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Vindec Motorcycles 1914


IN our issue of October 15th (page 437) we dealt with the Vindec two-stroke and the interesting and beautifully made little engine fitted to the 3½-4 h.p. twin-cylinder Vindec, sold by Messrs. Brown Bros., Ltd., Great Eastern Street, E.C. We have now been enabled to see one of these machines in its final form, and it must be admitted that it is an exceedingly handsome little mount. The gear supplied is the Armstrong three-speed, which in future models will be supplanted by the Sturmey-Archer.

The twin-cylinder Vindec and the single-cylinder 3½ h.p. Brown have certain things in common; for example, the neat aluminium footboards, the excellent mudguarding, the glass-topped petrol filler cap, the substantial back stands, front stands, and luggage carriers. In both cases, also, adjustable pulleys and Best and Lloyd lubricators are supplied.

The 3½ h.p. single-cylinder model, 85 mm. x 85 mm., is an old favourite, now brought thoroughly up to date, and for the first time equipped with a three-speed hub. Both models are fitted with comfortable Lycett saddles, and Brown and Barlow carburetters of the tapered needle typo. Another point well worthy of comment is the low saddle position adopted on the two models.

The Motor Cycle, December 3rd, 1914. p618.

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