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James Motorcycles

James motorcycles first appeared in 1900 and were produced until 1904. Manufacture recommenced at the new Greet factory in 1907, and by 1911 they were building an enclosed chain-drive model.

The company continued to produce motorcycles for fifty years - James History

August 2021
rob.wigley aat icloud.com
James captain 55
Can anyone confirm which engine is fitted to my James captain prefix 075B?
Rob W
oleoacreswoodshop a t gmail.com green tick
Famous James ml 125
Looking to connect with people who have ml bikes they are working on. I have quite the lot of parts and may be able to help
Tennessee usa
adamsjc at telusplanet.net
I have the Villiers engine and the following numbers are stamped on the engine : 230A37270D and the patent number is 531639. Does anyone have any info on this engine regarding cc and what Mark it is. The frame is stamped MD 07425RS.
nmitchell987 at hotmail.com
Hi. I recently Purchased another James. ""What I Believe"" to be is a 1948 British James Captain J8 with a 6E Motor 197 cc 3 Speed Transmission. Engine # 948/17364D
Question: Where is the Frame # ? Sadly the Previous Owner Painted it Black again, and he covered up the Frame #
If I know "Exactly" where I should be looking, I am going to use some Nail Polish remover, to expose the Numbers.
The Previous Owner thought it was 122 cc ""But it is not"", it is a Bigger Motor than my J5 also has a Decompression valve.
My 1954 James J5 Cadet is on the Left side under the seat, while I am sitting on the Bike.
Nigel Mitchell
Wallaceburg Ontario Canada N8A 3K5

Possibly something useful here: Engine Numbers and Frame Numbers
jksatten at gmail.com
I need help finding a magneto flywheel. James comet 1949 98cc. Its hard to see but i think engine number is 797a3430
velo3300 at gmail.com
James powered by 98cc Villiers JDL
I am having difficulty getting the timing set on my 1939 JDL engine I have seen an electronic module (meca) can I fit one of these to a JDL? An help will be gratefully received.
Thanks, Ed
Newcastle Northern Ireland
rob.wigley at icloud.com
Hi I have a James comet, the engine number is 797/32869 could you help me with finding out what type of engine it is?
Rob w
Derby, uk

The engine is a Villiers 98cc 1F model similar to that used by Bown, Aberdale, Bond and others.
woodknots at xtra.co.nz
1948 - 1949 ??
Hi, I have a perhaps 1948 or 1949 ? rigid rear end James motorcycle. It has a frame number of M 06063 D and a Villiers engine with a serial number at the front of 24686D - we are wanting to know what year, size & model this engine is please. Thanks very much.
Daryl Fenn
Waihi - New Zealand
crowenest at yahoo.com
1936 famous james villier
I have most of this motorbike. I need a carburetor exhaust system and spokes for the wheel. we are going to rebuild this bike for an raffle. the money will go to a shelter for the homeless veterans. Any leads would be greatly appreciate. Amvets Riders Post 66
Susan Crowe
Monroe, La. 71292 USA
john.burch at sky.con
James Commando 1957
The engine is not the original in this frame but I can't find the number in your list of Villiers engines.
It is 955/18138D, please could tell me if this is a 3 speed 6E. 7E or 8E
John Burch
stein7859 at aol.com
Famous James ML 12 1946 Villers Engine
Hi, Can you tell me where I can locate any parts, reproduction, or good used, like cables, chain guard, grips, foot peg rubber.
Thanks for any help you can give me
Louie Steinhauer

Bikelinks lists sources for such parts: Bikelinks
jhewkins2 at bigpond.com
1959 james captain 200 k7
Im after a full wirring diagram please
Forster. Nsw australia

Try this page: Books and Manuals
ulf.gryth at telia.com
James 1957
Hi! Just bought a bike powered by a James trials bike motor and I wonder about the gearbox(4), is there lower and higher gears or is it as a roadbike? 298 /4789 on engine, gearbox is V RBU 653? ??
Ulf Gryth
chris_lea at rocketmail.com
I worked at James m/c in Greet, B'ham from 1964 onwards. R.T. Shelley were based in our factory as well as a couple of associated engineering firms and Francis Barnett.
We built bikes and components for the car industry, in particular handbrakes as James Engineering and car jacks as R.T.Shelley.
Suzuki rented our basement for parts storage and the bikes were built on the James track. Francis Barnett bikes were identical at this time except for the badge.
Mr Christopher J Lea
tridentperu a t hotmail dot com
James 1930 350 ohv
Hi, I have what I believe are some nos valve spring sets for this model, but I am having trouble finding the dimensions to check and make sure they will fit this model. Do you have measurements or do you know if james used a proprietary motor for this model - ie AJS or Norton maybe. Thanks
UK, Gloucester
bob.mchardy at yahoo.com
James 98cc
Can you please help my Brother has a James 98cc frame no M14243F Engine no 797-23079 he would like to know the age and model he lives in New zealand he is 70year old and not very good on the computer can you please help or give the name of someone who can thank you
Bob.Mc Hardy
Ellon Aberdeenshire Try the James Club at famousjamesmotorcycleclub.webs.com.
parts at jonesiesmotorcycles.co.uk
james 1951 98cc autocycle
Hi there, would you happen to have rear sprocket/wheel, front sprocket and chain for a James 1951 98cc autocycle. (Similar to the James-1951-Autocycle in this gallery: this one James 1951)
Thank you
North Wales

Sorry, we don't sell parts, but hopefully a reader can point you in the right direction.

alexander.dubois at aol.com
1957 james captain k7
Can you tell me what the approximate value is in america of a complete bike in good shape not running would be worth ? Thank u
Alex, Usa

The page on Vintage Motorcycle Prices may be helpful.

mattmurphy83 at yahoo.com
Captain James pre 51
Hi there, I am trying to identify my grandfather's bike as I want to restore it, I was told it was a captain james but I cannot find a model with the small shaped luggage box soDar back on the left, I am not sure but it looks like a francis Barnett or parts maybe fitted. I don't see any identification numbers on the bike and the reg number isn't any help as it just indicates that the bike is pre 1951. Any light you could shed would be appreciated .
Matt murphy
Kerry, ireland

Can you supply a clear image of the complete machine in profile, along with engine and frame numbers please?

edmundstrading at gmail.com
1931 James 197cc
Do you have any info on the frame for this bike which is a baker frame. I have attempted to look up baker patents etc and cannot find any of the pictures associated with the frame which came with this James bike.
David Edmunds

Frame number is B863. The design of the frame was a Baker I am told and it was a patented design but I have not been able to find any good pictures of the associated patent For example the attached notes are I believe related to the patent and refers to certain drawings but I haven't been able to find them?

(Text of Baker patent included)

downatdeanos3 at yahoo.com
1948 famous james
looking for a company to rebuild my motor cycle, can you contact me i cant find parts for this thing if you can help. it a 1948 famous james comet, even if i can find someone to rebuild the motor.
frank rodriguez
san antonio texas

hillbilly105e at yahoo.co.uk
not sure James motor cycle engine number 296B 74706
Hi I just bought this James in a sale and have no idea what model it is but engine number as above thought I have to start some where and hope you can help many thanks Malc
Malcolm Hillier
Paulton nr Bristol

Tue, 07 Nov 2017
hordaland970 at gmail.com
1949 james comet 1949 james comet

whats the bike worth, have unrestored 1949 comet, whats mine worth?
art carlson
regina sask Canada

This page may help: Vintage Motorcycle Prices

Mon, 25 Sep 2017
davidhallrichardson at gmail.com
James 1928 V twin SV 500cc

Hi Does anyone know the tank colours of the 1928 V twin 500cc James. No 12. In the sale brochure it states "finished in two shades "James" brown lined red. The bike is the first year to have a saddle tank- the restorations of previous year that I have found appear to have browns anything between green-brown, gold brown, and khaki brown And is the top of the tank black or brown lined in red as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
David Richardson
Oxford New Zealand

Tue, 12 Sep 2017
vasilis.geo at gmail.com
james james ml 1946

hi there, I am looking to buy engine for my 1946 James ML. gear is 3 speed hand shift
nicosia Cyprus

Tue, 12 Sep 2017
eldredgeen313 at btinternet.com
James 1955 Cadet

You show an excellent photo of James-1955-J15 Cadet. I have identical model even in same colour. Can you tell me the upper attachment point for the spring on the stand. Thanks in anticipation. Eldred Geen
Eldred Geen
SWANSEA United Kingdom

Can someone help with this? Not shown on the parts catalogue I have.

Mon, 21 Aug 2017
les at saab900.co.uk
1950 James ? 1950

Hello I have acquired a James which has a Villiers engine, I think the number is 539/35903, I'm hoping to resurrect the bike over this winter and wonder if parts are available to get the engine up and running again?
Les Hedaux
Gosberton Risegate United Kingdom

Number on the Villiers engine is 539/35903 which makes it a 9D. Parts for these are fairly common. Good place to start: Bikelinks Villiers Directory

Mon Jun 05 2017
jimmychemdry at gmail.com
Help needed
James Ml
Good day,

Sorry to be a bother, I'm desperately in need of help to identify a motorcycle. I have very little information on the bike as it was stripped roughly 36 years ago. I would love to restore this bike as its been my Father's dreams for years.

I was told it was a Francis Barnett year 1927 or there about. After much research I cannot find a bike to match the frame and tank. The closest I have found to this bike frame and tank was a Francis Barnett Snipe. However I have my doubts after stumbling over 1942 James ML125. The handle bar mountings seem to be different.

Frame number Ml27034
Villiers engine with the following markings.

If you require any photos please just ask will be happy to send. I know this is a long shot but I am running out of options as I have tried local and overseas clubs for information with little results.

Kind Regards
South Africa

The engine number prefix 539 applies to the James ML, but does not appear to apply to Francis Barnett.
Villiers 9D engines

Compare the images of this machine with other ML 125s in the gallery shows that it's definitely an ML and the frame number confirms that also.

Fri Mar 10 2017
Suphanne at hotmail.com
James ML centre stand
James Military Light 1943
Does anyone have a photo of the return springs on the centre stand - with the dimensions? (length & width).

Wed Dec 21 2016
avonrod at mweb.co.za
James B4 1930 4 stroke OHV
James B4 1930 OHV 350cc
I am restoring this 1930 fourstroke 350cc OHV.
Does any one have detailed pictures of this bike? Particularly the Saddle spring mountings to the frame and back brake lever.
South Africa

Mon Dec 19 2016
kevachard at hotmail.com
model identification
James unknown
I have attached a picture of my Fathers first Bike and am trying to find out the model and year, the picture was taken in Newcastle NSW AUS

Thu Nov 24 2016

b-allen at rogers.com
James 1961
James Captain
Want to locate a James Captain - AMC motor, early 60's to purchase - will consider any condition
Toronto, Canada

Sat Sep 17 2016
martyn.filby at googlemail.com
Fuel Tank knee grips
James 1927 11a sports 1927 11a sports
Do you have or if not can you guide me to someone / somewhere I can purchase 2 x knee grips with James on them

Try the classic motorcycle dealers section of Bikelinks.

Wed Jul 20 2016
alex.cody at iinet.net.au
Contact details for restorer of James Cadet J15 (1955)
James Cadet J15 (1955)
Hello Sheldon

I love your website.

I am wondering if you have the contact details of the owner/restorer of the James Cadet J15 (1955) on your website? (see link below).


I have inherited a James Cadet Deluxe (1951) from my deceased father and would like to talk to the restorer of the James Cadet J15 (1955) on your website for advice.

Thanking you in advance.

Kind Regards, Alex Cody

Contact details sent

That's great - I am really looking forward to this restoration job with my brother (see attached) but as noobs to this space I know we have a heck of a lot of work ahead of us. Both in terms of mapping parts suppliers, but also body work contractors, mechanical rebuilt specialists, etc, etc.

I've already started mapping out part's suppliers (many of which are understandably overseas, particularly in the UK).

But it would be helpful if you could send me a few pointers on local parts suppliers and/or specialists in frames, metal work, electronics, etc for these vintage bikes

I've start to look up clubs to start to plug into the brain's trust there - I am aiming to build a list of available resources in Australia as well as overseas.

Do you have your finger on that type of info - or can advise where to start to look, to point me in the right direction?

Cheers, Alex

Wed Sep 28 2016
Suphanne at hotmail.com
Information Wanted
James ML - 1943

I'm looking for a wiring diagram for the James ML (I think it's quite simple a simple one) Can anyone help? Also any James ML bits.
Nottingham, UK

Tue Aug 09 2016
russellpalmer at bigpond.com
wiring diagram
james 1954 captain k7
rebuilding james k7 Villiers 8e engine but have no wiring to follow.Could you give me some information please
adelaide australia

Tue Apr 26 2016
martyngetcarter at gmail.com
Cam followers
James 500 V twin B2
I need the cam followers for this engine if anyone could help or photographs and dimensions
Witham, Essex, UK

Wed Mar 30 2016
stevesutto at yahoo.com
Air filter
1946 James
Hi, i'm looking for a air filter for my bike. Any help would be great!
Phoenix, Arizona

<peplainchbury at hotmail.com>
Pierre Lainchbury
West Sussex UK
1966 M16 cadet
Information to help a restoration
Hi there to all that may read this
I'm restoring a 1966 M16 cadet so is there anyone out there that may have a parts manual or any information that may help in this endeavour to bring back life into this lovely little motorcycle
Many thanks Pierre

Pierre Lainchbury

Tue Feb 23 2016
gordon.cork at hotmail.co.uk
197cc James Trials Bike pre 1951
James 197cc trials version
I am trying to find out some details of the 197cc James Trials Bike pre 1951

Wed Jan 13 2016
kcracing at ntlworld.com
Engine Identification
James 652B 4477
Trying to identify the engine and size of an engine that I have bought

Sat Nov 21 2015

robetdixon731 at hotmail.com (bounced, try robertdixon....)
1923 James 8A 240cc
here is my latest restoration a 1923 240cc model 8A. I own the bike.
Northern Ireland

Thu Aug 20 2015
mychristofides at gmail.com
bike identification
James Captain
Hi, i found this bike with frame number 5PR-819 and engine number 049B 39799E. Can you please advise the make-model and year of manufacture.
Thanks , Chris
Nicosia - Cyprus

James Captain, Cyprus

It has a D-shaped Smiths speedometer. Ed.

Fri Apr 24 2015
fsdean at bigpond.com.au
what engine is this
villiers unknown
Ihave just purchased a James? with engine number 946 ******
can you tell me what size it is & what model 9e etc?

Wed Mar 04 2015
jacelamb at hotmail.com
For Sale
James 1943
I have a 1943 James For Sales was running now sat for 3 years
Missouri USA

Thu Nov 06 2014
trevor at jcit.co.uk
wiring loom
james 1957 captain
seeking wiring loom for a 1957 james captain

Mon Jun 09 2014
matchstick51 at gmail.com
identification sought
James ? unknown
Can anyone shed any light on the make, model number, and year of the machine shown in the attached photos. I'm also keen to identify the 2-stroke engine which has unfortunately been lost since the photos were taken. The papers I have for the machine suggest it is a 1936 James, but they are not original and may not necessarily be accurate.
Auckland, New Zealand

Sat Nov 30 2013
James Autocycle
Hi there, I have what i believe to be a 1946/47 autocycle which I am in the process of restoring. What i would like to know is the colour or the frame is light blue and the gaurds etc are red. Is this correct. Have been told it was a colour for after the war as a one off. Thanks
Phil New Zealand

Tue Nov 19 2013
back wheel adjuster
1953 James Captain Deluxe
looking for a 1/4 inch BSF thread back brake wing nut adjuster?

Mon Oct 28 2013
centre stand return spring
James K7 1954
I require a return spring for the centre stand. I do not know what it looks like but think it could work as a over centre type.
new zealand

Sun Sep 29 2013
brake shoes
james captain
looking for brake shoes sent mine to villiers services to be redone they lost my shoes?

Wed Jul 31 2013
Year identification
James Comet
I am trying to identify the year of manufacture of my james comet the frame number starts with 797 and the engine number starts with F104 can anyone help

Thu Jul 25 2013
james 175 cc
1959 cavalier
manuel for James 1959 Model cavalier 175 cc owner's manuel


Mon Jul 01 2013
front wheel securing bolts
james 1957 captain
seeking the two securing bolts for front wheel of a 1957 james captain
lincoln england

Wed Jun 05 2013
famous james cadet
Can you help me to identify this moto and engine? I think it's the cadet model... with a 125cc, don't know the year
the serial number is 948100851
(i speak french but you can send me a english answer)
As I tell you, I think it's a James, Capitain 197cc, 1949
There's anoher S/N... D03733.
I think the "D" is related to 1949.

Thank you
Qc, Canada

Sun May 12 2013
hi,i have a 1949 james comet,that needs some parts and the engine turn over but needs a piston and rings,i was wondering the value of the bike as it sits.thanks john
sussex nj

Thu Apr 25 2013

james 1946-47
hi can anyone tell me a can gt a gear lever assembly for a james 1946-47

Sat Mar 16 2013
wheel axe parts
James 1953 Captain Deluxe
Need part#000307 & 000306 Bearing Cones, Part # 900172 Spindle Nut,& Part # 900173 Backplate Locknut
Wash. USA

Sat Mar 09 2013
updated picture
James 750 v twin
I sent you a picture of my V Twin James in 2010. This is a picture of it now after restoration
Northern Ireland

Thu Feb 14 2013

James Captain Deluxe
Looking For Front Mudguard Embellisher Fitted To Deluxe Model Comets, Cadets and Captains.
Washington State, USA

Tue Feb 26 2013
year and use if military
james ML

Wed Feb 06 2013
herbherrick<at>aoldot com
Front Fender decorative Tip
James 1953 James Captain Deluxe
Looking to buy or help with information about where one might receive information?

Sat Nov 17 2012
cstodolka<at>aoldot com
James ID Info
James ?
I just purchased a James frame with wheels, no motor, only numbers on bike are L644, can anyone tell me the model and year and engine size of this bike? any info would be great Jim

Sun Aug 05 2012

1956 james 250cc
can some one let me have a copy of the electric system for this motrecycle,or were i can down load one regards ralph
jersey ci

Thu Oct 18 2012
1946 James motorcycle 125cc ML
James 1946 125cc ML
Good Day im in need of a manual to assemble the engin. Help will be very welcome.
East London South Africa

Tue Sep 04 2012
Cadet J15 Cadet
James J15 Cadet
I have a once restored James J15 Cadet motorcycle for sale as parts, do you have any Canadian contacts I can use?
Burlington, Ontario, Canada

thanks for offering to help me with my bike. I have determined it is a 1947 James 125cc lightwieght. I am in need of a 125cc villiers motor for it. If you have any connections for a engine I would be very greatful. Let me know, Thanks again, Johnny

Fri Aug 10 2012
nastalgia13<at> comcast.net
motorbike identification
unknown unknown
I just got this bike and was hoping that you can help me determine the year, make, model of it. There is not much left of it, but I am going to bring it back to life.

Tue Jun 05 2012
What model have I bought
James ML 125?
I bought this, was told it was a 1950's model, but going by some pics I have seen, I think it may be a 1946-1947 ML125 If so, does anyone know the frame and serial numbers? Thankyou

Thu Apr 19 2012
Technical datas
I would like to know if you technical datas archives of this motorcycle brand. Unfortunately in italy we have any. It is very difficult to make documents of a james 175 that we have bought. If you can help us, obviously paying, it will be great. Best regards Mrs Catena Mariole
Velletri (Rome)

Mon Dec 12 2011
Factory original colour
James 1952 98cc Comet standard
I need to know what type of paintwork was used on the 1952 98cc James Comets and the actual colour name.
I have just bought said model and care to restore it to factory original condition.

Wed Nov 02 2011
James info
James not sure
I beleive I found the frame number on my James can you tell me what model,year etc. it is? The number MDO7421RS

Mon Nov 14 2011
james 1937
i am wanting to restore my 1937 james were are parts avalabile ,what color were they and any marks or badges were on them,were they painted or powder coated ??genaral qustions like that

Sun Sep 04 2011
noelkenny<at>bigponddot com
villiers motor
villiers mark vic ,,147cc,, patt 789 ..w44991
i have just aquired a ( james ) with this motor in it ...i cannot identify either the bike or the motor
hamilton , victoria, australia,3300

Fri Aug 19 2011
sk1953-46<at>yahoodot com
need ifomation
james/villers unknown
Foreign registered as a 1949 James Villers, 60cc. Need flywheel cove, air filter, crossover fittings for fule tank and a parts diagram.
az, phoenix, usa

Tue Jul 19 2011
frank.seno<at>au.boschdot com
James not sure
Has James ever produced a motorcycle with a horizontally opposed twin cylinder engine placed forward and back, large brass flywheel, push bike pedals and chain drive. Drive to rear wheel from engine is via a leather segment belt. Petrol tank under main frame tube. Thanks.

Sat May 14 2011
james commodore
heres my finished james. just waiting for new handle bars

Wed Feb 16 2011
Battery Box & Tool Box
James Captain 200 (1958)
I have both the battery box & Tool box from my old bike if any needs them. I think it was 1958 model..
Suffolk England

Tue Jan 04 2011
kelvin-nazareth<at>livedot com
James motorcycle club
James All
Me and a friend are trying to setup a club for the james motorcycle, it is still under construction so please visit and sign up, show your support.


Many thanks

Sun Dec 26 2010
james commodore
james commodore
that is my james with the grey primer and seat missing.will send pictures when it is done
chatham ontario canada

Wed Nov 17 2010
robertdixon731<at>hotmaildot com
James V Twin
James V Twin 750cc
I have attached a picture of my V Twin of 1924 era it is a rare 750cc and will be restored once parts are found. You can use the picture on your page if you wish. Robert
Northern Ireland

Wed Nov 17 2010
daphne.carpenter1<at>btinternetdot com
where can i buy tank badges for James Cadet 150cc 1960 model Try this page: Badges & Decals

Sun Oct 10 2010
Value .?
James BL15 of 1959
Hi - I have one of these complete in fair to good condition , anyone any idea of value - just a ballpark figure. Thanks

Sun Sep 19 2010

james 125 cc
has anyone got a james motorcycle with the registration number -G.A.D.375

Thu Aug 26 2010
ibarber41<at>yahoodot com
wanted centre stand with spring and bolts
james comet
im looking for a centre stand with spring a bolts for my james comet

Tue May 25 2010
bargegroup<at>tx.rrdot com
Famous James Motorcycle Collector
1952 The James
I am looking for a collector that used to live in the abilene, tex area and now lives close to Denton Texaws

Fri May 07 2010
Rob<at>tay4dot com
Front Mudguard Required
James Captain 197cc 1960
Hi, I am looking for a Front Mudguard for a Captain 197cc 1960 I am restoring. Can anyone help please? Also, can anybody advise of current paint code or otherwise for the original (electric?) blue they were painted in please? thanks, Rob
Nr Cambridge, UK

Sun Apr 04 2010
ericsteeves<at>rogersdot com

1949 james
I am writing from Canada and need some help finding parts for the following bike I am restoring

Engine 1949 James Series 1F Deluxe
Villiers 98cc engine and 2 speed gear?

Could you help me find any of the following parts?

Foot Pegs, hand grips (with james logo) gasket kit, head light trim, front bulb, head light frame, tail light lens, set of engine rings if possible.

Any leads would be greatly appreciated. I am told I need to get most of these parts overseas.

Mon Apr 26 2010
spontact<at>gmaildot com
petrol tank
James Captain
I'm looking for a petrol tank in very good repair for a James Captain moto (year 1955-1956)

Tue Apr 20 2010
frame number ?
James 1958 K7
I have a 1958 james k7 eng. no. 652B 7670
Someone has taken the frame number off were can I find this number.
regards Chris Penketh
Ramsey Isle of Man

Mon Apr 05 2010
Stickers, speedometer and ammeter for James Captain 1951
JAMES 6E Captain 1951
Hello, I'm looking for all the transfers for a James Captain 6E 1951 and also a speedometer "Smith" (in Km/h)and an ammeter. If someone can help me, thank you.

Mon Mar 29 2010
lrstev7<at> aoldot com
james captain 1957 197cc k7 10e
can any 1 help with some parts? a stater plate coils points ;and outer caseing.thatcovers all of this

Thu Jan 28 2010
nolvid At xtra.co.nz
I 17 James
James I17
Hi I am trying to find information on a villiers engine, number AAA 18858A ,it is in what I beleive is a James I17it is a twin port unit construction hand gear change motor with the carburater o the right
new zealand2 See also the page on serial numbers. Ed.

Thu Jan 21 2010
camjamieson At hotmaildot com
James ML Parts
James ML
I am seeking a War Department fuel cap and hand throttle to suit a 1944 James ML motorcycle I am restoring *see photo below of equivalent Royal Enfield parts). Any help/leads appreciated. Cam

Royal Enfield gallery

Thu Jan 21 2010
nolvid At xtra.co.nz
photos of james
james i17
HI Im from New Zealand and I have a James of about 1935. I beleive that it is an I 17 because the frame rails go over the top of the tank, I am looking for photos , the only one I can find is of the left side and I need a photo of the right thanks Dave Hawkins
new zealand

Wed Jan 06 2010
tenn-fan47 At yahoodot com
james 1915
james 1915 4 1/2
I have a gas tank from a restored 1915 and am looking for the logo or artwork and colors that were on the tank
Tennessee, Chattanooga Try this page: bikelinks.com/directory/Parts/Badges-Decals

Wed Dec 23 2009
mawle At videotron.ca
How old is my James bicycle?
James Sports
I posted a message in march 2007 looking for info on my James bicycle. My email address has changed and I now have some photos. I'd love to hear from anyone with info about my bike.

Fri Dec 04 2009
- -
I'd just like to alert you to a scammer that is trawling this website. I posted a parts wanted ad for a james motorcycle recently. A person under the guise of Paul Robinson, email classicpart at googlemail.com, responded saying he miraculously had all of the very rare parts at a reasonable price. He expected me to pay without providing any pictures or personal details. He is listed on the web as a known scammer. It would be good if you could post this in case he has targetted anyone else.

Brisbane, Australia

Scam Alert

Tue Nov 24 2009
pitstopmark At hotmaildot com
parts for James motorcycle
James M16 150cc AMC
I am looking for 2 tank badges, Dual seat, exhaust and silencer, chainguard and a headlight switch
Essex UK

Sun Nov 15 2009
LRSTEV7 At aoldot com
motor cycle
james captain 10e
can any one please assist me in finding a wiring diagram for a 1959 197cc james captain 10e many thanks steve.

Wed Nov 04 2009
shawnhaslett At elp.rrdot com
did james have an advert with a dinosaur or a caveman being chased on a bike do you have the pic? maybe cheers shawn in the states

  • Sort of rings a bell, but can't place it. Anyone? Ed.

Tue Nov 03 2009
james.talty At gmaildot com
James Parts
James 1955 K7 Captain
Greetings from Australia

I'm searching for the following parts for a 1955 K7 James:
- Front mudguard and bracket
- Rear sprocket (48 teeth)
- Foot rest bar (12 inch)
- Centre stand
- Chain guard
- Single saddle seat
- Front and rear brake pads
- Front brake cable
- Rectifier
- Horn
- Tank badge (maroon)

Can anyone assist?

Brisbane, Australia

Sun Oct 25 2009
capri3 At kinect.co.nz
Part wanted
James Cadet 150 L15
Want a left hand thread nut to hold flywheel on
New Zealand

Thu Oct 15 2009
kimadele At xtra.co.nz
for sale
james cadet j15
3 pairs og tank badges for sale
new zealand

Thu Oct 01 2009
James Autocycle notes
James Superluxe Autocycle

Some notes from memory- FNJ 608, a James Superlux autocycle (about 1950). When my Father was in the armed forces, he was posted abroad. All our possessions (including my Father's James) were put into storage for about 10 years until he came out of the forces in 1962 and bought a house. I was still under 16, but it was promised to me for my 16th birthday. It was kept at the back of the garage but I could not wait that long, so I attached a piece of garden hose to the exhaust pipe and the other end went out the window, to avoid evidence. Any old oil and some petrol siphoned from the family car would have to do and I enjoyed the risk of firing it up on its stand and making smells from the hot engine. When the great day came, it was ridden to a petrol station and topped up with 2-stroke. The petrol-oil ratio was 16-1, and a half-pint measure was built into the filler cap. One measure of oil per gallon of petrol was easy to do!

I used it for transport to work, 16 miles each way, trundling along quiet country roads at about 20 mph. One day, the chain freewheel seized, throwing my legs off the pedals and nearly putting me in the ditch. The chain was removed after that! On cold winter mornings, I found that once I was out in the country I could put the "lawnmower lever" throttle control on maximum then ride it without hands on the handlebars, which allowed me to warm my hands in my pockets until something came the other way. I always thought the exposed flywheel was a bit dangerous, but it looked good when I cleaned the aluminium cover and brass rim with Brasso. The tools compartment included spares to fix a puncture and to this day, I have a James tyre lever as a souvenir.

Once I had practiced enough, I took my test. At that time, the rule was motorbikes were over 50cc and mopeds were less. As I had 98cc and two throbbing horsepower, I had a motorcycle so passing the test would let me ride a Triumph Bonneville!

Before the day of the test, I went to the test centre to illustrate my strange starting procedure. An examiner came out and I did my thing; look over the shoulder, fuel on, press the decompression lever, walk quickly along the pavement until it fired, pull in the clutch and release the decompression lever. Engine now running, so check behind, swing my leg over the seat and I am ready to go. This was approved, so I took my test the next day. Part of the test was an emergency stop, when the examiner would pop out from behind a car, put his arm out and you had to stop ASAP. As I came round a corner, I saw him squat down behind a car so I eased off in anticipation. Realising he would have known and heard what I had done, I opened the throttle again and it struggled to accelerate up a slight slope. When he appeared, I decided to make it impressive so I used front and back brakes. I passed. After that, 2 horsepower was not enough so it was sold to a workmate and I bought an early model Triumph Cub with 150cc. When I turned 17, it was time for car driving lessons; but I learnt a lot from that James.

Wed Sep 16 2009
clark-mb11 At hotmaildot com
James Parts Needed
1947 122 cc 10D Villiers James Cadet?
I Need a Gas Cap (Threaded style) for my James. I believe i have a 1947 pre ML or Cadet?? It is hard tail rear telescopic front forks (no front springer) with Villers 10D 122cc engine 3 speed gear box. The frame seems to be factory stamped L821 I also need the headlamp trim for the same bike. I am in Winnipeg Canada PLEASE HELP i really need a threaded filler cap for the James. I have a James "twist on" cap with the oil measurment, but it doesn't fit my tank.

Winnipeg Canada

Sat Aug 22 2009
gillian.huish At tiscali.co.uk
Looking for parts
1962 James Commodore
I am looking for the following parts for my 1962 James Commodore 250cc L25
R/H & L/H Head Steady Plates
2 x Spring Hinge Plates
Tank Rubber Knee Grips
Chain Guard Panels
Side Cover Springs
Can anyone help me please? from Dave
Tiverton, Devon

Wed Jul 22 2009
matt.james At gmx.co.uk
James Motorcycles
Any idea who owns the "James" brand now ?

Mon Jul 13 2009
roysturdy At hotmail.co.uk
superswift or captain 197 or 250 twin
would like to purchase one of the above

Sat Jul 04 2009
steef-50 At hotmaildot com
1950 dont ?
we buyed a james motor 1950 who can tell me about it and have a some information guide were i can find the framenr its 98 cc

Wed Jun 03 2009
gaston.isabel At uniboarddot com
Head lamp & sadle complete
James 1955
Can somebody help me to find parts for that type of motorcycle please.
Im located in Quebec Canada

Thu May 14 2009
benlangworthy At hotmail.co.uk
james cadet 1955 timing
James 1955 j15 cadet
I feel a little stupid asking but can anyone tell me how to sort out the timing on a villiers 30c? iv tried several times (manual in hand) but i just cant get it right! any help would be greatly appreciated to get my lovely j15 cadet on the road!

Mon May 04 2009
Nickersgascoigne At yahoo.co.uk
James Cadet 122cc 1953 10D
Photos attached, still looking for footrests to complete my restoration of my grandads motorcycle, any help or suggestions welcome.

Wed Apr 29 2009
j-page At xtra.co.nz
JAMES 1935? 1939?
Does the frame number and engine number coincide? and if not could you give me dates for both? engine number is villiers aaa1881, and the frame number is h11779, also have number on the cylinder of i think b6835,
new zealand

Wed Apr 22 2009
philhautefin At mobistar.be
Magneto cover & air filter
James 125cc 2 strokes ML Frame nber ML1689 Engine nber AAA21890A
Hello, I live in Belgium & I'm the owner of a James Ml. 2 parts are missing for a complete restoration. So I'm looking for a magneto cover & an air filter. Please, do you can help me. Thank you. Kinds regards. Philippe Hautefin

Mon Apr 06 2009
safflow At gmaildot com
Excelsior in question
Hi there from the states, I am hoping you might be able to tell me just what year and model of excelsior this is. if it is an excelsior. i have included some pics to help. the villiers engine # is:797626 and the frame # is:853332which is on the decal below the seat. on the fork neck it has: Famous for over fifty years (pictured) any info would be greatly appreciated.thank you-Mark
Athens, GA. USA
Hi, I was just searching through your Famous james list, and have discovered that the excelsior in question is actually a famous james 1949 comet. there are three different pictures of adds or partial restorations from 48- 50 that let me know for sure. have a look and compare. please let me know if you agree. thanx again -Mark

March 2009
Markrnz At msndot com
Here are some pictures of my James k17 1939 Clockwork mouse. I took them today while it was nice and sunny. I am sure some visitors would enjoy these pictures. Probably bring back memories of the 1940's etc.
You can add them to your site. I sent them in Hi-Resolution.If you want any futher info regarding the bike ask.

Mark Robinson
New Zealand


During 1939 these bikes were made in anticipation for ww2. The james factory was bombed in 1940 -Blown to bits. During WW2 the K17's were air dropped to soldiers and officers in the field. As they were designed as field bikes. There main usage was to herd up troops on the field. As were coined by the soldiers etc "The clockwork mouse". They were also called "Mechanical sheep" lol.

There are a few 1948's around but they arent as collectable as the 1939's because the 1939's were built for the war. Not as an afterthought in 1948. I am told mine is an officers bike. Not a ML which was primarily just for soldiers. As you can see mine is in above excellent condition and even has the original exhaust/tool kit etc.

There are a few Ive seen going for quite big money. But they have been butchered with custom paintjobs..exhausts been modified non original engines.etc



Thu Mar 26 2009
cnv.pedersen At gmaildot com
James 350cc
I�m having a fully restored James 350cc 4 stroke from 1928.
Is there anyone there can help me to find more about this bikes and where to trade more of this model?
Tommy Pedersen
Viborg, Denmark
Thank you for your answer, and sorry for the time to send the photos of my womderfull James. Here you have some few photos of the bike.
I hope this will help you, but if you need more photos, just mail me and i�ll make more.
You are wellcome to call me too.

Best regards
Tommy Pedersen
Havh�jvej 29
9640 Fars�
Phone, +45 5017-6333

Mon Mar 23 2009
Markrnz At msndot com
Wanted value/mark9d pdf-password required
James 1939 k17 -Clockwork mouse Mark9d engine/gearbox
Hi I was wondering what one of these fully restored in excellent mechanical condition would sell for in the UK.Can supply photos if required.Also I am keen to have a look at the mark9d pdf you have on this site as I cant get any information in New Zealand or Australia, Thanks Mark
New Zealand

Villiers Downloads
See Forums

Fri Mar 20 2009
ronkrill At sympatico.ca
photo and parts needed
james 250 commodore
i need someone to send me a photo of the inner workings of the shifting mechanism on the inside right cover.it seems to be missing the mechanism to hold the pawl onto the ratchet gear.

Wed Feb 04 2009
j.lacombe at btinternetdot com
desperately need mudguards (and stays if possible)

Mon Jan 26 2009
peeps63 at hotmail.co.uk
Literature:- Photo.
James Sports Captain 1963 200cc
I am desparately seeking(no not Susan) this time anyway!! a magazine with a front cover photo of a Sports Captain mounted at the top a chrome pillar at the the Earls Court Motorcycle Show 1963. Can anybody help??

Tue Jan 06 2009
scott-hanley at yahoodot com
Trying to identify a motorcycle in an old family photo
I am trying to identify the motorcycle in an old family photo. I think it is a James from the 1920's. I was hoping for some assistance .
Virginia, USA

Bike is single cylinder, chain drive, flat tank, rigid rear,

Sat Dec 13 2008
jackq at plateautel.net
James ML130
Man contacted me that he one complete and a parts pile..have no use. Contact me and if you are interested..
New Mexico

Tue Dec 09 2008
Nickersgascoigne at yahoo.co.uk
1953 James J5 Cadet Deluxe
Hello, I am currently restoring my family heirloom and have discovered that I have no footrests on the bike,the speedo cable has gone missing and also I need a cylinder head steady bracket. The footrests on this bike slot onto a square shaft if that helps. I have sourced many parts quite successfully so far and am enjoying the process greatly, too much apparently (says my other half) So if anyone knows where or has any of these items I would be very greatful for the assistance.... Nick from Dav Northants Uk
Dav Northants Uk

Wed Nov 26 2008
gamboge at tpg.com.au
photograph of a James
The photo attached is a friend of the family. I would like to date the image from the model of the motorcycle. It was taken in Dungog, NSW Australia c1917 to 1925 Do you know when this model was sent to Australia? Cheers

It appears to be a 5.6hp No. 9 from around 1920. Ed.

Wed Nov 19 2008
ash.nea at hotmail.co.uk
james cadet j 15 tank badge
1955 james cadet j 15
hi i am looking for a tank badge for a james cadet j 15 1955 model,this is the only thing i need to complete the total restoration of my bike to show standard, here are some pics of before and after, can anyone help,thanks ASH.
newcastle upon tyne

Try this page: http://bikelinks.com/directory/Parts/Badges_Decals/
I'm fairly sure there's a dealer there who makes classic badges and may well do James.

i have searched the net for badge manufacturers but cant find any,if you know of any could you pass on the info,

The bike is open to serious offers as i have just acquired a new project, if you could put this in your forum i would be greatful,thanks ASH,

I found one you may not have seen. He does not list a James, but I know that section of his site has not been updated for quite some time.

Thu Nov 13 2008
bobg at waitrosedot com
james colonel
just to fill in any odd information that someone might be putting together. I owned a James Colonel in the 1960's. It was a 225cc 2T engine reg no 653AVK from 1957. I only ever saw two others so they were quite rare then !
newcastle upon Tyne UK

Sun Nov 09 2008
gillian.huish at tiscali.co.uk
Rear Damper Units
James Commodore 1962 model
Does anyone know how to remove the chrome shrouds, is a tools necessary, if so where can I get one?
Tiverton, Devon
Here's a picture of the rear damper, the highlighted parts is the part
I need to remove to get re-chromed.

Many Thanks

Dave Huish

Thu Oct 09 2008
chitra-auto at yahoodot com
Norman or James
James 1938
Sirs,plz find my recntly accquired bike (Previous owner says its "Norman" & as up to my Knwledge its like JAMES ML, Kindly help me in this regard!!,Engine is Villiers 125/3 speed, (papers is to reach me not before Janaury 2009, but I my country's tranport authorites may be misleading at times)

Tue Sep 09 2008
kieslerp at gmaildot com
james with 125 villers engine
i have just been gifted a 1946 james ml with 125 cc villers engine. the bike is a basket case. on opening the right hand gearbox cover i found it empty ! some clown has inadvertedly removed stuff from it. the problem is i don not have access to a blown up parts diagram of a james ml gearbox and as i stay in bombay i feel its impossible to get one here. i was wondering if someone could provide me with the gear box diagram so that i could identify what is missing and get about either making them or searching for the missing parts..

Try under Villiers on our page of resources for Books and Manuals

Tue Sep 02 2008
nickweston at blueyonder.co.uk
james k9 identification
I have purchased the remnants of what was a 1939 james k9, or so i was told.I cannot find any pictures of a complete surviving bike on the net.The frame does look small for a 250 and looks virtually identical the the james 150 pictured on this site.Are the frames the same? The frame number is h11311. Thanks. Nick.
England, the midlands.
Thanks for replying quickly.
Here are some epics of the frame you can use, including the headstock
with number visible.

Sun Aug 10 2008
festaTbird at aoldot com
James Captain Sport 250cc
HELP!! bought the above, its been pissed about with, have no real pics to compare. Festa
Newport, Wales

Sun Jun 15 2008
tim.jordan at man.eu
James Superswift rectifier
James Superswift 250cc
can any one send me information on the wires that go onto the rectifier what colour goes where etc.
Market drayton

Mon Mar 31 2008
kellylloyd at xtra.co.nz
Hoping sum1 can help me. The bike is 1947 james,198cc, MO8639D (frame no.),83553(engine no.) Villiers engine has an E with a square around it stamped on it. Not sure if year is correct but thats wot it was registered as in Australia. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanx Dwayne, kellylloyd at xtra.co.nz. New Zealand
New Zealand

Mon Mar 17 2008
kieran-duffy at eircom.net
James motorcycle parts wanted!
James Model 10
Hello! Could anyone help with engine parts(the front cylinder especially) for a James 750 model 10 1923 and any information about this model would be appreciated

Sun Mar 16 2008
samfindlay at le15.orangehome.co.uk
Silencers/Exhaust Pipes
James Superswift
I'm looking for a set of these to fit to a Commodore which I've fitted 2t engine to. Can anyone reccommend a supplier?

Fri Mar 14 2008
j-page at xtra.co.nz
I can't get any info on my bike!!
James 1935
This is all I know it is a two stroke and I thought the engine number was AAA18813 but that does not work on your website please help me if you can!!
Haven't got picture today but can do if needed!
New Zealand

Sat Mar 01 2008
benlangworthy at hotmail.co.uk
james insurance
james j15
Hi can anyone offer me any advise? My 1955 james cadet is my first motorcycle, and i plan to do some travelling on it could anyone recomend a good classic insurer, who wont have a problem with the bike being my only vehicle?

Mon Feb 18 2008
mmansell at bigpond.net.au
1949 James Comet 98cc two speed
James Comet
Where can I get spare parts for this bike? Kick Start pedal, brake pedal, exhaust pipe, Clutch bridge, cylinder head, gearbox output sprocket and chain guard is all it needs now.
Sydney Australia

Sat Dec 15 2007
benlangworthy at hotmail.co.uk
james captain footbrake for sale of swap
james captain from 1955 onwards
hi i have a footres(with some fittings) from a james captain for sale or for swap for parts for a 1955 j15 cadet. I bought it hoping that as the main lever is the same as on the cadet that its fittings would be to but unfortunatly for me they not.

email me (benlangworthy at hotmail.co.uk) if your interested

ben (in devon uk)
devon britain
here are some photos, of the parts i have for sale or to swap.

Tue Nov 13 2007
Earache1 at msndot com
Famous James
1947? ML 125. and others
Earache here and i own several James motorbikes, glad to have found this site. One is an ML 125 i belive. another is a frame , forks, gas tank, ( yes i said gas ) rusted wheels and bad tires. also in my collection is an Villers engine ,then there is another in parts ( but not complete) and finally two more frames one with a rear wheel and the other with an engine that is similar in size but i have no idea what make . These last two i have not determined if they are James. When i am able to post pictures here i will.
Las Vegas Nevada U.S.A.

Wed Oct 31 2007
gerry.halley at stratstonedot com
New purchase
James villers trials bike
I have just purchased a james motor bike and want to find out more about it all i have is the frame number, i also need parts as well. cheers

Wed Oct 24 2007
m.burgess2 at blueyonder.co.uk
James ML
We are looking for a kickstart for a 1948 James ML with 125cc engine. Can anyone help please?

Wed Oct 10 2007
benlangworthy at hotmail.co.uk
1955 james cadet j15 parts
I need some parts to complete the restoration of the bike pictured, if anyone has or knows of any parts id be really interested in buying them

Mon Aug 20 2007
melmanse at skydot com
James Captain 1954
I am looking for a seat for a James Captain 1954 motorbike. Any ideas where to look?
North Yorkshire

Sat Aug 18 2007
gingco at woosh.co.nz
1936 james h
i would like to get a front plate and brake shoes for my 1936 girder fork james
new zealand

Sat Aug 04 2007
les.parkin at btinternetdot com
Parts For James Cadett
L 150
Any partss for my james 1956
DL10 4EX

Wed Jul 25 2007
stephen.j.coley at unileverdot com
1955 James Cadet 150cc
Were would be the best place to sell thi machine

This directory has pages on auctions and classifieds: http://bikelinks.com/directory/Publications/

Mon Jul 09 2007
JamesWisdom at hotmail.com
James Motorcycles
All models
Check out this site for information on James Motorcycles - www.simplywizard.co.uk

Thu Jun 28 2007
mollynelson at hotmail.co.uk
original colour of petrol tank
James Cadet 1955
restoring motorcycle would appreciate definite info on original colour of the petrol tank
Durham '07.
I understand that all petrol tanks for this model [James Cadet 1955] are the same colour?

I think you're right there. If my memory serves me well those few period adverts in colour always show them as having a maroon coloured tank. Sorry I can' t be more specific.

Tue May 01 2007
sarahj2608 at aoldot com
james motorcycle
L25 commodore 250 1957
I have a james motorcycle with orginal instruction book and documents. It has two engines one is a 200cc the other a 250cc. if anyone is intrested in this bike for parts or restoration please get in contact.

Tue Apr 24 2007
nomadtrans at aoldot com
Inquiry from Warren Gerbrandt
98 cc James
I grew up in Southern Manitoba and there were four of us that had 98cc James bikes in the mid 50s. One was a 53, I had a 54 and two friends had new 55s. It's possible yours could be one of these bikes. I still have some black and white photos if you're interested.
Ken Ginter
Mesa, AZ

Mon Apr 23 2007
truckerbeau at sympatico.ca
1952 james brochure MINT ORIGINAL
all models
1952 JAMES BROCHURE FOR SALE, SPECS on the 98cc to 197cc villiers engines. top off your collection with this beautiful brochure.

1949 james lightweight booklet original
49 james
have a real nice james booklet called putting it on the map the new 98cc lightweight motorcycle about a 2000 mile trip around brish isles.good condition.
ontario canada

i wrote you an email awhile back, trying to find out the year and model of my fathers james motorcycle. theses are the only pictures i have of it. if you have any idea what it might be it would really be appreciated. the whole frame has been repainted and under the white paint it is a maroon color.
thank you very much

Warren Gerbrandt <crippler-04 at hotmail.com>
Sun, 25 Mar 2007

The bike appears to be early pre-war, about 1947, but may be a bitza. An expert may be able to tell more from the engine and frame numbers, if you can supply those. Ed.hi again,
the only frame number i can find on the motorcycle is L 821-1, and the only number on the outside of the engine is V15 B7310. if you can make anything out of these numbers that would be much appreciated. (the number on the motor could have been on a plate, but there was no plate found on the motor)

Warren Gerbrandt See also the page on serial numbers. Ed.

Sun May 17 2009
accycle At ymaildot com
unknown James (possibly a Bitza)
unknown unknown
Hello. Origionally I contacted you in March of 2007 regarding identification of what you believed to be a pre war James motorcycle or maybe a Bitza. I have found 2 other serial numbers on the frame under the seat (DO1694 + L993/7) do these numbers mean anything to anyone? I have had no luck identifying this motorcycle and am not sure where else to look. Thank you.

Mon Mar 19 2007
dmawle at sympatico.ca
James bicycles

I have a very old single speed James bicycle. It's all black with no chrome or nickel plate anywhere. The rear hub is a Villiers with a sprocket on either end - one with back pedal, the other fixed. Can soeone tell how I might date my bike from the serial number and where I can find 26x11/4-inch tires which are now scarce as hen's teeth. Thanks

Sat Mar 10 2007
ghaffey at btinternetdot com
Headlight switch
James Cadet 98cc 1953
I need a headlight switch for a James Cadet 98cc 1953 model
N Ireland

Wed Feb 21 2007
crippler-04 at hotmaildot com
james motorcycle info
hi. my father has an old james motorcycle sitting in his shed. how could i find out what year and model of motorcycle he has?
MB, Canada

Sat Feb 03 2007
warrenmccready at xtra.co.nz
james captain 1954
Hi , looking for spare parts for a james captain 1954 all help would be grateful I live in new zealand warren mccready
new zealand

Tue Jan 30 2007
paul at irvinep48.fsnet.co.uk
Seeking parts
James Colonel
Im looking for a 1955 James Colonel, frame, or basket case bike.
Dorset, UK

Mon Jan 15 2007
nspackman at bit.net.au
date verification of James Motorcycle
James Model 9
I have an early V-Twin James Motorcycle and need to verify date of Manufacture. The Motorcycle may have been used by Russian Forces in WWI. The Engine capacity is 660cc. The Bore and Stroke is 70mm x 86mm and the Wheels 28" diameter x 3". The cyclinders are cast with jaggered fins. All chain drives. The chain covers are easily removed. Magneto at rear of engine on down tube. Mine has all aluminum chain covers and I have interchangeable wheels front and back. Mine also has a front brake which is exactly the same size as the rear brake and interchangeable. The engine number is BJ109 and the Frame number is 4530. I am trying to date the motorcycle and find out whatever I can about it. No luck so far.Any help would be apprciated.

The Gearbox number is 1453.

Thu Jan 11 2007
wrc7001 at humboldt.edu
Jame ML
I recently aquired a motorcycle I believe to be James ML
On the lug that
the seat springs sits there is the number
ML 29 L stamped into it.
Is there any way to identify this bike?
Any information you can give me would be much appreciated.
Bill Clem

Fri Jan 05 2007
stuart.howson at tiscali.co.uk
electrical problem fuel cap
james cavalier
I have the above bike but when I turn on the head light the engine cuts out ,and the bike is missing petrol tank cap can anyone help
mansfield uk

Thu Dec 14 2006
Kimcort at maltanet.net
james k17 125cc
I would like a workshop manual book,parts book list. My frame number is b3833 and engine aaa27649.the last number is 1 or d im not sure.I would like to restor it and I need some help.if you have the manual book or parts book is it good for you to pay you with a cheque and to whom I will adress it. Thank u

Mon Dec 11 2006
warrenmccready at xtra.co.nz
motor cycles
james captain 1954-1957
where in new zealand can i find some parts etcz

I would recommend you browse the Bikelinks classic motorcycle dealers directory, and also the classic motorcycle clubs section.

Fri Dec 29 2006
macmagee at tksinc.us
James 125cd
My buddy doesn't have a computer, so I'm inquiring for him. He'd like a photo of his old James 125cc. He had it in the mid 50's in the USA. Any sites for pics?
Arizona, USA

Try the James directory at Bikelinks, for a start:

Mon Dec 11 2006
bev-n-will at hotmaildot com
1928 james
does any one need frame or brass flywheel

Sat Dec 09 2006
reidmossman at xtra.co.nz
New Contact
James Comet , Cadet or ML125 ?
Hi, I have a James ML or Comet First Registerd NZ 09.03.1950 In pieces, about to be reassembled , have all parts except H/bars & clamps, Stand, It has a Ridgid Rear end with Single Conical Front Spring. Chasiss #DO1277. Like Comet Pictured with Girl From Canada. Engine#8487707 125cc I think its a Mark 12D . I have a Book of the Villiers Engine.Covers up to 1969 Motorcycles, by the Pitman Motor Cyclists Library. By C grange .Copys were Reprinted in 1970.
If you have any Colour photos other than whats on your site i would be very interesed, so i can identify what i have.Please feel free to Contact me if you could put me in contact with other owners of similar Bikes.
Thanks Reid Mossman
Auckland , New Zealand

Wed Dec 06 2006
dunxc at aoldot com
Spares help
James Cadet 150 J15 1955
I'm looking for spares for the above - especially the complete slider rear suspension (I do have the springs and end caps, but nothing else). I've tried a few contacts but either get no response at all (James website etc.) or the contacts don't have spares (Vale-Onslow). Can anyone help? I'm prepared to get this stuff made, but I'd need dimensions etc. to start.
Thanks in anticipation,

Tue Nov 28 2006
garry.howitt at halliburtondot com
Identifying a james?
Captain 200cc
Can someone tell me what year the james i have in the attached photo is and is this the colour it should be, alos is this a Villiers or AMC engine?

Sun Nov 05 2006
michael at burgdorf.dk
It is a James Comet / J11 from 54/55
comet 54-55
I need a piston to a 98cc

Mon Nov 06 2006
casadelaguila at ntlworlddot com
AMC 15T Workshop Manual
James Cadet M15
I am looking for a workshop manual for the AMC 15T engine. Also a AMC 15t engine complete or spares

Tue Oct 17 2006
PJONES9999 at YAHOOdot com
Magneto flywheel w/coil plate assembly
Famous James 9D
Looking for magneto flywheel with coil plate assembly. 1948 Villiers engine.
Florida USA

Sept 5th 2006
subject: part needed
Email: ronkrill at sympatico.ca
message: i have a 1957 james 250 commodore and need the pawl spring that keeps the bike in gear. do you know where i can get this spring?

Wed Aug 16 2006
angus mcleod at hotmaildot com
james 197cc
frame number el206 69
can you please tell me what model of motorcycle this is also what type of carb i need as the carb is missing regards. angus
bude uk

Wed Aug 02 2006
Mike at nasalezedot com
Harry James was my Great Uncle
Really nice to know the James bikes live on.
Ramsey, Isle of Man

Sat Jul 22 2006
daveallie at netcall.com.au
James motor cycle
Can you tell me what model James this engine was fitted to and what capacity it is?
Engine Num. 799A/4155

It appears to be a 4 speed 223cc made from 1953-57. Bore x Stroke 63 x 72, Rotor (R127) Armature (A131) Carb ( S25). Ed.

Tue Jun 27 2006
abychawski at yahoodot com
james 1952
I need engine parts for 1952 james with williers engine; piston bearings and seals clutch, gears [3 speed]

Mon Jun 05 2006
naylors at menstonuk.fsnet.co.uk
James Motorcycle 1958/59
My pal (has no Computer) has asked me to see if it is possible to get a James petrol tank badge he has the bike in bits and just told me it's a 1958/9 James could you reply with an address or telephone number of any supplier of James parts
Many thanks
Menston (England)

Tue Jun 06 2006
jop at terraworld.net
need parts for rebuild
1948-49 James
Seeking contacts for items neede to restore 49 model

Wed May 10 2006
tom09uk at yahoodot com
Wiring Diagram
1955 James Cadet
hello, I was hoping you could help. I am restoring a 1955 150cc James cadet. I have reached the stage of wiring and need to find a diagram so I can do it correctly. I hope you can help. many thanks indeed. All the best, Tom

Brucemain-smith.com list both a rider's instruction book and a parts manual for the Cadet. It's likely that one of these books will include a wiring diagram. Ed...................
I have attached a photo of the bike. The wires are nearly all there. I was just wondering where the 6V battery fits in to the circuit and on the bike? Also
the wire that comes off the dynamo located in the engines connects to where? Many thanks indeed for your help! All the best, Tom.

Fri Apr 21 2006
jmo17686 at bigpond.net
what year ?
james villers mark 1
i d please barrel )K
housing 797 3394
Cairns Aust.

Sun Apr 16 2006
lisaj.parker at tiscali.co.uk
My wires are crossed
James Captain 1963
I need to sort the wiring out on a 63 captain does anyone know where i could obtain a diagram from I would be most greatfull for any help. Thanks Chris.
Colchester Essex

I have attached a couple of photos of the bike which was my late brothers & hasn't run since the mid seventies. The bike has the original switch gear but has wires hanging out everywhere & needs a total rewire.

Sun Apr 09 2006
paulatwoodside at btinternetdot com
Is it still alive
James L20 sports captain
I wonder if this bike from my teens is still around reg. No. 802DOU it had chrome side panels and an avon rave fairing. If anyone has a picture of a sports captain I would dearly love one, just to make a disabled old man happy

Wed Feb 22 2006
ronkrill at sympatico.ca
parts needed
i have a 57 james 250 commodore and need a seat, headlight, front fender and all handlebar switches
chatham,ontario canada

Wed Feb 01 2006
concept-pro.inc at videotron.ca
Need informations????
HI my name is Serge
I' m sending you a picture of my "JAMES" motorcycle
1) Can you tell me the year?
2) Where can i find parts for it?
3) The price of it when restore?
thank you

The bike is a James Comet of c1950 vintage. I would recommend you browse the Bikelinks classic motorcycle dealers directory. Sorry, cannot estimate its value.

serge deblois wrote:
I looked on the JAMES MOTORCYCLE website and in 1950 all the front
suspension show are ligthweigth fork and my front suspension is a spring,i
have suspension in the back too.
Here is some pictures so that you can see it.
MY serial number is located on the frame, the front braket of the engine and
we read it as:
93 55 53

I'm very confident that your bike is a Comet of 1950-52 vintage, Serge. Have a look at this page:

I have not been able to track down anything related to those numbers. The numbers you need are on the alloy crankcase of the engine, and the frame number which will most likely be on the steering head of the frame.

Fri Jan 27 2006
tomncoral at xtra.co.nz
James headlight switch
I own a 150cc James,possibly 1939, It's missing a head light switch. On top of the headlamp there is a brass badge inscribed Villiers VEC Wolverhampton.anyone know where I can get an replacement? Looks as though it had some sort of spring under the switch.
Cheers Tom Davies

Mon Dec 12 2005
spidersman1 at csdot com
1948 james motorcycle with villars motor
i need a front rim and information on what i have.motor is in good shape plus have a spare motor.

Sun Dec 11 2005
sn-apperuk at yahoo.co.uk
Model ID?

I wonder if you could definitely identify the model of my first motorcycle which I think was a Commadore. It had a 250cc AMC two stroke engine, fully enclosed chain case, welded control levers. Sorry about the quality of the photo but it was taken on a Poloroid camera about 1967! It shows me and a work mate Michael Corley, outside the Duckam's Oil blending works in Fulham where we both worked in the quality control lab.

Thu Sep 29 2005
clare at snyder.on.ca
villiers transmission diagram
A friend has a 1952 James with a Villiers 197? engine. The transmission is in pieces in a box. We need a diagram of the trans showing where all the parts go - blow-up diagram would be fine.

8th August 2005
mcontella at onsolidated.net
I have a 1945 Simplex Servi-Cycle, a small bike made in New Orleans from 1935 to 1960, which I am restoring and now have running. I had one when I was about 14. I'm also in the market for a James ML. I had one of them when I was in my late teens. They are somewhat rare but can still be found occasionally on ebay in the U.S.

Thanks for your interest,


Information on the James ML (Military Lightweight) may be found on the James Information Site

1st August 2005
subject: James 1956 Captain 197cc.
Email: rapley at metservciedot com
message: Looking for sales brochure, colour pics, details, etc.

Thu Jun 23 2005
fosteri at gofree.indigo.ie
James Comet
Need some assistance and information if possible, have come across a James Comet
Frame No J3/2044
Engine 98cc ?
Can you tell the age of bike from this, and any other info, thanks
Are parts available
Iain Foster
Coolbeg, Rossnowlagh, County Donegal
Many thanks....

Mon Apr 25 2005
tlizzy999 at macdot com
1942 James military Lightweight 125cc
Looking for parts book or coil and electric diagrams. Thanks

Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2005
subject: help needed
Email: ronkrill at sympatic.ca
message: i put another gear box on my 57 250 commodore and the engine doesnt want to go i9n. the frame brakets are rubbing on the back of the gear box,. i tryed to lift the front of the engine push it down ,every thing ,what the trick. you tell me.

April 26, 2002

James Model Designation Chart
by James Franklin -- j.v.franklin at worldnet.att.net

January 1, 2002
Subject: Help with JAMES & other British & European Two Strokes.
The British Two Stroke Club of Australia Inc. was founded in 1989 to serves the needs of owners or those persons interested in Australian, British & of later years European two & three wheeled vehicles powered by twostroke engines. When requested, assistance is provided to all enquiries
The club & can be contacted at BTSCA Inc. P.O. Box 6058 KARINGAL, VICTORIA, 3199, AUSTRALIA .
beere at alphalink.com.au

October 21, 2001
I have recently purchased what appears to be a M25, however most of the cycle parts are missing, does anyone know of anywhere these items can be obtained. -- Thanks Tony -- NVTMC at aoldot com

October 10, 2001
Hello from New Zealand
Could you help with a James my friend is fixing up here are some details.
eng no 1ea 9220
frame no h 9563
gbox no mmb 209
mag no 4 pg 12802
Any info or what model or year this bike is would be much appreciated. Thanks
Dave Murphy -- dmurfruff at xtra.co.nz

April 12, 2001
The British Two-Stroke Register operates an e-mail group at: groups.yahoo.com/group/BritishTwoStroke. You'll find a few James fans here (including myself) who will only be too happy to sympathize with you. -- Mark Gattenhof -- mgatt at turboweb.net.au

February 24, 2001
I have a 43 James ML WD. Can you help with any part sources? -- Thanks! -- Jonathan Lewis -- lewisj at sprynetdot com

November 6, 2000
I got my grandfathers old bike and I'm trying to figure out what it is so far it looks like a James ML military bike but I'm having trouble finding pictures of any 42-45 military versions can you be of help? Thank you -- Steve -- stja at televardot com

May 1, 2001
I am 22 years old and a have a James ml bike and was wondering where to get parts? I live in the United States. thanks for help -- Chris -- rider1 at compuagedot com

April 23, 2000
Please take a look at our homepage dedicated to James Motorcycles at freespace.virgin.net/mw.berrie [404]
The site has been established for 5 years now
Mike Berrie -- MICHAEL BERRIE -- mw.berrie at virgin.net

I am looking for a 175 -178 cc engine and transmission for a james ml . I am almost certain it carried a Villiers 2 stroke If anyone would know the location of this item it would be appreciated -- Roy N. Eddleman Thanks so much. -- sploogie at YadTel.Net
James 10D

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