous design of all the 1950's French scooters. One of the initial batch of 100 Terrot scooters to be produced, this beautiful scooter was restored by the previous owner at great expense.

The 98cc VMS1 was quite underpowered so, within one year, the model was superseded by the 125cc VMS2. The first model is now rare. In 1955 it was renamed the ‘Scooterrot.’

The Terrot has been completely restored to original specification using original parts. All the chrome was replated; it has new brake linings and new tyres. The frame is white with the bodywork finished in French Blue. The engine and gearbox were rebuilt. There is no provision for a speedo on this model. It’s fully functional - you can start it easily and ride it away.

The only deviation from originality that I know of is that the first batch were apparently finished in red oxide! I don’t think the company had time to paint them due to the pressure to bring out the model in time for its first show in 1952. So this Terrot’s paint-scheme is not
absolutely to original spec, though is definitely a colour that a prospective purchaser could have chosen after buying one of the first red oxide examples.

The only mechanical fault I know of is that the kickstart spring doesn’t work. As you may have noticed in the video, after starting it you need to manually push the kickstart back to position. Cosmetically it is good all round except for the side panels, which have both been damaged during transportation.

The engine number is 700168.

... the original VMS1 model was imported into Great Britain but the 1955 Scooterrot was sold here.
Image and description courtesy BuyVintage.com
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