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Coventry-Eagle Motorcycles 1914

The Latest Coventry Eagle Machines.

THE 5-6 h.p. twin-cylinder Coventry Eagle is a departure from former models built by the Coventry Eagle Cycle and Motor Company. It is a striking looking machine primarily designed for passenger work. At the same time the machine is not clumsy, and can be handled solo with case and comfort. The engine is the twin Abingdon of 67 mm. x 95 mm. bore and stroke, and is carried in a powerful frame.

Behind the engine lies a stoutly constructed three-speed counter-shaft gear, which is chain driven from the main shaft; both the chain and the kick starter are enclosed in a neat case. The final belt drive is admirably carried out, the front pulley being large and the rear pulley being comparatively small; thus, the belt is well above mud and water. The equipment is of the best, and includes Brampton forks, a, large pan saddle, good footboards, and mudguards with deep valances. Both front and rear stand are fully strong enough for their work, and the carrier is fitted with metal covered tool bags. A Benton and Stone sight feed drip lubricator supplies oil from the large tank, and a Senspray or Amac carburetter may be obtained to order. We may safely say that the 5-6 h.p. Coventry Eagle is a most attractive proposition, and with its gear ratios of 4¼, 7¼, and 13½ to 1 and a well designed clutch, it is capable of hard passenger work and also of a good turn of speed.

A Two-stroke Model.

In addition to this, a neat little two-stroke has been added to the list. The latest type of Villiers engine supplies the power to a Jardine two-speed gear box, the driving chain being neatly enclosed. The fittings, though on a lighter scale, correspond to those of the larger model. That is to say, that good mudguards, pannier tool bags, a pan saddle, comfortable footboards, and Brampton forks are all included, while a sight feed, drip oil lubricator supplies oil to a point in the inlet pipe just short of the cylinder. The two-stroke may be obtained either single-geared or with a two-speed, and in the latter case the gear is controlled by a handle-bar lever.

The 3½ h.p. single has, of course, not been dropped, and forms a sound touring proposition for those who prefer the single-cylinder engine.

The Motor Cycle, December 31st, 1914. p726.

Engine - 2½ h.p. two-stroke, 269 c.c.
Iqnition - U.H. magneto, chain-driven.
Carburetter - Senspray.
Change Speed - Counter-shaft two-speed, gears approximately 5½ and 10½ to 1.
Transmission - Chain and belt.
Dimensions - Height of saddle from ground, 26in. Ground clearance, 42 in. Wheelbase, 50in.
Lubrication - Oil mixed with petrol.
Other Features - Druid forks.
Price - 37 guineas. Single-speed, 29 guineas.

Coventry Eagle Cycle and Motor Co., Foleshill Road, Coventry.

British Lightweights, 1914

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