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James 1932 Catalogue

WE again submit our range of Motor Cycles for 1932 Season, and would direct the attention of the reader to a few of the outstanding features of the "JAMES" range, which we trust will have the effect of inducing him to allow his choice to fall on one of the range of Models described herein.

We have built Motor Cycles consistently since 1902, and claim to have introduced to the Motor Cycling public many innovations which have since become part of the standard equipment of Motor Cycles throughout the world. The advantage to the rider of our long experience in the production of Motor Cycles is that we are able to draw on this knowledge, and are thus in a position to put into the hands of riders a machine which, whilst including the very latest developments of design, is free from irritating troubles which are bound to occur in the productions of a less experienced Manufacturing Company. Our methods of Manufacture include all the latest improved methods of Production, and whilst we do not lay claim to manufacture our Motor Cycles under what is known as "Mass Production" lines, we do claim to include in each and every one of our Models, the skill of the Engineer Craftsman which provides that individuality of design and consistency of performance which is so greatly desired.

For the purpose of easy comparison we have divided our Programme under two headings, on the left a description of the 4-Stroke Models, and on the right a description of the 2-Stroke Models. The reader is assured that wherever his choice may ultimately fall, he will obtain the greatest satisfaction and value for money from any Model selected from the "JAMES" range.


The "FLYING ACE” 500 c.c. O.H.V. TWIN is a machine much favoured for really fast touring work, both Solo and with Side-car, with a high cruising speed. The general design is pleasing and well balanced, while superlative finish is in keeping with the general layout of this luxury Model. The transmission has had special attention and two shock absorbers are fitted as standard, and an oil bath chaincase.

The D2 500 c.c. S. V. TWIN is a magnificent Model for 1932. Its clean symmetrical lines will be instantly appreciated, while its performance has earned a world-wide reputation. Wonderful acceleration is obtained, which, together with the even torque and silence, places it in the forefront of Motor-Cycle design. Two shock absorbers and an oil bath chaincase are additions to the specification which will be greatly appreciated.

The MODEL D4 350 c.c. S.V. SINGLE is a Machine designed to give long service without attention. The appearance of the Machine is particularly pleasing. The power unit is inclined in the frame so that the Machine is perfectly balanced. This Model is new to the “JAMES” range, and will prove very popular for long distance touring at high average speeds and small cost.

The MODEL D5 250 c.c. O.H.V. TWO-PORT SINGLE is a very popular mount, the engine giving a very "snappy" performance, and possessing all the up-to-date features of design. Automatic dry-sump lubrication is provided and this Machine gives a wonderful performance, considering its small capacity, and can be confidently recommended to those who prefer the O.H.V., type of engine. MODEL D7 250 c.c. S.V. SPORTS. This Machine again features in our range as one of the most popular Machines. The power unit has automatic dry-sump lubrication and ball and roller bearings are fitted as standard throughout, including the big end of the connecting rod. The general handling of the Machine makes it a pleasure to drive, and the economy of upkeep is truly remarkable.


The MODEL D8 247 c.c. SUPER-SPORTS DE-LUXE Machine is the largest Model in our Two-Stroke range. It is a Machine very popular with riders who prefer a Two-Stroke and require a good reserve of power for hillclimbing. Electrical equipment is standard. Perfect steering is obtained with this patented type of frame and the whole Machine is carefully built to give long service at low cost.


This Model has been considerably improved for 1932 by the inclusion of a Super-Sports Engine. The power unit has been inclined in the frame, which adds considerably to the appearance and at the same time improves the weight distribution.


This Machine has become a firm favourite as a mount that is ideal for business use. The power unit gives a very good average performance, and simplicity is the keynote of this Model. Special attention has been paid to the Machine for the rider's comfort, legshields and an undershield are included as part of the standard equipment.

The MODEL D14 148 c.c. SUPER-SPORTS LONG-STROKE TWO-STROKE is an entirely new addition to our range, and comes within the 15/- Road Tax. THE ENGINE IS DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED THROUGHOUT AT THESE WORKS, and can be relied upon to give a good all-round performance. The running costs are particularly light, the petrol consumption being very low. This Machine will give perfect service with practically no attention. This Machine is fitted with a three-speed gear-box and de-luxe equipment.

The MODEL D15 148 c.c. TWO-PORT "UTILITY" TWO-STROKE has been designed to meet the demands for a still cheaper Machine coming within the 15/- Road Tax. The Engine is manufactured throughout at these Works. The two-speed gear-box fitted is ample to meet the demands of ordinary main road work.

Derived from a 1932 James catalogue posted to Early Motorcycle Literature

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