Coventry-Eagle Motorcycles

Coventry-Eagle Motorcycles of the 1920s

December 1920

The 1920 Olympia Show.

Coventry Eagle

The best-known exhibit was that of the Coventry Eagle Motor Co., which was well-worth an inspection. A wide range of models was shown; The 5-6 h.p. J.A.P.-engined sidecar outfit, fitted with a Sturmey-Archer, gear box and chain-cum-belt drive, is an excellent machine following standard lines throughout, but possessing one or two special features. Both brakes are on the rear wheel, that on the off side being of the external contracting pattern provided with a right and left-hand thread adjustment on the brake rod. The other brake consists of a Fibrax-lined aluminium shoe situated on the near side of the machine...

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August 1921

Coventry Eagle 250cc OHV 1921


A New o.h.v. Coventry-Eagle Lightweight.

Now that 250 c.c. lightweights so often attain the once-magic figure of 50 m.p.h. in speed events, it is not surprising that it should strike somebody that there is a market for what may be called a de luxe, vitesse baby machine, to be guaranteed capable of reaching the mile-a-minute gait.

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November 1921


1921 2½ h p. Coventry Eagle

An attractive sports lightweight with an o.h.v. engine - the 2½ h p. Coventry Eagle.

Forecast and Guide to Olympia.

NOVEMBER 24th, 1921. p654


The sporting Coventry Eagle has the honour of being one of the earliest lightweights to be turned out as a luxury mount pure and simple. It will be remembered that this model is fitted with a 2½ h.p. o.h.v. J.A.P. engine with several detail refinements and a distinctive design of ribbed exhaust manifold. A handsome saddle tank and clean frame and mudguard lines add to the uncommonly pleasing general appearance of the machine, which, incidentally, is supplied fully equipped down to aluminium number plates. For next year the saddle tank, which made its first appearance on the lightweight, will be fitted to all the Coventry Eagle models.

The others are : A 2½ h.p. two-stroke, a 293 c.c. J.A.P., a 350 c.c. J.A.P. (also offered as a light-weight sidecar outfit), a 4 h.p. (550 c.c.) J.A.P., and a 5-6 h.p. twin J.A.P. sidecar outfit.

The Motor Cycle

November 1922

Introduction of Two New Models of Extreme Types. Reduced Prices All Round.

As a fast touring machine, the new 976 c.c. twin suggests unlimited possibilities.

BY the addition of two extreme models to the Coventry Eagle range...

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The Motor Cycle November 16th 1922


  • Introduced in 1922, the Flying-8 was fitted with a 981cc sidevalve JAP engine and had a guaranteed a top speed of 80mph - almost unheard of at the time. In 1926 an OHV version of the Flying-8 was added to the range.

    Coventry-Eagle Flying 8

1924 Motor Cycle Show


The most interesting exhibit on this stand is undoubtedly the flying 8, which has just created a whole sheaf of records. But it will be observed many improvements and alterations have been made since we last saw it at Olympia. Amongst these may be mentioned the incorporation of a torque tube from head to engine and from rear fork ends to engine. The frame is looped right round the engine and 8 in. internal expanding brakes are fitted to both wheels, with interchangeable parts. Both hubs have taper roller bearings and the saddle fitted is a Terry, designed to give an extremely low riding position.

A steering damper is fitted as part of the standard equipment, as well as Webb forks incorporating shock absorber. The price of this model complete with 700 mm. by 80 mm. Dunlop cord tyres is ... A Lucas Madgyno lighting set is fitted as an extra, and the machine can be had equipped with an 8-30 h.p. four-cam engine. Other models shown range from the two-stroke upwards, and amongst these attention should be directed to the J.A.P. engined 300 c.c. machine.

Coventry Eagle Cycle & Motor Company, St. Patrick's Road, Coventry.

Motor Sport Magazine

The Coventry-Eagle 1928 Brochure features models D21, D25, D31, D35, D41, D46, D50, D55 and D160.