James Motorcycles

Today in Motorcycle History


Model T. 2½ h.p. Motor.

NOTE.—A Motor Book is supplied with each Machine.

FRAME—Best Weldless Steel Tubing, 11/8in. and l¼in. main tubes.

CHAIN STAYS—Bridged oval.

FORKS—Specia11y reinforced, witb outside plated stays.

WHEELS—28in. equal x 2in.

BRAKES—James patent concealed, and hub brake.

M0T0R—2½ h.p.

HUBS—James patent tangent.

SPOKES—High tension motor,

CHAIN—Hans Renold, 3/16in., 5/8in. pitch roller.

HANDLE BAR—Raised on forward lug, with switch handle.

MUD-GUARDS—Detachable motor, with front wheel extension.

SADDLE—Brooks' motor.

PEDALS—Motor rubber.

TYRES—Palmer motor.

DRIVE—V belt.

FINISH—Black enamel, red lines, all bright parts heavily plated on copper.

Derived from a James catalogue posted to Early Motorcycle Literature