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Terrot Motorcycles 1902-1904

1902 Paris Salon

Terrot et Cie., Dijon, have a show of live motor-bicycles and one 8 h.p. car chassis. The motorcycles are of two patterns with loop and connected frames, the motor being placed vertically. The engine is of 2 h.p. and a Stcnos spray carburetter is used. A special novelty on these machines is the fast and loose pulley with belt shifter, worked by a finger lever from the top tube. Two brakes are fitted ; a front rim and Next Departure back brake. The front brake lever acts also as a contact breaker. A throttle valve of special design is fitted. Lubrication is on the pump system. Price 850 francs (or £37).

Paris Salon 1902 in Motor Cycling, December 17th, 1902.

1903 Olympia Show

C. Terrot and Co.

This well-known French firm will have on exhibition two motor cycles fitted with vertical engines of 2½ and 2¾ h.p., provided with F.N. (Herstal) carburetter, fitted with special throttling arrangement. These motors will also be fitted with an appliance by which the rider can see the spark of the plug and the flash of the explosion, thus doing away with the necessity of unscrewing the plug each time he thinks there is something wrong with the ignition, the colour of the flash indicating the quality of the gas admitted to the explosion chamber.

The Motor Cycle, November 18th 1903, p799
Stanley Show 1903

Terot and Co.

Here is a firm of French motor cycle manufacturers who are exhibiting in England the Terrot motor bicycles of 2½ and 2¾ h.p. The drive is by means of a V rawhide belt, carried over a jockey pulley, which allows the belt to be tensioned or slackened at will. A novel introduction is a small inspection window for viewing the spark under compression, also the cradle for fixing the engine. This is carried double right round the crank chamber on each side. The usual handle switch fitted to French machines has been dispensed with, and the front rim brake lever now breaks contact by means of the interrupter on the handle-bar stem. A very wide back hub is fitted which we consider an excellent point. (Stand 23, Minor Hall.)

The Motor Cycle, Nov 25th 1903