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Made in Great Britain from 1901 to 1939

A Brief History of the Marque

Founded by Edmund Mayo in 1890, the Coventry-Eagle factory built an extensive range of two- and four-stroke machines powered by Blackburne, JAP, Raleigh, Sturmey-Archer, Villiers and Matchless engines.

Prior to this, Edmund Mayo was with Hotchkiss, Mayo and Meek.*

Coventry-Eagle made Royal Eagle bicycles in the 1890s and built their first JAP-powered motorised bicycle around the turn of the century, perhaps 1901. By 1903 they were making motorcycles and by 1916 they had produced quite a variety of machines assembled from mostly proprietory components. In 1921 they were producing 500cc singles and a JAP-powered 680cc V-Twin, and in 1923 introduced the 976cc Flying Eight which competed in both speed and quality with Brough. They continued to expand the range until the effects of the Depression were felt in 1929. Production continued until 1939.

Smaller models included the 1935 150cc Coventry Eagle powered by a twin port two-stroke and with a left hand operated gear change controlling an Albion gearbox, all housed in a pressed steel frame with sprung blade forks and topped by a large VEC headlight.

Coventry Eagle 1938 Models using Matchless engines





498 O.H.V.



498 O.H.V.



347 O.H.V.



347 O.H.V.



246 O.H.V.



246 O.H.V.


Richard Hotchkiss (1837-97) of Hotchkiss, Mayo and Meek was not the manufacturer of machine guns. That was Benjamin Hotchkiss, 1826-85, of the USA.
Thanks to James Reeve, Oxfordshire. Nov 2016
Hotchkiss did however build military equipment including tanks and Willy's jeeps.

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karenldavis21 at
1923 coventry eagle flying 8
I have a 1923 coventry eagle flying 8... trying to find out the value of the bike. Do you have any ideal.
Thank you
Karen Davis
Gilroy ca u.s.a.

Mon, 04 Dec 2017
cobberdlc at
Coventry Eagle 1934 250cc

Can anyone assist with a crankpin and conrod dimensions and tolerances
David Cobbledick
KZN South Africa

Sun, 12 Nov 2017
rogerghuntley at
coventry eagle 1939

does anybody know how many teeth are on a engine primary gear also on the dynamo gear for a 250 cc twin port villiers
Roger Huntley
atherstone warwick United Kingdom

Wed, 27 Sep 2017
cobberdlc at
Coventry Eagle Silent superb 1934??

I am restoring a Coventry Eagle with a 250cc 2 stroke twin exhaust Villiers engine. Engine markings are XA CE AV535 and the frame number is 82974. Could you possibly date this machine for me. If not the bike then just the engine date would help.
David Cobbledick
Durban South Africa

  • There is currently nothing in the Villiers lists which matches those numbers. A marque specialist at one of the vintage MCC clubs may have more information.

Fri, 08 Sep 2017
FalkoSchoene at
Coventry Eagle Silent Superb 1932

Hallo an Alle, ich suche Daten ...ber mein neues sch...nes Motorrad......147 ccm das weis ich aber wie viel PS/KW ? Welches MIschungsverh...ltnis ... den Benzin? Danke bleibt Gesund und lasst was von Euch Bitte Gru... Falko
Chemnitz Germany

Hello everyone, I am looking for data on my new motorcycle ...... 147 ccm but I know how much PS / KW? What is the fuel ratio for gasoline? Thank you Stay healthy and let's hear from you Please greetings Falko

Thu, 27 Jul 2017
tdconstruction1 at
Coventry Eagle super supreme1934

Hi please can you tell me is there supposed a piston ring in this model , looking in via the carb inlet there is a large grove , but no ring , but the bike still runs quite well but top speed , thanks
Trev sibbick
Glos United Kingdom

  • The piston requires usually two and often three rings. I'm surprised it runs at all with none. I'm fairly sure there's a fellow who specialises in vintage motorcycle pistons and rings listed in

Wed May 18 2016
cossysimmo at
Petrol Tank Livery
Coventry Eagle E23 172cc Sport - 1929
Dose anyone have a clear picture of the petrol tank colour and design. I know the colours are black, cream & carmine.


Mon Apr 20 2015
cgreeningsteer at
Coventry-Eagle 1929
I have recently inherited my Granddads old bike, which is being held at the national museum inn Birmingham. I understand its their 6th bike off the production line. Its in top condition (in the museum)...I just wondered what it could be worth

Mon Feb 02 2015
ianhall99 at
Coventry Eagle S29 old log book

I have an old buff log book and tax disc (1929) from my grandfather old Coventry S29, can anyone tell me if its valuable?
Best Regards
County Durham, UK

Fri Dec 20 2013
What Model of CE
Coventry Eagle Marvel
Can anybody help me identify this motorcycle. I believe it is a 1931 CE with 98 cc Villiers engine (CYZ 4375) but it does not look like other CEs of this period which have pressed steel forks?

Sun Mar 03 2013
rudy312 at
boitte albion 2 vitesses !!!
coventry eagle 98cc of 150cc ???
Hello, I am looking for any information on albion gearbox 2 speed which was buildup on coventry eagle 150cc (photos, technical review, exploded assembly)

From the forums:
... 98cc Cov Eagle Marvel. I'm fairly sure the Marvel was only made in 1932 and was a real Great Depression desperation model to keep the factory going. Very interesting from a historical perspective but absolutely no performance. A real curio as long as you didn't have any distance to go.

Sat Oct 08 2011
Coventry Eagle
Pullman Two-seater
Hi Iv'e came intto ownership of a Covenrty Eagle Pullman. Its a genuine barn find. It requires a 'light' restoration and is complete. I wonder if anyone could pass on some info re this model, market value etc.

Mon Apr 18 2011
johnh587<at>googlemaildot com
Coventry Eagle All
My Book Coventry Eagle The History of a Motorcycle Company has now been published.

Tue Mar 08 2011
robertriley312<at>hotmaildot com
Coventry Eagle 250cc
How do I know the year of my Coventry Ealge. I was told it was a 1936. Does anyone know the horsepower of the 250cc Villiers?
Southern California

Wed Feb 03 2010
rolf.ehrenpreis at
Coventry Eagle Model 32 ???
I recently bought a C.E. from the 20's with JAP SV engine with a lot of unusual parts. I try to identify the bike, as I have no papers or documentation. For further details please send an e-mail, I can provide a lot of photos and questions...
Cologne, Germany

April 2009
vickikevin at
HI, im only learning on the attachment side of emailing so here goes, hopefully you will recieve that picture of the coventry eagle that i am searching for a diagram of the wiring loom etc cheers kevin fryer

Mon Apr 06 2009
rochdale-olympic at
My Fathers Coventry Eagle
Coventry Eagle D21
Engine No 54906
frame No 1358
Reg No OX 7493
Date of Registration
I have found the Brown log book, is this bike still around?
Tony Stanton

Sun Apr 05 2009
vickikevin at

Coventrty Eagle 1931 500cc
I have just purchased the coventry eagle and need information on the wiring, a it has a Millar dynamo if someone has a diagram, it would be appreciated, also would like to have email contact with other Coventry Eagle ownwers.
New Zealand

Mon Dec 15 2008
heinz-roevenich at
Deflector- piston
Coventry- Eagle 250cc
Hello, for a friend in Belgium I need a deflector- piston for a Villiers 250cc, from 1937, diameter: 68,5mm; where can I obtain one? Sincerely Heinz Ruvenich

Suggest searching through the Villiers section of Bikelinks, and also through the engine parts section. There is a French manufacturer of pistons there who lists many Villiers pistons.

Hello, thank you for your advises, i'll try to contact this adresses. It's a pity, but I'm not(yet?) able to put in pictures on internet. It seems to be a mix/ following- model of the M4/ M5 Coventry- Eagle with pressed steel- frame and twin exhaust, and gear- changing- lever passing through a slot in the right upper farme-part, near the stearing- head. Sincerely Heinz

Thu Jul 31 2008
ericarenius at hotmaildot com
tank decals
Coventry Eagle 300 cc
Ium restoring a 1928 Coventry Eagle 300 cc sidevalve. I canut figure out what decals are correct and where they should be mounted. Iuve seen both the curved ones on front of the tank and the straight ones on side of the tank. Does anybody know?

Thu Jan 17 2008
ossieelfaro at
frame number
1934?? coventry eagle 250 twinport
hi i have just bought this bike but can not find a frame number where should it be located ??? many thanks ossie henderson
newcastle upon tyne

Sun Nov 25 2007
jacks.the.lad at gmaildot com
250cc JAP engine
Coventry Eagle.
I'm in the process acquiring a 1923 250cc Coventry Eagle, however some parts are missing. Namely the rear wheel nuts and adjusters, footrests, brake blocks and throttle/mixer leaver. Has anyone got such items? Or know where I might find them? Also if anybody has one of these Bikes and could take a photo it would really help just to know what it's supposed to look like.
South Midlands
Thank you for your prompt reply. Sorry but I do not have a photo at present but I have since learnt that it is a 300cc not a 250cc and the model is said to be a S29 "sports"

Fri Nov 23 2007
foxfields1 at btinternetdot com
1927 Flying Eight ( KTOR )engine
what type /make of mag should it be

Fri Nov 02 2007
gwrankin at
Coventry Eagle
CE 1935 Silent Superb De Luxe
I have recently acquired a 1935 Coventry Eagle L5 Silent Superb De Luxe with a type xviii Villiers 249cc engine and a 4 speed albion gearbox.
I intend finishing its restoration over the winter and hopefully get the bike on the road for next summer. I am having a problem with the spark plug oiling up and am not sure I have the correct plug fitted, does any body know the correct one?
Lancashire UK

Fri Oct 26 2007
vtwin74 at aoldot com
Flying 8
I would very much like to locate a Coventry Eagle similar to the Flying 8. I believe they also made a sidevalve machine that was very similar. Does anyone know of one that might be for sale. Thanks so much
Nebraska USA

Fri Sep 21 2007
malcolmh30 at aoldot com
just purchased
1929 172cc
have just bought this bike. So far know nothing more about the coventry eagle but I love the shape and its quirky having a pressed steel frame. Not going at present, poor/no spark but all there. Dont know the model number but it came from Scotland. Now near Derby
Derby, England

Fri Aug 31 2007
ronaldhull at btinternetdot com
Coventry Eagle 1923/24
Flying 8
some pics for your site
Durham England

Sat Aug 18 2007
siaage at
Coventry eagle 1939 250cc
By accident the engine and gear is lost.
Is it possible to buy one in Britain?
Near Trondheim

Sun Aug 12 2007
ngriffiths at
Kneepad rubbers.
Coventry Eagle Silent Superb
I am looking for one final piece of the puzzle for my 1934 Silent Superb. A pair of new ( Repro ) tank kneepad rubbers. Any help finding the right person would be appreciated.
New Zealand
(the guards are removed for restoration)

Thu Jun 28 2007
lidden at
Coventry Eagle
Super Flying 8
Does anyone have period or restored photos of one of these machines?

Tue Jun 19 2007
karl at
1934 coventry eagle 250
My first motorcycle was a 1934 Coventry Eagle 250, reg AFC 779. Bought in mid 1949 for u19.
It had a cast(?) steel frame, triangular in shape; villiers twin exhaust port engine with deflector piston and plain main bearings (more anon). Hand change gears.
The exhaust used 2 cast alloy elbows spigoting into a cast expansion box, leading to twin exhausts. These (a) coked up causing excessive back pressure and (b) spewed out half burnt oil at every joint. So I sinfully changed all those for flexible pipes and home designed silencers.

I then gained a reputation for taking it for long walks in the countryside. Time after time it would start beautifully from cold then, after about 5 miles or so, the piston would seize. Cooling down freed it for another short distance.

The main cause proved to be the main bearings, they loosened and spun in the crankcase allowing in extra air to weaken the petroil mixture and cause the overheating. I never did cure that. These days it would have been easy to fix them with a bearing adhesive/gap filler - or machine up some oversize ones.

Any pics? Ed. Sorry, none of that one. I moved onto a 1952 Dot 197 Trials bike bought new in 1952 (KOY 813); then a 1937 250 side valve BSA (EPJ 907 - u3 from a farm); a 1954 Dot (884 AMP) then a 1953 AJS 500 twin (NLM 662).

The BSA was just a hack, the first Dot threw me off every time I applied the brakes so went for the later - rear sprung model - which was great and I kept it for 14 years until it became the deposit for a new washing machine after marriage!. The AJS was OK but disappointing due to 2 factors - as built they filled the magneto with oil, so becoming single cylinder engines after a while on every long trip, until the mag drained and the slip ring was cleaned. Ultimately cured by a drilling between the timing chest and crankcase. The other was severe high frequency vibration of everything at about 70 mph. Also, on reflection, the suspension used to set up a lateral chopping motion on certain bends which took the bike across the road at speed. One was on the A5 just north of Elstree. That could be countered byuaim-off" at the entry or by slowing down!

The AJS was sold to build a Rochdale GT Ford special.

Don't suppose these bits are of any interest to Coventry Eagle enthusiasts. Another bike similar to my CE was the Francis Barnett Cruiser of similar vintage. Both aimed to minimise road spray by enclosing the wheels more than most. Mudguards were extended a bit like dress guards on old-fashioned bicycles.


Fri Jan 12 2007
michael.murnane at bigponddot com
Seeking photo or information on Coventry Eagle 250
Coventry Eagle 250 Villiers with twin uswept exhausts
Hi, my first bike was a Coventry Eagle with a Villiers motor 250cc( I think). I am trying to relocate it, but would be interested in any photo's or information that is available on similar bikes.
Name: Mick Murnane
Warragul, Australia

Sat Dec 30 2006
thebanks at
Coventry Eagle Pullman Two Seater 1936/7

I have a completely restored , registered and running Coventry Eagle Pullman Two Seater 1936/7 motorcycle.The engine is a Mark 17, 250cc Villiers flat top piston. The gear box is Albion, 4 speeds with a cork clutch. Suspension: It has front girder forks and rear semi-elliptical springs. Variations from the Covnetry Eagle N 11 are: Large bulbous aluminium exhaust expansion chamber, hand operated centre stand and heel and toe foot change. The rear wheel cover is bolted to the top [not the side] of the steel frame. The passenger seat is similar in shape to the riders seat. I have owned this machine since 1944. My understanding is that fewer than 50 of this model were produced before the sheet metal frame concept was discontinued. I have never been able to locate another one.
Does anyone have an identical machine, any information about the last of this model or any idea of its market value.
New Zealand

Mon Oct 02 2006
keith at
Coventry Eagle
Hi. I've just bought this and wondered if you could tell me anything about it. Model number or anything at all. Cheers, Keith
Sussex, England

The bike appears to be a Coventry-Eagle Climax of about 1935 vintage. Ed.

Sun Sep 03 2006
sebesta at
Coventry Eagle
A 32 from 1926
Do somoebody have the same Model in UK, or was it an export Type only ? This bike was imported in 1926 for the Czechoslowak army and I have the original papers from 1928 when it was sold from the army to a private person.

Mon Jun 05 2006
byktec2001 at
1929 Coventry Eagle
Hi I have just got myself a 1929 bike if you could provide any info on it i would be very happy it is not the flying eight it has the 150-200cc engine in it
Ch-ch NZ

Tue May 16 2006
daveroute66 at hotmaildot com
coventry Eagle
Its going togther - but I need the throttle cables and brake cables. does anyone know who/where to get these from
Its slowly moving - I'd love to identify the exact year and paint codes etc.... right now I need the throttle and brake cables.
Only marking I have for year is on the frame - which seems to state: I444I or just I444
given the fenders I'd say its newer then the 1932 year we were told
Wed Dec 28 2005
1931 Coventry eagle
Hi - trying to find our more about this CE I own.

Thu Apr 20 2006
inge-erland.opheim at steertec.raufossdot com

Coventry Eagle F50 (1930, 500cc)
I am the owner for many years of several lids of parts to be assembled to a complete motorcycle. There are still lots of word to be done on it, so I start in one end:
1.) Can anybody out there recommend someone to restore the tank for me? It is of the saddle type, with the sheet metal solded together. Because of some rust is it very difficult for me to get it petrol-proof. 2.) Does anybody know if there is to be a damper fitted into the chain sprocket on the crankshaft?

Thu Feb 23 2006
richardfinch2003 at aoldot com
1932 Coventry Eagle 147cc Twin exhaust
Can you tell me where I can get spares from? in particular the brake levers.
hopefully, Richard

Thu Sep 22 2005
plistosz at
Coventry Eagle N35
I have original (still working) motocycle Coventry Eagle N35 (every parts are original). I would like to sell this motocycle. I you want to see more photos of this motocycle, please send me e-mail to inform about it.

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