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Name Author Date Published Pages Contents
Francis-Barnett J H Goddard 1957 204 An A5 sized maintenance manual covering all models from 1938 to 1956
Great British Bikes Edited by Ian Ward & Laurel Caddell
Forward by Bob Currie
1976 192 F-B section from pages 58 to 64 is a history of the works with 5 B&W pictures (a 172cc prototype, a 1925 350cc model, 1962 Trials model, 1961 Cruiser 80, and a Falcon 87) and 3 colour pictures (1921 experimental model, 1933 Cruiser, and a Cruiser 84).
The Love of Motorcycling Graham Forsdyke 1977 96 No section or pictures of F-B, but the make does get a mention thanks to the 1930's Cruiser on page 19, in a chapter entitled 'Vintage Days'.
The World of Motorcycles Various 1979   A 22 volume set of encyclopaedia, the F-B section being in volume 6, pages 601 to 609, written by Frank Glendinning. It is a history of Francis-Barnett with 7 B&W pictures and one colour close-up picture of a 1930's Cruiser engine.
Best of British Peter Howdle 1979 158 An article on the Cruiser 89 on pages 72-73, including a B&W photograph of the Model 89 with a 4T engine.
The Encyclopaedia of Motorcycling George Bishop 1980 192 One B&W picture of a 1928 model on page 84 and a small mention on page 85.
British Motorcycles Since 1950, Vol. 2 Steve Wilson 1983 216 F-B chapter on pages 206 to 214, presented as a history but with sections about Cruisers and colour schemes. Includes 9 monochrome pictures of Cruiser 80, Cruiser 84, Cruiser 91, and a poster from 1937.
Villiers Singles and Twins Roy Bacon 1983 188 A book on Villiers-engined machines. F-B from pages 70 to 80, including 21 monochrome photographs. Mainly post-war machines. Additional technical data contained in several appendices.
Classic British Motorcycles Bob Currie 1984 112 An article on the 1961 Cruiser 84 from pages 44 to 47 including 3 B&W and one full page colour photograph.
British Motorcycles of the 1930's Roy Bacon 1986 240 A book on all British machines made in the 1930's, F-B being between pages 83 and 87. 5 B&W photographs. Technical data on pages 218 to 219.
British Motorcycles of the 1960's Roy Bacon 1988 240 A book on all British machines made in the 1960's, F-B being between pages 83 and 89. 10 B&W photographs, including one on page 224 and another on page 235, and technical data on page 224.
British Motorcycles of the 1940's and 1950's Roy Bacon 1989 240 A book on all British machines made in the 1940's and 1950's, F-B being between pages 103 to 106. 6 B&W photographs, and technical data on page 227.
Restoring Motorcycles 4 - Two Stroke Motorcycles Roy Bacon 1989 128 A technical book on restoring 2-stroke engines. No specific chapter on F-Bs. A close up colour picture on the front cover of a Villiers engine in an F-B, a B&W photograph of a Plover 86 on page 8, and a B&W photograph of an AMC 25T engine in a Cruiser 90 on page 90.
Practical British Lightweight Two-Stroke Motorcycles Steve Wilson 1990 144 A book of advice on the restoration of lightweight motorcycles, F-B being from pages 89 to 91. Includes two B&W photographs, a Falcon 87 on page 76, and a Cruiser 89 on page 91.
Best of British Bikes Jim Reynolds 1990 160 F-B section from pages 68 to 71 including 4 B&W photographs, a 1958 Light Cruiser 79, a 1955 Trials, a 1962 Fulmar, and a 1953 Trials. It mentions several works riders and managers along with a history focusing on the 1950's and 1960's.
Miller's Classic Motorcycles Price Guide   1994 144 One colour picture of a 1924 model on page 39. The F-B section is on page 53 with B&W pictures of a 1939 Cruiser, 1955 Falcon 74, 1959 Falcon 81 and 1960 Falcon 87. Also has a section on competition bikes with B&W pictures of a 1960 Model 82 on page 115.
Villiers Singles Improvements Handbook Rob Carrick and
John Wood
1995 105 A highly technical book on improving the performance of Villiers engines. No specific chapter on F-B. Contains one B&W picture of a 1958 Falcon 74 opposite page 102.
Now When Was It That? (first in series) Old Bike Mart 1995 78 Section 13 entitled 'Francis Barnett Ditches Villiers' has 3 pages including 3 B&W photographs, a 1958 Light Cruiser, a Cruiser 84 and a copy of an advert.
Miller's Classic Motorcycles Price Guide Volume III   1996 178 Two colour pictures of a 1934 Lapwing and a 1955 Plover on page 57. The main F-B section is on page 48 with B&W pictures of a 1930's 250cc, 1954 Falcon 62, 1958 Falcon 81, 1959 Trials 85 and a 1960 Falcon 87.

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