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Samson Handyvan

James 1932 Samson Handyvan

In 1929 the James Cycle Company launched the James Handyvan, a 5 cwt van based on the James motorcycle using its 247cc engine. It was continually updated and in 1932 the James "Samson" Handy van was introduced. Powered by an air-cooled 1096cc V-twin engine, the Samson had an aluminium body and a new welded steel frame chassis. The luggage tray could accept a 12 cwt load, and it had dual petrol tanks with one acting as a reserve when the other was in use. The Samson Handyvan was available as a an enclosed van or an open truck.


For 5 cwt. Loads

This Vehicle does 65-70 miles per gallon and costs less than a ¼d. a mile for petrol. Road license costs only 1/6½ per week.

Insurance complete only 2 6 per week. Will safely take loads up to 5 cwt. Any average lad can drive and maintain it. Is practically fool proof. Has an air-cooled weatherproof engine which cannot freeze. Has only 3 tyres, which with fair wear and tear will run for 10,000 miles. Has adequate protection for driver. Is strong, sturdy, robust, well sprung and specially made for hard wear.

Price £86 0 0

op on easy hire purchase terms

Tax £4 0 0 per Annum

Insurance Full Cover £6 10 0

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