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James Comet 1950

James Comet

Introduced in 1948, the Comet followed the ML and the Autocycle. Initially fitted with a Villiers 98cc Mk 1F engine, it remained in production until 1966.

James Models

Comet 1 1949-55

Villiers 98cc 1F

Rigid-framed with girder forks. Two models were offered, the Standard with direct lighting and the De-Luxe with a battery.

1952-1953 J3 Comet Deluxe models were fitted with a Villiers 4F engine

1953 Comet Model J10 98cc

1954-1955 Comet J11

1955-1964 Comet Model L1 98cc, Villiers Mk 4F, Mk 6F optional

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