Terrot Motorcycles

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Terrot 1925-1926 Models

LC 174 cc. CYCLORETTE 2 cv.

LCK 174 cc. CYCLORETTE 2 cv.

L 174 cc. TOURISME

LD 174 cc. DAME

LS 174 cc. 2 cv. SPORT

FT 3cv 247 cc. TOURISME


FSS 3cv 247 cc. SPORT

FD 247 cc. 3 cv. DAME

FTC 247 cc. 3 cv. CONFORT TOURISME (dérive du type FGT)

FSC 247 cc. 3 cv. CONFORT SPORT (dérive du type FSS)

M2 249cc. 3 cv. LUXE

M3 249cc. 3 cv. Meme modèle avec boites vitesses

MSS 249cc. 3 cv. SUPERSPORT

MC 249cc. 3 cv. CONFORT LUXE (dérive du type M3)

MSSC 249cc. 3 cv. CONFORT SUPERSPORT (dérivé du type MSS)

HT 346 cc. 4cv

HSS 346 cc. 4cv

HTC 346 cc. 4cv CONFORT TOURISME (dérive du type HT) Pneus 700 X 100, amortisseurs, selle Terry

HSC 346 cc. 4cv CONFORT SPORT (dérive du type HS)

HSSC 346 cc. 4cv CONFORT SUPERSPORT (dérive du HSS)

Terrot Type FT 1925
Power: 3 CV
Displacement: 250 ccm
Engine: Type F, single cylinder, 2 stroke
Transmision: Belt drive, 2 speed

In 1925, Terrot launched the Type F, a lightweight motorcycle equipped with a 3hp 247cc two-stroke engine of its own design. The F-Type was initially offered in two versions: the FT Tourisme with two-speed gearbox and belt drive and the Sport-Luxe, with a three speed and a chain-driven rear wheel.

The Type F engine was used on many models well into the 1930s.