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Zundapp KS750 1943


Zündapp KS 750

Production years: 1941-45
Power: 26 hp
Capacity: 745cc
Engine: OHV, four stroke HO Twin
Transmission: Cardan
Maximum speed: 95 Km/h at full load
Weight: 420 Kg

Shaft Drive

Examples include BMW, Zundapp and Velocette LE Cardan drive eliminates chain and associated mess and maintenance. Often referred to as a "diff", the final drive unit consists of bevel crown and pinion gears.

From 1940 the Zündapp factory focused on the production of motorcycles for the Wehrmacht, particularly the KS750 model with a driven sidecar wheel.

The first units appeared in May 1941, and it continued in production until May 1945.

The KS 750 saw service with the Wehrmacht all fronts - Africa, Russia, France, Italy - and proved extremely reliable and versatile.

Desert colours as used by Rommel's forces

Courtesy Motos Antigua HD

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