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A brief history of the marque: Francis Barnett

Made in England from 1919 to 1966

Francis & Barnett Ltd., Lower Ford St., Coventry, England

The marque takes its name from the two founders, Gordon Francis and Arthur Barnett, who began production of motorcycles in 1919.

Most models of the Francis-Barnett ("Fanny B") built in the Coventry factory had JAP and Villiers engines, the exceptions being the Stag which had a 250cc Blackburne, and a postwar sortie into the production of Vicenzo Piatti designed two-stroke engines which were not well received.

In 1947 the F-B company became part of AMC which acquired James in 1952, and in 1962 F-B production was moved to the James factory. Production of Francis-Barnett motorcycles ceased in October 1966.

Post-war Models include:

1947 Powerbike 98cc

Falcon 81 1958
Cruiser 75 (1955)
Cruiser 80 (1958)
Cruiser 89
1955 Falcon 70 197cc
1952 Springer Model 58

More Francis Barnett History


ddepencier at canadianautomotivemuseum dot com

Hope all is well with you! I've got another motorcycle research inquiry for you, concerning a 1932 Francis Barnett motorcycle in our collection. This bike didn't come with any detailed documentation, and while we know a fair bit about its provenance (it belonged to Canadian investor and car collector John A. MacDougald), we've got almost nothing on the bike itself.

A contact from the Vintage Motor Cycle Club clued us in to it being a '32 Black Hawk with a 196cc Villiers engine, but it's obviously had some aftermarket modifications (chief among them removal of the leg guards). and has no obvious serial numbers. Do you have any good documents on '32 F-B bikes we could cross-reference to at least get an approximation of the basic stats for this bike? Or would you know anyone who might? Based on the recommendations on your website we've made use of Grace's Guide, and I've sent a message off to Howard Burrows as well.

All the best,

Dumaresq de Pencier, Exhibit & Project Coordinator

Canadian Automotive Museum

99 Simcoe Street South, Oshawa, ON, L1H 4G7

Images posted to Comments
d.carden at
Hi I have an old Francis Barnett bike However I do not have a log book for it I need to Identify the model The frame number is BC14180 and it may have a "W" on the end but it's difficult to tell
The engine Number is 20T 2056
Can you help identify it for me
David Carden
Aberdeenshire, Scotland

The FB Serial Numbers page shows that 20T would be a 199cc engine. BC indicates a 1960 frame.
markkiddle1959 at
1960 Francis Barnet Falcon 87
what coil should replace the existing one it has no reference numbers on it ?
mark kiddle

Possibly one of the British forums could answer that. Try this page: British Resources.
darrenc694 at
Francis Barnett Falcon 1960
I spotted a 1960 Francis Barnett Falcon for sale near me but the number plate is missing rotted of and the owner can’t find the V5C…..the only numbers I can see are S143A the number 3 could possibly be an 8 … this the frame number and would this possibly be enough to apply for a log book ?….. thanks in advance.
Darren Cunningham
United Kingdom

Hard to be sure from the very fuzzy image, but it's probably a casting number, not a frame number. Ed.
duncanbussio at
Francis Barnett 1950-55 ?
i need help to identify this bike . It was last registered as a Francis Barnett in South Africa in 1955 the engine has the number 958A and 8377 on it . The frame 5875 and V4816 .
I have started restoring the bike and would like its original markings , i am in need of some parts .
I would like to know the model and year and CC as well as the engine ID
Duncan Bussio
Centurion South Africa

The search function reveals a couple of results for 958A. Sorry, no info on the frame number.
FB image posted to Comments

mauricecokill3 at [bounced]
1957? Or unknown
Hi I have a question for you about the frame number xn 85116 on a barnett I bought need to know model
M corkill
  • Sorry, have no record of a Francis Barnett with XN frame number.

djbmail1 at
1952 Francis Barnett Falcon 58
Hi.. I am in the US and recently acquired this bike. I have noticed the the front fork suspension has some issues and I would like to rebuild it. Do you have any exploded diagrams of this fork as I’m sure there are parts missing and I have nothing to go by. Also, are parts for this available anywhere?
Thanks in advance
David Banducci
California, USA

  • There is a diagram of the '58 Falcon Forks in the gallery. Bikelinks lists numerous classic motorcycle dealers: Bikelinks

Yes, I saw that diagram before I sent my request.. that fork is for the cruiser and does not resemble the fork on the falcon.
  • Apologies; it's clearly labelled Cruiser in my files, but that didn't make it onto the page. Only one I have, I'm afraid.

carrol.scaling at sky.con [bounced]
francis barnett falcon 87
I need a new seat on my recently acquired francis barnett falcon 87, do you have any information as to where we can purchase one? Also a speedo gearing drive that fits on the back wheel axle for the same model motorcycle.
Thank you
Alan Green
Blackpool, Lancashire

  • Bikelinks lists sources for such parts: Bikelinks

ar.scaffolding at
Francis Barnett
Don't know if you can help I have a trail bike Francis Barnett I have frame numbers and engine numbers but no registration or number plate can you please help best regards Rob Fox
Rob Fox
United Kingdom

Sorry, don't understand your question. What are the numbers, what model is the bike, and what is it you want? If you sent images they did not arrive.

Thanks for getting back to me the bike I have is a Francis Barnet when I received the Francis Barnet it was in bits over the last 3 years I have put the bike back together now, but I have no V5 or number plate for the bike only frame numbers and engine numbers is there a way of finding out reg for this bike

Possibly a marque specialist may have a solution. Finding the previous registration details of a machine using only the frame and engine numbers may be probematical. There are several UK classic clubs listed at Bikelinks -

dobson.p2 at
Francis Barnett
Greetings, I have a spare engine that appears to be a Villiers 6E but it has engine number 81973 and another marking of 006R. Would you know the model group the engine is in and in what bike it was used? It is very similar to the 207A on my bike. Thank you for your time
P.D. Dobson
Toronto Canada
  • An image of the engine number may prove helpful. Will add anything discovered to the following page: Villiers Engine ID

harasnicanor at
francis barnett
Good morning, im from Argentina, recently i bought a francis barnett 1938 150cc but i dont know the model, could you help me? the frame number is HC36225
Francisco Karothy
Buenos aires, Argentina

davidtusson at
1962 Francis Barnett falcon 87
Just bought the above bike. But the wiring is all over the place. Where can I get another harness from and are other model harnesses compatible engine number 20T 3931 stamped on top front and 99 99 stamped behind barrel on top of crancase
David Mills
Northampton UK

bobthompson at
Francis Barnett 1930
Hello Can you agree that the motorcycle in the photo was a Francis Barnett? Do you know which model it was? It was registered in April 1930
Bob Thompson
Birmingham UK

  • It is quite similar to a 1929 Model 9 in the 1920s gallery.
    Francis-Barnett-1930c-BTh image posted to Comments.

bsasloper28 at
Francis Barnett Falcon 1951 Frame no RM54040
Can You see when and where this bike came to Sweden
Ronny Gustafsson
Torsas Sweden

Sorry, no. Ed.

adewilliams1 at
1953 200cc FB Falcon? I assume it's a Falcon.
I've recently aquired a FB as above. Would appreciate some advice. It is standard, unmodified I'd like to know what oil, petrol I should use, and the ratio. it appears not to have an ignition key requirement. Maybe it does not need one at this age? Can I get an instruction manual? I'm not a mechanic but can do the basics.
Thank you for any advice or help you can give me.
Llantrisant, South Wales.
motogun7 at
aproximately 1920 francis barnett
i am the owner of this mc frame nr. 1307, engine jap nr. 20/10555, 300 cc. gearbox nr. ts 7731. this mc is complete, but i still need a clutch for this. can you help me with this sparepart, and please tell me how old it is. the mc have belt drive to the rear wheel.
gunner sorensen

denandglor at
Francis Barnett Cruiser, 1962, reg 263 SKK
I would like to register the above vehicle in order to tax it. However, the details on the R.F 60 vary slightly from the marks on the bike.
Frame number on bike - V11532. Frame number in R.F. 60 DH 16288.
Engine number on bike - M25T 18667, Engine number in R.F. 60 42D 12667.
Reg number 263 SKK.
Could you please advise what I need to do to complete registration, I would like to retain origional registration number,
many thanks
Dennis Watkins
Calstock, Cornwall

service at
1952 merlin 57
hi have just got one of these frame # sls 58147b, engine # 207a 49850d and an oil bath air cleaner, not the 10d engine listed, what is it, has painted blue rims and was a blue color, also has a pillion seat, pillion foot rests and saddle bag holders.
wellington new zealand

  • Please send images.

Fri, 30 Mar 2018
shirog202 at
Frances Barnett Power Bike 1951 - model 2F

I require magneto spares, condensers, coils, points nearly everything for Villiers engine 2F. 2 images attached. Do you know of anyone who can help me with spares or where I can get help? Thank you.
Roger Thorn
Traralgon Australia

Francis-Barnett-1951-Powerbike-Magneto-RTh.jpg posted to comments, above.

Tue, 12 Sep 2017
joe_cat1960 at
francis barnett 1959 falcon

hello i was wondering if you have a complete motor and gearbox for this bike and if so how much
new south wales Australia

  • Tall order, Joe.

Mon, 28 Aug 2017
ricsman2 at
Francis-Barnett Falcon Model 70 : year 1955

Hi, Not sure if you can help please. I have just finished restoring my Fanny B here in France but to register it I need a frame ID plate as in attached photo. I have managed to buy an old stock new plate (from the Czech Republic would you believe!) but not sure where Francis & Barnett attached it on export models. Are you able to help please? Thanks, Stan Barnett
Stan Barnett
Tarbes France

Francis-Barnett-ID-Plate-Blank.jpg posted to Comments

Sun Dec 25 2016
nealdaunt at
full tail light and mount
francic barnett 1951
wish to buy these parts

Mon Oct 03 2016
Gordon.north at
Reg no
Francis barnett Cruiser
Hi just wondered if you could tell me the reg no of this bike the frame no is YC10151
Skelton teesside

Tue Jul 26 2016
maslermas at
handle bars
Francis Barnett plover
I am restoring a plover at present- and cant find a pair of handle bars for it- have searched on line put adverts out etc nothing

Mon Feb 15 2016
miker5588 at
2T gearbox
Francis Barnett Cruiser 89
I have removed the gearbox outer case to replace gasket and "o" rings, and now I have first gear plus many neutrals. I have lined up the marks on the gear indicator pinion, but despite several tries, I don't have all four speeds. There is a mark on the gear change quadrant, but I cannot find a mark that this should align with. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards Mike
Hythe Kent

Mon Dec 28 2015
John.mallard at
Ignition system
Francis barnett 1955 cruiser 75 225
Hi I'm having problem with weak spark
Do you do uprated ignition systems electronic etc

Thu May 02 2013
Francet Barnett 250/2 stroke cruiser 80 1958
250 1958 registered
389/27 carberetta is this the correct part for this model and how much for a new one many thanks jason

Wed Feb 01 2012
motorcycle museum belgium
1947 francis barnett Powerbike 98cc
Hallo, there a man who sent you some information about the Francis Barnett cie, he has been in my museum, and the picture of the FB is one he took because he's mother was a midwife and drove the same machine, mine is also of a midwife in the area ,who died some months ago. He said the museum is a little one of course its not Birmingham (Solihull) or Birmingham Alabama museum, but its for people sometimes much more interesting because I have also a lot of memorabilia, which is not in the big museums.
Greetings johan schaeverbeke
Oldtimer Museum, Belgium

Mon Sep 05 2011
villiers 10E exploded diagram
Francis Barnett Falcon 81 1958
I am struggling to find information for a newly purchased Falcon 81.
The points cam appearce to be missing but I don't have diagram of the 10E engine to check it out.
I would be very grateful if anyone can help me.
I want to use this bike, not look at it.
Looking forward to a reply from you villiers experts!!
Barnsley South Yorshire.

Mon Jul 25 2011
francis barnett cruiser 2t 1963
what carb was fitted to the 250 twin,thankyou.

Sun May 29 2011
william.silver at
Parts and info wanted
Parilla Fauno
Need sprocket nut and 13t c/s sprocket, flywheel puller tool and any wiring diagrams/shop manual info, please.

Thu May 19 2011
v.vikasmanekandan<at>yahoo dot com
Francis Bernett 1955
hi, please tell me where i can get some original Spares like, Plastic Monogram, Rubber Pad on the Tank, Tail light lens, Switch and Amp meter witch is in top of the Milometer and to become a member in the Original Francis Bernett bike owners Club, my bike is a single owner, was a runner till 2005

Sat Mar 12 2011
alexxbarrionuevo<at>hotmail dot com

Hola, me gustaria saber que opinan de la moto y su valor aproximado, desde ya muchas gracias.(la moto esta original)

Sun Feb 20 2011
rbjamessix<at>gmail dot com
frame numbers
francis barnet beleved to be plover
I have bought a frame and engine bits the frame number is given B-10351 and the engine is asingle cylinder but the number given is 15T 3900 can you throw any light please
new forest

Mon Jan 03 2011
Francis Barnett parts required
Francis Barnett 1952 Springer model 58
hello All, Im looking for a rear hub assembly for the above bike. I need the complete hub with brake shoes, cam, brake arm etc. Would even buy a complete wheel if available.
Edmonton Canada

Thu Dec 16 2010
mohlerrob<at>yahoo dot com
motor cycle info
francis-barnett merlin
i have found what appears to be an old francis-barnett merlin can you please tell me where to find the serial number for properly identifing it thank you for your time

Fri Oct 08 2010
Francis Barnett 1957 Trials Bike
Just bought this 1957 Francis Barnett trials bike for restoration, any help on locating parts, manuals etc would be greatly appreciated.

Mon May 17 2010
AMC 20T 30+ Piston
Francis Barnett Falcon 200cc 2 Stroke AMC 20T
I am trying to source a 30+ piston with rings, for an AMC20T circa 1962. Its for a Francis Barnett Falcon.
Galway Ireland

Fri Feb 12 2010
mebaker21 at hotmail dot com
Francis Barnett Falcon 197
trying to find resting place of "606 EJO"

Thu Dec 06 2007
trudeauj1 at SOLD
1949 or 1950 Frances Barnett
 Please contact me I have questions regarding my bike I would like to sell.
NV, Sparks

May 2009
We just sold the motorcycle yesterday to a fellow in Redding, Calif... Thanks so much for all your help and patience... U have been great!
Jackie O.

Wed Sep 24 2008
mw at weissenrieder dot com
Parts Francis Barnett
Francis Barnett don't know
Dear Sirs

My father had a Francis Barnett bike around 1947. I have no idea which model it was. Many parts are still at my mothers house, she have sold the house and will move within a month. I know there are the engine, gear box?, wheels etc.

Anyone who is interetsed in buying the parts?

Please email me or call me: +46 for Sweden then 707 180063

Best Regards

Martin Wengblad, I live in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Gothenburg, Sweden

Thu Aug 14 2008
robin.marie at
fork gaiters
1953 francis barnett falcon 58 [frame tms62716]
this was my first m/cycle, 45 years later i am restoring it as a thanks does anyone know of suitable fork gaiters for it? regards robin macarthy

Sat Mar 29 2008
gordon.m5acd at ntlworld dot com
help please
Cruiser frame 2t
Will a 2T twin engine fit in a Cruiser pressed steel downtube frame many thanks .

Sat Mar 08 2008
graham792 at btinternet dot com
Model Identification required
Francis Barnett 1966 unknown
The following information is from the logbook.....
149cc engine
Engine No. J16T1193
Chassis/Frame No. J96148L
Registration No. KUL 21D
1966 registration
Any help would be appreciated

There is a page of FB serial numbers, but none seem to match. (See menu)

Fri Dec 28 2007
pc.markham at
cruiser 250t villiers 2 stroke
hello can you advise on where to buy a new magneto,a replacement seat or somebody to re-cover the old one.also any ideas on insurance companies
brighton,east sussex

Sat Nov 24 2007 at
Motorcycle Clubs
Francis & Barnett Motor Cycles
Reading your message board, I'm surprised that little is known about our thriving Francis Barnett Owners Club
Norwich, England

Mon Nov 19 2007
vickyginger at aol dot com
francis barnett 1958 model 83 Trials bike 250cc
my step father has just restored the above bike and wondered approx value if decides to sell also where would be the best place to advertise

Try the page on Classic Motorcycle Values.

Fri Nov 09 2007
rob-acton at
trying to find specific bike
Francis Barnett 197cc
Hi there, just saw your website.

Wondered if you could advise me. I am trying to track down a 1953 Francis Barnett 197cc:

Reg plate number: NUU 422
Chassis Number: TTMS65538.B.
Engine number: 387A3187E (Villiers brand engine)

I am trying to find this specific bike. It is of personal value to me and if found I would wish to propose purchasing the bike so that I could get it fully restored, to be 100 percent original - as if it had just come out of the factory, and put on display.

Do you have a members list or data base you could check this against for me? I know you probably can't give out contact details but if the owner was registered maybe you could pass on a letter or email from me.

I love your website, it is fantastic. If you have any other ideas how I could go about this, I definitely would really appreciate your advice.

Thank you in advance,


Sept 16 2007
subject: Francis barnett trial bike
Email: johnpacey at mac dot com
message: looking for FB tank badge, could anybody please help
unfortunately i cannot send you a picture but, i have since found out that the bike is a 1960 trial bike model 83. i hope this helps.

Thank you for your help

Mon Aug 13 2007
krivsky at
f-b rebuilding
Francis Barnett - falcon? 1952
I am restoring this 1952 FB
will need some help with parts. It has 200cc villiers which may need the crankcase. A fuel tank, and any manuals for wiring the magneto and lights.
Alberta, Canada

it has taken time but here is a picture of the FB without the engine. I do have the engine but it has been apart for 45 years, and so is in need of much work.
Vince Krivsky
I have updated info on my FB. It is a 1949, with the 197cc Villiers. I have received parts lists and wiring diagrams, and more info on the Villiers engines.

Sat Jul 28 2007
peter.sheen at
dzus fastners( tool box lid)
Francis-Barnett Sports FulmarI am in du
I am in dire need of the two Dzus fastners male & female for the tank top tool box lid.
Can anyone advise please ?
Watford Herts UK

Wed May 16 2007
brian-m-holt at
Villiers Pullman Engine "inline twin"
Francis Barnett
Looking for above engine,1925/30. willing to buy or exchange similar period AJS big port engine. tel 01225 782025

Sun Mar 25 2007
alan.williams at [bounced]
francis barnett crusader ??
can you give me the name of a dealer where i can purchase parts for my bike, alan.

Try the Bikelinks directory of Classic Motorcycle Dealers, UK:

Sun Mar 25 2007
cazbar22 at hotmail dot com
for sale
francis barnett falcon 74... 1956 plus spare engine
i have a francis barnett for sale.... if intrested please e-mail, or telephone 01933-411861

Fri Mar 02 2007
speedy at f1power dot com
1929 Francis Barnett 147cc
I have a 1929 Francis Barnett 147cc that somwhow lost it's petrol pipe assembly that goes from the Villiers carb to the tank..can anyone assist to locate me this part?

The bike is for sale, open to offers.



Sun Feb 04 2007
rbeardmoref at aol dot com
francis barnet
hello i have started restoring this bike but dont know mutch about it was told its a 1939 125 but it says 98 on pot it has two exhusts i allso need to regester it but dont know where to start could you help me please many thanks rich

Fri Dec 08 2006
tjbcamp at hotmail dot com
wanting hepl on info
3T Francis Barnett
I've been trying to find out about a bike I've got.It's a 3T Francis Barnett eng no 116E can you help I've not even found any pictures of one

Fri Nov 03 2006
nj-southern at
francis barnett light cruiser 1959 199cc
parts i need bearing nut .clutch operating body . clutch opeating locking ring .clutch operating ball .

Wed Oct 04 2006
allenastell at
Francis Barnett Plover 73
I need to trace a seat manufacturer in UK (preferably in the Midlands area).

Wed Sep 27 2006
trigby at
In the Francis Barnett section there is a photo of a red Fulmar. I was not aware that there were factory-made Fulmars with teleforks? I had one in the early 1970s with leading link front forks.

The brakes were suprisingly good, fuel consumption wasn't bad, and it had a good turn of speed for a 150cc engine with 3 gears (65MPH.)

The downside of Fulmar ownership was really lousy lights, a leaky primary chain cover, a self fragging flywheel magneto and rearlights that burnt out in an instant if the dip switch stayed in the central position, though a clipper diode cured at least that problem. Finally, the ignition coil was very sensitive to heat, meaning regular replacement after a few long distance fast transits.

Terry Rigby
Obdam, Holland

Mon Sep 18 2006
wjbalmer at msn dot com
Workshop Manual

Hi I was wondering if you could help? My next door neighbour has a Francis Barnett in pieces!! He says that it is 1965 on a C reg? engine no.V15T 11469? He is looking for a workshop manual! Could you help in identifying what model he may have and where he could get manual from? Any help that you could give would be very much appreciated
Hi my neighbour has given me the following info: Plover 95 150cc with a 149 AMC engine! Hope this helps?

Sept 5th 2006
subject: francis barnett falcon 81
Email: rodney at
message: can you e mail me blow ups of the wheel hubs so i can rebuild mine, i received them in pieces and am lost!!!

Tue Jul 25 2006
mariettep at
Francis Barnett

Hi, My dad is buzy rebuilding a Francis Barnett, but he does not know wich model it is, the ingraving on the frame says" E88 1926 F4 7212 C or could be a G? can anybody help us, we will take a photo and insert it ass well. thank you
South Africa, Mpumalanga, Secunda

The bike is a Francis-Barnett Fulmar from the mid-1960s. Ed. ........
YAAAH! Thank you so so so much for helping!
We are enjoying the web sight so much, we have learned tremendously!!
Cant wait to tell my dad gonna phone him RIGHT NOW!
we are looking for some parts for my dad's francis barnett its a 1960 fulmar 88.
My dad is with me now and we are looking at some sites to try and find him
parts for the bike. Did you mail me with some sites? We are struggling and
where hoping you can help us. We are looking for a
Front Fork
Duel seat
Were must we look again?

Many thanx!

Try this link:

Oops. As pointed out by T Rigby, above, the Fulmar had leading-link style forks, so the bike pictured here is either not original or not a Fulmar. Ed.

Sat Jul 08 2006
senior409 at aol dot com
Year of manufacture
Francis Barnet 150cc
I have just started rebuilding a Francis Barnet basket case & wondered if you could advise on year of manufacture. Frame No is V4810 & engine No. 958A.
Thanks - John

Fri May 05 2006
nicolasrouquette at hotmail dot com
Francis Barnett Falcon 1954
I have been offered a Francis Barnett Falcon 1954 in good condition… any chance you can give me some guidance on how much the market price for such a bike is?
London, UK

Try the page on Classic Motorcycle Prices. Ed.

Fri Apr 28 2006
ges52 at
frame number location
1958 francis barnett with 10E 197cc engine
Hi, Could you tell me where to find the frame number on this motorcycle?
United Kingdom

Thu Apr 20 2006
hg61rose at
Frances Barnett motorcycles
My father rode a Frances Barnett for a number of years and speaks fondly of them. Does anyone know where I might find a book of the history of the factory that I can buy him for a gift?
Belfast, N.Ireland

Sat Feb 11 2006
rtc93 at
I am looking for a 1954 Frances-Barnet Falcon 67 197cc IH

Thu Dec 15 2005
fordcobra2 at hotmail dot com
Francis Barnett/Villiers
I'm currently restoring two Francis Barnetts, one 200cc, and the other a 250cc, from the basket. It's hard to find parts here in the states, so please e-mail me at
fordcobra2 at hotmail dot com if you have any. I used to ride a 1953 Francis Barnett to high school when I was 16, in 1955.

Fri Nov 04 2005
maci at
Francis Barnett Plover
I have a Francis Barnet motorcycle which I want to restore, It has no reg number but has a frame number of D13242 and has four engines in various conditions, No,s 15T 8601M, 295B 22397, and 221A 27866D would you know what engine is the correct one for this frame.

Tue Oct 25 2005
gordon.m5acd at ntlworld dot com
hi is the falcon 81 with the villiers 10e engine positive earth or negative earth it is the 58/59 model ,i have 2 wiring dia but one shows + and one shows - earth which one is right for my bike thanks gordon.

Mon Oct 24 2005
richnat at
1957 francis barnett search
Hi there,
I'm trying to locate a 57 FB for a colleague of mine to restore/race - any information as to where I might find one, or a similar year, would be appreciated!
kind regards,
Richard Suter
Perth Western Australia

Thu Jul 21 2005
absprint at
Francis Barnett Motorcycle
Back in 1961 I purchased a second hand motorcycle. I think it was a Francis Barnett Ambassador 225cc twin. Can anyone confirm this bike existed? photos and details greatly appreciated. Barry Gilbert

I think it's more likely that it was an Ambassador, although there was quite a bit of badge swapping and it may have been an F-B. Ed.

Sun Jul 10 2005
paulels at
francis barnett bike
I have just got my grandfather's bike but know nothing about it.
I would like to know where to look to find a picture to try too recognise it? I've been told it could be a 175cc and between 1950-55?
Any help would be appreciated.

I hope these photos will help you tell what year it is?? Looks like a bit of work and fun looking for parts and manuels.
Appreciate your help Paul

I hope this can help Frame number looks like TTMS64572B
engine number B 7095
thanks, Paul

[B7095 appears to be a casting number on the barrel, not the engine number. Ed]

Sun May 29 2005
farkwa at
Hello I received an old Francis Barnett From my farther and I am trying to restore it.He dosn't know much about it so i am having trouble finding Info on it all he knows is it the year is in between the late 50's - 60's and it has a 125cc Deville engine with a wing on the engine
can any one help me?

Thu May 05 2005
troy-kirkby at beer dot com
Francis Barnett Collector
Hi - I collect FB cycles and Literature. Currently have 3; 1949 Merlin (mainly parts), 1953 Falcon 58 bought new by my great-grandfather, and a 1956 Cruiser (inside a glass display case in my British pub). Have literature as early as the "second edition" catalogue up to 1964/5. Looking for any pre-war model and a Powerbike. Any other Canadian collectors out there?

Mon May 02 2005
evschultz at
1936 Francis Barnett
I have a 1936 Francis Barnett, Restoring her for the Sec. time, very hard to find parts. All the bikes I have had I love this old girl the most.

Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2005
subject: francis barnett 1928
Email: sdsaibot at
message: hello, I'm from Australia, and I'm looking for some info on the 1928 Francis Barnett m/bike (as I'm looking at purchasing one). It is not fully restored as yet, and is missing the front gauges. If you have any info/photos or know where to find any please let me know. Thanks.

The London Motorcycle Museum has a 1928 FB - you may be able to inveigle them into sending you images and/or information. (Bribery always helps). There is a very fuzzy picture of a 1928 model at the British Twostroke Club, and there is an advert for 1928 Villiers engined James machines here. Ed.

26th January 2005
Francis Barnett Falcon listed on Ebay UK
Vendor's Description:
This is a 1959 Francis Barnett Falcon with a 197 cc two-stroke villiers engine. The bike is totally complete and low mileage ( 7,500) from new. All numbers are matching, it has an interesting number plate and the V5 is present.

It was fully restored by the last owner in 1984 (have bills) and was last on the road in 1988. It has been stood since then and apart from some rust on the rear rim and a few rusty nuts and bolts it has lasted remarkably well, a testament to the restorer. I drained the tank, cleaned out the carb, put in fresh petrol and as it had a very strong spark had it running very easily.. The engine is very fit with plenty compression and for a little bike it has a nice bark.

If you have a query about Francis-Barnett motorcycles please contact us