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Connaught Motorcycles 1924

A report on the Motor Cycle Show of November 1924 reads, in part:

  • "The smallest Connaught motor cycle is the 21 h.p. two-stroke model which... has a three-speed gear box, clutch and kick-starter, 26 in. wheels and chain-cum-belt transmission. The same model equipped with B.T.H. lighting set... The standard has an all-chain transmission, is fitted with extra large expanding hub brakes to both wheels... This model also can be had equipped with B.T.H. lighting set... Other models, including the 3 1/2 h.p. two-stroke solo machine and another of the same type built as a De Luxe combination. Of most interest to readers of this journal is the 3.5 h.p. sports model four-stroke.... There is a Connaught-Blackburne model with 2 1/2 h.p. side-valve engine of that well known make, and another of the same power, fitted with a Bradshaw engine. The most expensive model is the Connaught-Bradshaw combination, with frosted aluminium sports sidecar...

    The J. E. S. Motor Company (Gloucester), Ltd., Witton Lane, Aston, Birmingham.

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Source: Motor Sport Magazine