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Brown Motorcycles

Brown Brothers motorcycles were made in England from 1902 to 1919 using both their own and, in later years, JAP engines. In 1914 the name Vindec was introduced for their motorcycles, unrelated to the German Allright Vindec-Special.

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jtb173 at
Google brought me to your site when researching my great great grandfather THOMAS BROWN, who on the birth certificate for one of his children listed MOTORCYCLE MAKER as his occupation on Nov 19 1911.
I have Thomas's date of death as Nov 2 1969 but sadly no dates of birth!
Can you shed any light on whether my great great grandfather had anything to do with Brown MotorCycles?
Thanks for ANYTHING you are able to tell me!
Jason Brown
    Further information required, starting perhaps with Mr Brown's address in 1911. Ed.

robertdixon731 at hotmail dot com
Back again, Please see a picture of my 1905 Brown 3 1/2hp
This is my bike and you can if you wish use it on your web page.
(Robert Dixon has kindly provided a number of images of the machines he has treasured over the years)

    Brown-1905-RDi.jpg has been added to the gallery, and has also been posted to Comments

Mon Oct 17 2016
uncledave93 at
Uncle Harry WW 1
Brown Unknown
My Uncle Harry during WW1 purchased this motorcycle in London. All I have is this picture. If you can give me any info on this I would appreciate it. Thanks
Campbellton NB Canada E3N2M7

The forks and engine finning differ substantially from similar models listed in the gallery as of October 2016. It is likely a Precision engine. Considerable information here: F.E. Baker.

Fri Jul 06 2012
Brown Motorcycle magazine article
Brown Trials
Some years ago either Cycle World or Cycle magazine (USA) carried a comprehensive article on the Brown Trials motor cycles of the early 1900's... if anyone has a copy of this article or a link to the content this will be of great interest, along with any other historical info on this great marque. Thanks.

Fri Feb 23 2007
itchy67 at
brown motorcycle engine
1907 brown
Can you give me any info on the camshafts and cam assembly.
photos and measurements would be very helpful
thanks Rob
Melbourne Australia

Wed Nov 15 2006
clensol at aol dot com
brown 350cc wanted
wanted a brown 350cc motorcycle around 1904
north wales UK

Mon Apr 17 2006
mikealley at
Brown Motorcycle
Brown 500cc
I own two 1904 Brown motorcycles, they are both running and i take them to Brighton every year on the pioneer run. Should the chap with the 500cc engine want to sell it, please Email me, Thanks, Mike Alley

Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2005
subject: Brown motorcycles. 1904 - 05
Email: judenian at
message: Any pictures or info on 1904 - 05. 500cc model appreciated

You requested info on "Brown" Motorcycles. I dont have a lot but roughly, they were in production from 1902 to 1919 after which they started to use the "Vindec" name. Originally, they made their own engines but late fitted JAP models. I have heard that they supplied engines to "Corydon". There is also some suggestion that their engines were used for industrial purposes. I attach a pix of a 1907 500cc model. Too modern for me. Thats about all I have at present.

My interest is: I recently acquired a circa 1904, 500cc engine and have set myself the impossible task of finding or making a frame. Anything you can come up with would be appreciated.

Regards, Ian Vedder-Price. Thames N.Z.

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