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Made by Brown from 1914 to 1929 1, the motorcycles included two-stroke lightweights and 250cc & 500cc JAP powered machines.

Olympia Show 1920

Vindec. (Stand 191.)

  • 2½ h.p.; 64x70 mm. (226 c.c.); single-cylinder two-stroke; hand pump lubrication; chain-driven magneto; two-speed dog clutch gear; chain and belt drive; 26x2¼ in. tyres.

Brown Bros., Ltd., Great Eastern Street, London, S.E.

A thoroughly practical little mount with very pleasing outlines, the Vindec lightweight is the only 1921 model bearing this historic name. The detail finish is very good, and plated parts have been reduced to a minimum. The engine is of the conventional three-port type, but the gear box differs from general practice by reason of the fact that no spur gear wheels are used. A chain from each side of the engine drives sprockets on a shaft, and either may be dogged to the member upon which is carried the pulley for the final drive.

Olympia Show. The Motor Cycle, December 2nd, 1920. Page 733

1. In 1909 the Vindec Motor Cycle Co. of London changed their name to V. S. Cycle and Motor Co. to avoid confusion with the Vindec name used by Brown Brothers. However, it is not clear whether Brown were manufacturing motorcycles of that name at the time, or bicycles.
2. Wikipedia states that W. H. 'Billy' Wells finished 2nd in the 1907 IOM TT on a Vindec. This was actually a Vindec Special, sold by South British Trading Co. The company was run by William Huntingdon Wells.

Fri Feb 03 2012
Vindec All
Reference Vindec, I am researching the Motoring industry of Cambridgeshire and found that WQR Heighton built the Vindec around 1900s, has anyone out there got anymore info on the company or photos and besides the harley connection and Pell and Parker It would be much appreciated and of course acknowlegements given.

Mick Stone

  • This is most likely Vinco by W.R. Heighton of Elton. Ed.

Tue Nov 11 2008
david.a.ellis at btinternetdot com
Vindec 1926 300cc J.A.P.
I have such a bike. It was restored some years ago to 'concors' condition. However, I have never been able to find any details regarding the 'tank' badge or any others. If a 'transfer' exists this would be fantastic news.
West Midlands UK

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