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See also: Magnat Debon

A Brief History of the Marque

From 1887 to 1935 Terrot was based at:
2 rue Andru-Colomban

Charles Terrot, a personal friend of Gottlieb Daimler, made his fortune from knitting machines for which he filed a patent when he was 20 years of age.

1903. Terrot offered three engines: Faure, Givaudan and Zedel.

Terrot of Dijon was the largest motorcycle manufacturer in France for much of the first half of the twentieth century, having absorbed Magnat-Debon in the late 1920's.

During the early 1920s Terrot built JAP powered 350cc machines with 2 speed gearboxes. The G model, introduced at the Paris Salon of 1925, came in two versions, the Sport and Touriste. Later that year the H model appeared with a Terrot engine and much improved front suspension. The late twenties also saw the production of a Blackburne powered 174cc racing bike, and in 1937 another racing model had a transverse V-twin of 498cc.

After WWII they built a range of ohv singles up to 500cc in capacity, a number of two-strokes and some rather nice scooters. In the 1950s they amalgamated with the Automoto Group under Peugeot and the name Terrot faded out.

Terrot components were used in Nougier Motorcycles

More Terrot history...

Garry_Faulkner at outlook dot com I am hoping you will not mind helping me.
I have had this is my garage for over 30 years.
Could you tell me what model Terott it is and approximate year of manufacture.
Thank you in advance for your help.
Regards Garry Faulkner

    It appears to be a 1925 type FT as pictured here: Terrot 1925
    Terrot-1925-FT image posted to Comments.

towert at hotmail.com
Terrot 350 GS 1924 with JAP side valve sport
Hello, i am about the restore a JAP engine 350 cc side valve sport. I am missing few parts, do you guys have any contact or site where i can look for them. also looking for a manual as i intend to perform the restauration myself.
Thank you very much
Francesco Torre
Forestville, California USA

  • See below for links to pages on Terrot resources and manuals.
    Terrot-1924-350-JAP-FTo images posted to Comments.

carmenmsprague at gmail.com
Terrot 4T Standard: 250cc POH SV
Hello would love to know more about the 1935 Terrot 250's looking at one would just like to know what to look at for authentication and or how difficult parts are to find for them as well as what issues they may have had. As for collecting purposes which model is more valuable? Came to France for the summer and fell in love with these bikes! I raced Motorcycles back in California and was a Motorcycle Messenger in Los Angeles. Would love to take one home with me! Many thanks for any info! Merci
Carmen Marie Sprague
Chantilly, France

  • There are sites specific to Terrot listed under French Resources, though there is little mention of the POH model.

dvandeursen13 at gmail.com
Looking for a service manual and a place to purchase parts
  • There are several sources for Terrot parts and manuals listed here: French Resources.

davelloyd.jones04 at gmail.com
Magnat Debon
I understand that the Terrot S2T 175 cc motorcycle is identical to the Magnat Debon LMC 175cc Motorcycle. I need to know the dry weight of the bike, and can find no tech data anywhere. Hope you can help
Dave Jones
Provence, South of France

michaeljhatcher at yahoo.co.uk
Terrot ETD 1952, No. 390 892.
I am looking for a manual in English if possible for the above.
Michael Hatcher

kevib at me.com
Hi I believe the main frame of my bike is a Terrot, 1924 same shape at front where the flaunt tank would sit in. Forks are later aya. Seat is browns and gearbox would be right for Terrot. I hope you can confirm. Where should the numbers be on frame? Thank s in advance. Kevin.
Kevin Bailey

Terrot-1924-KBa-01 images posted to Comments.
danapps at rocketmail.com
possibly a vm
Hi, saved a terrot (I think a vm) from a skip in france, I'm trying to find some spares for it and get it road registered here in the uk so I can use it, if I were to send you some photos would you be able to help identify it?
Dan Apps
Somerset UK

  • Could you post the frame number please, and if you have an engine, the engine number too?
    Terrot-VM-Q-DAp image posted to Comments.

planetzproductions at hotmail.com
1953 terrot scooter
looking complete headlight, taillight, speedo, fuel tap rod and choke rod, kill switch and horn button, grips and rubber covers for foot controls.
mark oliveri
terry494 at btinternet.com
Hi, I'm trying to find a manual, or photographs of this model.
Terry Coleman
phil.lightfoot at aol.com
1950 htl 350
Trying to source a new speedometer cable - any ideas?

jonmbetts at aol.com
1951 Terrot vms
Hi I have acquired a vms Terrot scooter that has a date of 1951 on its Belgium logbook!
Lincoln UK
taffbeck at talktalk.net
Terrot 250 OLG 1932
Is there a British group associated with Terrot ?
Brian Beck
Nr Stockport, Cheshire, England
tsa.motorcycles at yahoo.com
1954 Terrot vms2
Hi I have a vms2 scooter, and nova number was wondering the next stage I need for uk reg thanks
Tony briggenshaw
Somerset uk

    If you find a useful source for this information let us know so it can be added to this page: Documentation

ian.j.forster at btinternet.com
Terrot BMA 1939
I have just bought this for a restoration project and am looking for a handbook or manual for the bike
Ian Forster
Leicester, UK
Simonj.brooks at btopenworld.com
Terror ETD 125 1951
Dear Sheldons
I have what I believe is a Terrot ETD 125 manufactured in 1951. Please see attached images. It has no documents and to get an age related plate from DVLA I need a letter from such as yourself (European Motorcycle Specialist) to confirm that it is a Terrot ETD and its year of manufacture. 51 is stamped on the engine case. I am willing to pay for a letter.
Are you able to assist.
Simon Brooks
Buxton, Derbyshire.

    Terrot-1951-125cc-ETD-IFo image posted to Comments.
    If you find a useful source for this information let us know so it can be added to this page: Paperwork

vania7007 at hotmail.com
1951 terrot motorbike model EDT police edition
hi , my name is vania and i have a 1951 terrot motorbike moder EDT police edition and my mechanic need the manual book for this bike for repair .
Laguna beach , California
donnygaz1971 at hotmail.co.uk
Terrot 250
Hi I have what I believe to be a terrot 250 side valve believe to be 1932 Frame no 170318 Engine no 111911 Please could You help any info please
Cheers Gary Edwards Uk

terry494 at btinternet.com
Terrot 350cc cv HGL1932
Hi I'm looking for a pair of tank pads and a screw cap for the oil tank can anyone help me locate the parts so I can complete the Terrot ,mob 09534533001
Terry Coleman Yorkshire UK

Fri, 16 Mar 2018
kitto528 at btinternet.com
Terrot Tenor 125cc 1959

Can anyone supply set of standard size piston rings for 1958 Terrot Tenor 125cc thanks Alan
Alan Kitto
Narborough United Kingdom<

Tue, 06 Mar 2018
r.holloway2012 at hotmail.co.uk
Terrot VML 100 1936

Hi I have just purchased the bike and am looking for contacts for any parts available & an owners manual or parts list etc... Many thanks Richard
Richard Holloway
Chester United Kingdom

Thu, 30 Nov 2017
Terrot 350 Side Valve hml

Brilliant site...really enjoy checking it out. I am desperately trying to track down a parts book / manual so I can learn more about my bike and track down parts. It will of course be in French....no worries with google translate. Cheers, Jaime
Jaime Kowan
Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Mon, 04 Sep 2017
scottwilkerson41 at hotmail.com
terrot 1958

hi can you tell me which bike This petrol tank Belongs to Regards Scott
scott wilkerson
london United Kingdom

Terrot-1958c-Moped-Tank-SWi.jpg posted to Comments.

Tue Jun 13 2017
Kitto528 at btinternet.com
Terrot owners club
Terrot Tenor
Details about joining Terrot owners club I will be needing some parts and technical information about this motorcycle thanks
Leicester UK

Tue Jun 06 2017
daviddarmour-shopping at yahoo.co.uk
Unknown Motorcycle
Terrot 350 Standard

I am trying to identify the motorcycle in this image. Rider is my father and photo was taken early-mid 1930's. I'm told it might be a Terrot

  • Terrot-1930s-DavidD.jpg posted to Comments.

Joe Welsh, Facebook March 18th 2017

In quite a desperate need Guys and Girls, perhaps someone can help ?
I have a 1933 Terrot FLG 250 and am in need of head race bearings. My bottom cups are shot to bits.
Long shot I know but perhaps someone can offer guidance as this is now stalling the project.
I belive it can get new cups made but am not sure as where to look, and have also heard horror stories as far as cost !
Here's hoping.

Mon Feb 27 2017
bassamps at gmail.com
Hi I found this pic in the family archive can you help to identify model size , cc etc.?

Wed Nov 16 2016
Garry at motogt500.com
TerroT VM 100cc how to remove flywheel
Hi I am prettying up a TerroT. I want to remove the flywheel . Cold really use some guidance as I don't want to muller it!

Mon Nov 14 2016
andysaunderskustoms at hotmail.com
Terrot Childs Bike
I am wondering if you might be able to shed any light on this very small Terrot. I know there were a couple of children's bikes built but according to pics I have this isn't one of them and I would love to find out more.
Dorset UK

Tue Jun 28 2016
Yoyotwine at googlemail.com
Terrot E47 1948
Availability of Terrot E47 Motorcycle Tank Badge

Fri Mar 04 2016
chas.cope at yahoo.co.uk
tank decal
Terrot 100cc step through
The badge looks like the circular Terrot one in your picture gallery. The one with Terrot and a crest on a black background. I would need 2 if possible.
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Information on sources for badges & decals

Mon Apr 13 2015
pstrange123 at googlemail.com
dating cirtificate
terrot vm 100
Can you supply a dating cirt for dvla so i can register my bike in uk

Sat Jun 14 2014
colin.moody at blueyonder.co.uk
Frame No Location
Terrot 100cc around 1939
I am having trouble locating the frame number on my motorcycle could you possibly help me with this problem and tell me where I can locate it?
Many thanks.

Colin Moody.

Mon Jun 02 2014
sarahlou-446 at fsmail.net
Frame number
Terrot 100 BMA 1939 ?
Hi . I have recently bought a Terrot BMA 100cc that I understand is a 1938-9 model. The engine number is 265439 but I can't find the frame number. Can anyone tell me where it can be found or what it should be, please?

Tue Jan 21 2014
beetleman-69 at hotmail.co.uk
A bit of help terrot VMS3
Hi i have had a terrot VMS3 which i have had since i was 10 so ive had it for 35 years just need a bit of help with some parts and also how much would it be worth (not selling just would like to know ) many thanks max uk

Tue Oct 08 2013

terrot 125 ep
Hola, yo solo quiero ofrecer un antes y un despuus de una terrot 125 ep, para los amantes de esta moto

Sat Sep 07 2013
model and year
terrot 100cc ????
hi ,dont know if you can help me by telling me what year /model my terrot 100cc is by vin number 238198 any help would be grate

Sat Feb 23 2013
Terrot maintenance booklet
Terrot VMS3 125cc
I have a small maintenance booklet for this model of Terrot for disposal, for the price of post and packing.

Thu Nov 29 2012
terrot 250 telaio nu 25123 turismo
vorrei sapere la data
di immatricolazione.

Possibly a Type G

Wed Aug 01 2012
want to sell
terrot 1928
The Terrot I have is un assembled, and some restoring has been done. I would like to sell it.

Tue Oct 04 2011
terrot vm 98 cc
Ium looking for a new pneus front and rear for my terrot vm 98cc.
I need some information concerning where can I buy these items.
any answer will be apreciate
thank you
barcelona ( Gurb)

Wed Sep 15 2010
terrot type 50
Ihave a terrot moped and would like to now the year it was made and any other info about the bike; THE INFO I HAVE IS, moto bloc no A10112, type 50, DIJON 12-7-56, frame no 746043.
If anyone can help i would be grateful Allan

Sun Oct 11 2009
ta-quase at yahoo.com.br
terrot 250cc 4t
gostaria de saber se sao possuidores de algumas pecas para este modelo, se tal, agradeceria que me informassem, desde ja o meu muitissimo obrigado, manuel

Wed Jul 08 2009
jden.p2 at googlemaildot com
Vintage Motorcycles Found In Barn
Motobecane & Terrot unknown
Please can you help? Have found 2 motorcycles in the barn of my new frence farmhouse. What are they? What are they worth and can I sell them on this site? I also have a Renault 1934 primaquatra and an old Tractor - I need some expert help.
France, Limoges

Sun May 24 2009
dammawat at casema.nl
can you please tell me what kind of terrot this is

    The bike is very similar to a 1935 VM98, but the exhaust is on the opposite side. Ed.

Fri Feb 06 2009
iwalker at dandaradot com
Decal set
Terrot 1935 vm 98cc

I am currently cleaning up a 1935 vm ( 98 cc ) and i would appreciate it if anyone could tell me where i can purchase the full decal set . Also the bike appears to be missing the clutch cover . Can anyone help me please .
Isle of man

Sat Jan 19 2008
twins1971 at bigponddot com
terrot 35771
price on motor bike required 1 cyl typr lg made 4 the motor racing team dejon frence
vic aust

Wed Jan 09 2008
rikyp at libero.it
spare parts terrot
terrot lc 175 s 1925-1928
i am looking for find a gearbox 3 speed for the bike above mentioned, can you give me some hope!! tanks in advance.
milano .italy

Wed Oct 31 2007
bsa130 at hotmaildot com
Hi I have just brought a terrot moped and would like as much info as possable please,
the info which i have of the bike is:Moto bloc no,A10112, moteur moto bloc cyl 49cm type "50" no, 67920 DIJON LE 12-7-56 AND FRAME NO 746043.
 thanks, Allan Taylor.
isle of wight

Tue Aug 07 2007
theblakes at dslextremedot com
Finished with my 1929 Terrot LC
LC 175cc
2 months later I have finished restoring my '29.
Riverside, Ca

Thu Jun 14 2007
larsbars77 at hotmaildot com
enquiry of a price
dijon type L.G 85771
i am enquiring on the price of an french terrot. the only details i have is what is on the bike, whick is: Dijon type L.G 85771 R.colin A2 phares magnetipues Breuete depose France EL Elranger. this is the information i have. i have been informed that there is only 5 of this type in the world and i was just wanting to know what it is worth.

Wed May 23 2007
ofjmf at tiscali.dk
Terrot 500 cmu
1931 NSSL
I send you a couple of pictures of my Terrot NSSL from 1931 with an 500 cmu JAP motor. I've just finished teh restauration and it seems tha t you donunt hav this model in your collection
DK SKanderborg

Wed Mar 14 2007
theblakes at dslextremedot com
1929 Terrot
I would like to restore this cycle I just purchased. It is 100%complete and untouched.
It did not come equipped with front or rear lights. Is this available?
Can you tell me the engine size?
Thank you!!!
Riverside, Ca
April 2007
I just bought a 1929 Terrot LC 175cc. I dont know much about it. I plan on doing a full restoration and need help finding a few replacement parts. The cycle is 100% complete but has original tires that need replacement as well as kill switch, brake pads, grips and foot pegs. Cna you point me in the right direction?
Thanks for any help!
Kris, Riverside Ca (USA)

Sat Dec 23 2006
ofjmf at tiscali.dk
Old Bike
Terrot NSSL 1931
I have restaurated the bike and now and its complete beside the shock absorber and I will ask if anybody can tell med where I perhaps can find it. I enclose an picture of the halfpart i have.
Aarhus DK

Tue Sep 26 2006
jjhrcms at yahoodot com
1953 Terrot 125cc
Hi, I have a 1953 Terrot 125 cc. I am looking for a Gas tank and cap. Does anyone know of a place I can locate parts? I live in US, but will travel! Thanks. Joe
Boston, MA, USA

August 2006
From a post in the forums...


Je tache de rucupurer des photos de Terrot et Magnat Debon en tout genre.
Photos prises lors de bourses ou photos personnelles.

Photos prises de pruference avant restauration .

Je voudrais regrouper un maximum d'informations sur les teintes et ducors originaux (couleurs, motifs, largeur des filets, ....).
Photos de ruservoirs d'essence, d'huile, de garde-boues, de carters ..

Surtout n'husitez pas u me contacter, qu'elles soient de bonne ou mauvaise qualitu.

D'avance merci.

Ci-joint quelques exemple de ce que je voudrais faire.


I'm searching for all kind of Terrot or Magnat Debon pictures. Taken during parts market or personal. Pictures, if possible, before restoration.

I would like to make an original "ducors" database (color, lines width, pattern, .....)
Gazoline and oil tank, chain guard, .....

If you have some pictures to send me (good or bad quality), do not hesitate to contact me

Thank you very much.


Contact Jean-luc jldubato at tele2.fr

June 6th 2006
...I've enclosed some pics of a scooter I've just got my flippers on.I dont no if your like scooters but I must admit I do have a leaning toward some models.I've got a Lambretta series 3 which Iam told is actually a rare series 4 but theres not much info on these.
The scoot I've picked up is a terrot,a strange 50's bulbous thing.Its in a state but you cant help but laugh at these creatures. I'll send you pic's and updates of the progress.

Wed Dec 21 2005
plecomte at free.fr
TerroT website
Hello, I appreciate your website. You can also find lot's of pictures TERROT MAGNAT DEBON on this french web site. http://www.terrot.org We could exchange links, if you want. Philippe Webmaster

Tue Dec 20 2005
eminbaki at sediraparthoteldot com
hi from turkey
I have a 1948 terrot and It had only 6800 km..
That is from my father and I keep it in my home to get good profit for future..
can you help me about my terrot selling price ..
thank you
baki tarhan
Many thanks for your prompty answer.. I'm very far away from my home now because of my job .. I covered my Terrot in my house's under roof and I think It's covered hard dust and very dirty now..
When I was 18 years old I use it for about 2 months .. Later we decided to keep it for future.. It is really 6800 km and It has licens motor number etc.. Colour is black ,all equipments are original .. We didn't change any parts ..
If you can give me an idea about my terrot today value , I will be very happy..
It's 125 cc and has 4 times engine ..

Wed Dec 14 2005
stefanstachowiak at wp.pl
My name is Stefan Stachowiak
I am from Poland.

Recently I have bought a motorcycle of a Terrot make.
The motorcycle engine number is 117148. The engine has got 500cm3.
Unfortunately, it is in a bad condition and it is remade.
I am also enclosing photos of Terrot.
Could you, please, send me all information and available documentation about the motorcycle presented on the enclosed photos?
I will by grateful for yor help.

Fri Nov 25 2005
thefrenchowl at btinternetdot com
Massive book available on the Terrot history, from 1887 till the end, 1960. 30cm x 30 cm, about 700 pages, 3 kg, 6 pounds in weight, about 3000 period/official photos, Available from author only, self published:
Bernard Salvat, Au Bourg, 71850 Charnay les Macon, France

February 8th 2005
Book about Terrot & Magnat Debon on Ebay.fr
Vendor's Description
Terrot Book: Les Archives Du Collectionneur Pour Terrot Et Magnat Debon

Revue technique neuve
Les archives du collectionneur
pour terrot et magnat debon

Hello. My name is Roar Heggem I have a Terrot 100 ccm Type BMA 1939 mod. I need information or a address to get parts to the engine and a front light. I am from Norway and in Norway its difficult to get parts to the Terrot. Thanks for your help.
ROAR HEGGEM TEL 71226364 E.MAIL barb-sa at online.no

December 2004
Several Terrot sites listed at Bikelinks

January 4, 2001
For sale terrot 1932 type 0 model 0lg working order with papers potigala at aoldot com sousceyrac lot 46 france

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