Francis-Barnett Motorcycles

Francis-Barnett Post-war Models 1946-1966

Year Model Description
1946 50, 51 Black, with gold lining for tank & autocycle side panels
1948 50
As 1946, but wheel rims chrome plated
As 1946
1949/50 50
As 1948
As 1946 model 50
1951/52 52,53,54,55,57,58
As before, but with option of azure blue
As 1949
Black with gold linings
1953 As 1951, except;


Export models with chrome plated tank panels & wheel rims available.
Black with gold linings
1954 66



Azure blue with gold lined tank & new FB transfer in red, gold & silver Matt silver wheel rims.
Azure blue or black with gold lined tank,plastic tank badge in red,gold & silver, and painted rims.
As 1953
Dark green, twin gold lines on tank, plastic tank badge,green dualseat, chrome plated wheel rims
1955 Model 69: Black, tank nose & panels in yellow lined gold. Matt silver wheel rims.
Model 70: Black, with gold tank lining, chrome plated wheel rims, optional chrome tank side panels.
Model 71: As 68, chrome plated wheel rims with green centres lined gold,optional chrome tank panels.
Models 62,72: Black, gold lined tank, black rims
1956 Model 73: Arden Green, twin gold lines on tank, matt silver wheel rims & hub end covers.
Model 74 & 75: Arden Green, twin gold lines on tank, chrome plated wheel rims, matt silver hub end covers.
Model 76 & 77: Arden Green, tank dull chrome plated, alloy mudguards.
1957 Model 78 Plover, 147cc Villiers. As 73, but with cadmium-plated wheel rims.
Models 74,75,76,77: as 1956
Model 80: as 75
1958 Models 78,80: as 1957
Model 81: as 74
Model 82: as 76 and 77; tank lined green
Model 79: Arden Green, white lines on tank & saddle covers, chrome plated wheel rims lined green & gold
1959 Models 78,79,80,81,82: as 1958
Model 83: As 82
Model 78 option: Tank panels only in Dover White
Models 79, 80, 81 option: Tank, mudguards, enclosure in Dover White. Toolbox lids white for 81, green for 80.
Model 84: Arden Green frame, forks, legshields, rear mudguard: Dover White front mudguard & rear enclosure panels which had a green flash on each side carrying the model name in white: Green seat, chrome wheel rims, headlamp rim, safety bar supporting tops of legshields and lifting handles. Option of chrome plated tank.
1960 80,82,84



As 1959
As model 83
Dover White tank panels with either Arden Green or Burma Red.
as 1959, options in green & white or with Burma Red in place of white to give green & red. Option of all green with narrow horizontal white bands on tank & side panels.
Green with white bands as 79, or as model 81 option.
1961 All As 1960
1962 82,85





As 1960.
Tank lower half & rear mudguard white with remainder Arden Green or black. Option of all Arden Green with white tank flash.
As 80 plus option of black and Tartan Red or black with white for front mudguard, lower tank half and lower part of enclosure panels.
As 1960 in white & Arden Green, or Tartan Red.
Arden Green or Arden Green with rear mudguard, mid-section enclosure & lower part of fuel tank white, or in black & white to the same combination.
Dover White panelling & rear mudguard with frame, forks & front mudguard in black or Tartan Red.
1963 88


As 1962, or in Arden Green for panelling & front mudguard with frame, forks & rear mudguard silver.
Green, or green & white in 1962 style.
As 80/89 with side panels in white upper & green lower sections.
1964 87,89



Arden Green with white rear mudguard, upper side panels & lower tank panels.
Green & silver, or Tartan Red & white.
Bright red & silver with gold lining. Chrome plated mudguards & chainguard.
Red & silver.
Arden Green with white tank panels.
1965 Model 89: Arden Green with gold lining, or in green with cream rear mudguard, centre panel & lower tank panel.

Model 91: Red forks, frame & tank: alloy mudguards: chrome plated tool & battery box lids.Silver tank side panels.

Model 95: As 1964

1966 87: Arden Green & white as in 1964.
89: As 1965 in green & broken white.
92: As 1965
92, 94: Arden Green & silver
Model 96: Metallic green tank, centre section & mudguards with black frame

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