James Motorcycles

James Motorcycles 1902-1919

Edwardian Era and WWI

James Motorcycles for 1911

James Cycle Co.

Birmingham. Stand No. 49.

The James motor-cycle was one of the biggest novelties at the last Show, and it is safe to predict that few will attend this without inspecting the exhibit. The open frame, which permits access to and replacement of a tyre without disturbing the wheel, is one of its chief features, and the addition of springing throughout, together with a multiple disc clutch, will still further enhance its reputation. In addition, a machine of standard design, fitted with the same engine, is included, the outcome of representations made to the company by riders who recognised the speedy qualities of the James engine, but who desired a machine built on conventional lines.

The new model is a workmanlike mount, and at £48 should find a number of buyers. It is offered in both the Tourist and T.T. types.

Olympia Show, November 1910

James Models 1914-1915

Source: The Motor Cycle

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