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Connaught Motorcycles 1919

Connaught 1919 293cc

The peace model Connaught 2 1/2 h.p. two-stroke.


New Model of a Pioneer Two-stroke Lightweight.

NEW models of the Connaught are always of particular interest, if only on account of its position as one of the two pioneer simple two-strokes which popularised this useful type of machine. After four years of war, one naturally expects alterations from a firm manufacturing its own engine, but although the Bordesley Engineering Co. has been practically exclusively engaged upon "munitions" during the war, the principals have found time to experiment. The results of these experiments have not brought forth any discoveries necessitating alterations to the engine, consequently the peace model Connaught follows the pre-war models closely, with the addition of minor refinements.

The engine has a bore and stroke of 73 mm. and 70 mm. respectively, the capacity being 293 c.c. and, as in the pre-war model, the cylinder is offset, which, it is claimed, permits of a more effective scavenging by reason of the slow movement of the piston at the points of exhaust and intake. The exhaust and inlet ports are superimposed, so that the mixture passes into a chamber in the manifold, which is separated from the exhaust chamber by a thin partition of steel. By this means the cold gas takes up some of the heat of the exhaust, cooling the later, and becoming more thoroughly vaporised. This feature is patented, and is used in one or two other leading makes under licence from the Connaught firm.

It may be remembered that it was the Bordesley Engineering Co. which introduced the petroil system of lubrication into this country, and, while it was much ridiculed at the time of its introduction, it has been found fully efficient for two-stroke engines, not only by the Connaught concern, but also by many others. The war-time experiments of the makers of this lightweight have been with lubrication, and it is interesting to note that they still retain the system, and have every confidence that it is the best method of introducing lubricant into the engine.

One of the new features of the machine is the tank, which is most pleasing to the eye. The edges have broad bevels, and with the aluminium and red panels give the machine a very distinctive appearance.

The machine is fitted with 26x.2in. tyres, and weighs 125 lb., with single gear, all-belt drive, the price being £42. With a countershaft two-speed gear and clutch, the price is £53, and without clutch £49 15s.

A miniature model with 24x2in. tyres is also catalogued, a single gear machine at £34 and a two-speed at £42 15s.

The Motor Cycle February 13th, 1919. p163

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