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Francis-Barnett 1925 Models


Unequalled for Reliability, Utility, Economy,

THE illustration below shows the Francis-Barnett with Electric Lighting, Leg Shields and Carrier. This is the most popular equipment, and those who use their machines in all weathers find the leg shields invaluable. The Carrier is light, but strong, and will safely bear a load of one hundred pounds.

The Francis-Barnett was awarded Two Gold Medals in the A.C.U. 1,000 miles Stock Trial, and a Gold Medal and Silver Medal in the Scottish Six Days' Trial, 1924. Belt driven machines were used in the former event and Chain driven in the latter.


Chain Drive, Two or Three Speeds.

TO meet the demand for a Light Two-Stroke machine with Chain Drive, we have pleasure in submitting the Model illustrated. This machine has been subiected to most exhaustive tests on the road, and is offered with complete confidence in its efficiency and stability.

The wheels are fitted with knock-out spindles, for quick removal, and the rear chain is steadied and adjusted by means of a jockey sprocket, mounted on an eccentric to ensure speedy operation. 2¼ in. Dunlop Cord Tyres are fitted.


ENGINE. 147 c.c. Villiers, 55 m/m bore × 62 m/m stroke, with flywheel magneto.


GEAR. Albion; Two Speed Ratios : 6¾x11. Three-Speed Ratios : 6¾ x 10 x 16.

TRANSMISSION. Renold Chains.

LUBRICATION. Petroil System; One part oil to 16 parts petrol.

FRAME. Registered Design. Fully Triangulated, combining lightness with great strength. Weldless Steel Tubing throughout.

TANK. Capacity 1½ gallons.

TYRES. 24" × 2¼" Dunlop Cord.

BRAKES. -Right foot and right hand, acting on rear wheel.

HANDLEBAR. Adjustable for position, rigidly attached to head.

MUDGUARDS. 4¾" wide.


FOOTRESTS. Rubber-covered.

SADDLE. Large, comfortable Pan saddle, well sprung.

WHEELS. --24", with Knock-out Spindles for quick removal.

EQUIPMENT. Tool-bag, good capacity, with necessary spanners. Inflator fitted.

FINISH. Finished throughout in best quality black enamel.

Weight of Standard Chain Drive Model, Three Speed Gear- -138 Ibs.


172 c.c. Chain Drive. Three Speeds.

THE 1¾ H.P. Sports Model is intended for those who require a machine of somewhat higher power than the 147 c.c. Model. The engine has Double Exhaust Ports and the silencer is furnished with a long extension pipe. Sight Drip Feed lubrication is employed and the tank capacity is increased. The handle-bar position is modified to render the machine more suitable for high speeds and for competition work. When the engine has been run in this model is capable of a speed of fifty miles an hour.

Awarded Gold Medal and Silver Medal in the Scottish Six Days' Trial, 1924.