Brown Brothers Motorcycles

Brown Bros Motorcycles 1903

Brown Bros., Ltd.

The Great Eastern Street firm will show Brown motor bicycles in 2 h.p., 2¾ h.p., and 3½ h.p. sizes. The cylinder and head are cast in one piece, the 2¾ and 3½ having M.O.V. The flywheels are ¾in. larger in diameter. A combined triple head and girder forks will be fitted, giving great strength.

The Bassee and Michel coil and a pair of accumulators will be contained in one case.

Messrs. Brown Bros, have a new system of fastening on the rear belt pulley. It is fixed on by spokes in such a manner that they claim it is bound to be absolutely true. Among the accessories will be found a V-shaped bag to fit at the side of a Main-Hilton luggage-carrier, and an excellent dead-beat voltmeter.

The Motor Cycle, November 1903
Stanley Show 1903

Brown Bros'. specialities for 1904.

The 1904 Brown motor-bicycle will be made in three powers, viz., 2 h.p. (64 by 70 mm.), 2.75 h.p. (74 by 80 mm.), and 3.5 h.p. (82 by 90 mm.). The prices of these will be £38, £42, and £49 respectively. The motors are fitted with mechanically operated valves, and the fly-wheels are 0.75 in. larger in diameter than formerly. The new Longuemare carburetter is fitted, and also an improved exhaust lifter. The machines are all fitted with a combined girder and triple head. The driving rim is secured by a special system of spoking. There are many improvements in the tank details, and an additional compartment is provided for a spare battery. The silencer is also made on improved lines. The firm will exhibit at the Stanley.

The Motor magazine, 18th November 1903