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Made by Brown from 1919 to 1929, the bikes included two-stroke lightweights and 250cc & 500cc JAP powered machines.

Fri Feb 03 2012
Vindec All
Reference Vindec, I am researching the Motoring industry of Cambridgeshire and found that WQR Heighton built the Vindec around 1900s, has anyone out there got anymore info on the company or photos and besides the harley connection and Pell and Parker It would be much appreciated and of course acknowlegements given.

Mick Stone

Tue Nov 11 2008
david.a.ellis at btinternetdot com
Vindec 1926 300cc J.A.P.
I have such a bike. It was restored some years ago to 'concors' condition. However, I have never been able to find any details regarding the 'tank' badge or any others. If a 'transfer' exists this would be fantastic news.
West Midlands UK

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