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A report on the 1924 Motor Cycle Show in Motor Sport Magazine reads, in part:

"A new James model for 1925 is the overhead valve 350 c.c. machine, which has an engine of 73 mm. by 83.5 mm. In general it follows closely the lines which are familiar to all users of James machines, in all particulars excepting those relating to the engine. The latter has extra large valves, which are inclined, and held on to their seats by two concentric springs per valve.

The valve gear rocker brackets are bolted to the cylinder head which is, of course, detachable, and the rockers themselves are of steel, and are mounted on roller bearings. An aluminium piston with domed head is used, and considerable ingenuity has been exercised in reducing the weight of the reciprocating parts. During the comming season the twin James is only going to be sold as a de Luxe model. Slight modifications have been introduced into the 499 c.c. twin sports model, but the 349 c.c. side-valve model remains practically unaltered.

James Cycle Co., Ltd., Greet, near Birmingham.

From Sports Mounts for 1928 in Motor Sport Magazine

The James Cycle Company has always enjoyed a fine reputation, and this is enhanced by their 1928 programme. There are two new models, one a sports two stroke, with 172 c.c. Villiers " Super-sports " engine, fitted with 25.3 in. Dunlop tyres. This machine will be priced at £35 10s.

The Popular small twin is again presented, with improved frame and saddle tank, and is priced at 54 guineas ???. £54 is the price of the 349 c.c. o.h.v. super-sports model, with high compression engine and capable of high speeds.

The 346 c.c. o.h.v. J.A.P. engined model is priced at £47 15s., which is very competitive ; and the two port engined model, with dampers and shock absorbers is priced at £52 15s. The two port J.A.P. engine is too well-known to need comment, and this model presents a really fast machine at a very reasonable price.

Sources: Motor Sport Magazine